Most Underrated Rock Vocalists

Ever get tired of seeing the same vocalists on every single list. Well your time of saying ,"Why not him here, or them there," are over. Let's bow down to the voices of the rockers we now and want the lists to love.

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1 Hansi Kürsch - Blind Guardian, Demons and Wizards Hansi Kürsch, born Hans Jürgen Kürsch, is the lead singer, lyricist, co-composer and bassist for German power metal band Blind Guardian . Heavily influenced by Freddie Mercury, he creates a huge choir effect by overdubbing his own voice multiple times in complex, overlapping vocal harmonies. He records more.

He's a vocal god. The most unique combination of beautiful angelic soft tone and raw powerful tone - you can hear them in one song. The most expressive and emotive voice I've ever heard. Unmatched tonal versatility. Awesome technical skills.
Demons and Wizards: Path of glory, Love's tragedy asunder, My last sunrise, Crimson king.
Blind Guardian: The bard's song, Majesty, Thorn, Into The storm, Sacred Worlds, Otherland. - Metal_Treasure

2 Ian Gillan - Deep Purple Ian Gillan is an English singer and songwriter. He originally found success as the lead singer and lyricist for Deep Purple, and the original singer on the rock opera concept album Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber, where Gillan had the leading role (Jesus Christ).

Just listen to Child In Time! You'll get everything ;)

"Child In Time". Listen to it all the way through at least once and you'll know why Ian Gillan is underrated. One of the greatest songs ever and his great vocals are a huge reason!

His screaming in child in time was so cool.But most of time he doesn't involve in best metal singers.But always includes in most underrated singers. - zxm

For sure he does scream powerfully and beautyfully, and most of all all, he is even better on stage than in studio.

And it's not just about screaming. Ian has done all sorts of things - from singing with Black Sabbath to duos with Pavarotti - and he' s all done that greatly

3 Layne Staley - Alice in Chains Layne Thomas Staley was an American musician who served as the lead singer and co-songwriter of the rock band Alice in Chains, which he founded with guitarist Jerry Cantrell in Seattle, Washington in 1987. Alice in Chains rose to international fame as part of the grunge movement of the early 1990s. more.

Such an underrated singer. He had one of the best voices in music history that can never be copied.

One of the best singers of all time, not just grunge or his era. He had such a wide vocal range, and emotional range that came through his music. Most of his songs you can hear him reach out unimaginable notes (Man in the Box, Love Hate Love, It Ain't Like That, etc.), but he also gives you glimpses at a softer side of his voice at other points�"illustrating a multifaceted mastermind.

4 Chad Kroeger - Nickelback Chad Robert Kroeger is a Canadian musician and producer, best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the Canadian rock band, Nickelback.

Not underrated at all.

5 Miljenko Matijevic - Steelheart Miljenko Matijevic is a Croatian-American singer and songwriter. He is best known as the lead vocalist and songwriter of rock band Steelheart. He has a big following in South Korea and has worked on several South Korean TV series.

SO UNDERRATED AND UNLUCKY...he didn't even reach his prime and the awful accident happened...

If I recall correctly, he was the real voice of Steel Dragon. I’ve always felt he deserved way more recognition

The accident took his career. I am sure he is in the league of Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant.
He is One of the greatest or maybe the greatest ever.
His Falsetto is thundering. - tobeykrueger

6 Brad Delp - Boston Bradley Edward "Brad" Delp was an American musician, best known as the lead vocalist of the rock bands Boston and RTZ.

Delp is CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED. In my book, he's the greatest rock vocalist of all, bar none. His closest "competitor" is Freddie Mercury.

Delp id have a fantastic range, but what puts him over the top is his beautiful timbre. His voice just sounds amazing, with a nice, rounded sound tempered with a little tartness.

The only reason I think he doesn't get more votes is that Boston has put out a very small body of work over the years.

His voice was also very versatile across a variety of genres. If you don't believe me, check out his albums with RTZ and his work on the "Barry Goudreau" solo album. "Mean Woman Blues" from Goudreau will show you what I mean.

Hands down; best rock singer with Paul Rogers probably second. Brad had a great vocal range; better than Freddie Mercury.

