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101 Addiction - Dope
102 Mother Machine Gun - Mushroomhead
103 Ashes to Ashes - Faith No More
104 Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria

This song is better than Stairway to Heaven - christangrant

105 Floods - Pantera
106 Find the River - R.E.M.
107 The Figurehead - The Cure
108 Total Recall - The Sound
109 These Days - R.E.M.
110 Dancing On the Jetty - Inxs
111 Perfume Garden - The Chameleons
112 Rumblefish - The Goats
113 Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against
114 No More Cloudy Days - Eagles

Beautiful song off their most recent album Long Road Out Of Eden, written and sung by the one and only late Glenn Frey.

115 Come As You Are - Nirvana

Amazing song. Amazing band. Enough said!

116 Fix You - Coldplay

One of the best songs that I ever heard in my life (I'M NOT JOKING! ) it never gets old plus every time I listen to it I cry over and over and over...

117 Epic - Faith No More

This mad song very very underrated so underrated thta they werent even added to this list

118 Kashmir - Led Zeppelin

I guess this is so low on the list because it so GOOD! Classic Zep.

119 Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones

One of the greatest rock songs of all time in my opinion. Amazing lyrics by Jagger and a great guitar solo by Richards.

Well, it's not even in the top 1000 songs, and I think its #1 -

There are tons of great rock songs, but this one is surprisingly underrated.

120 Rain - The Beatles

The Beatles finest b-side :D such a classic song! Definitely one of my favourite songs of all time :) (voted 461 by rolling stone)

The only actually good underrated song on this list... - PeterG28


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