The BEST vocal range. One of several reasons there aren't many Boston tribute bands. His voice just can't be matched.

Easily on the top 5 greatest singers list in rock history. He is up there with Freddie Mercury, Jon Anderson, and Geddy Lee, in my humble opinion. Brad Delp should be every bit as famous and revered as they are. It's total BS that whenever I mention his name, the response nine out of ten times is "who? "

7 Adam Gontier - Three Days Grace Adam Wade Gontier is a Canadian musician and songwriter. He is the lead singer, rhythm guitarist and main songwriter for Saint Asonia, but is best known as the former lead singer, rhythm guitarist and main songwriter of the Canadian rock band Three Days Grace.
8 Michael Kiske - Helloween, Avantasia Michael Kiske is a singer best known as the former lead vocalist for the German power metal band Helloween.

His vocal skills and technique are really very good. But he is never in the top 10, not even in the top 50 metal singers.
Helloween - The Tale That Wasn't Right; I want Out. - Metal_Treasure

9 Joe Lynn Turner - Rainbow, Yngwie, Deep Purple Joe Lynn Turner is an American singer, known for his works with hard rock/metal bands Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen and Deep Purple.

This guy is a definition of underrated.
Even if you don't vote him check out these songs because you are gonna love them and his voice.
Rainbow - Can't Let You Go, I Surrender, Stranded.
Yngwie - Rising Force, Dreaming.
Deep Purple - The Cut Runs Deep, Fortuneteller, King of Dreams.

10 David Coverdale - Deep Purple, Whitesnake David Coverdale is an English rock singer most famous for his work with Whitesnake, the commercially successful hard rock band he founded in 1978. Before Whitesnake, Coverdale was the lead singer of Deep Purple from late 1973 to 15 March 1976, when he resigned from the band and established his solo more.

The Contenders

11 Chris Cornell - Soundgarden Christopher John "Chris" Cornell was an American rock musician and singer-songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist, primary songwriter and rhythm guitarist for Seattle rock band Soundgarden and as former lead vocalist and songwriter for the supergroup Audioslave. His vocal range was C2 to A5, while more.

Chris Cornell is mostly just known for Soundgarden, but since then he's done tins of amazing songs. He's not just an amazing singer, but also a gifted songwriter that weaves gentle ballods and powerful rock into sole albums or song, and truly deserved the same amount of fame as Kurt Cobain.

He's a vocal god. - Metal_Treasure

12 Phil Lynott - Thin Lizzy Philip Parris "Phil" Lynott was an Irish musician, singer and songwriter. His most commercially successful group was Thin Lizzy, of which he was a founding member, the principal songwriter, lead vocalist and bassist.

Number 1 and Gillan number 0

His dark voice is very cool.
Thin Lizzy - Killer On The Loose, Angel of death, Cold Sweat, Thunder And Lightning. - Metal_Treasure

KILLER ON THE LOOSE is my favorite TL song. Phil had a great voice... one of the gods of rock.


13 Graham Bonnet - Rainbow, Alcatrazz, Michael Schenker Group Graham Bonnet is an English rock singer and songwriter. He has recorded and performed as a solo artist and as a member of several hard rock and heavy metal bands including Rainbow, the Michael Schenker Group, Alcatrazz, and Impellitteri.

I still can't believe Blackmore kicked him out of Rainbow because he wouldn't grow his hair long. Great vocalist. - truckturner

Amazing vocal skills. Criminally underrated.
He was rumoured to have busted PA systems because his voice is one of the loudest ones in metal and hard rock. Bonnet is also known among the vocal experts for his l-o-o-o-o-o-ng and powerful sustain. Poor PA systems ...
He replaced Dio in Rainbow and by the way Bonnet is not a worse singer than Dio (this comes from a die hard Dio fan).

A hard rock song: Rainbow - All Night Long.
A metal song (early symphonic metal): Rainbow - Eyes Of The World (1979).

Alcatrazz - Only One Woman. - Metal_Treasure

14 Sebastian Bach - Skid Row Sebastian Philip Bierk, known professionally as Sebastian Bach, is a Canadian heavy metal singer who achieved mainstream success as frontman of Skid Row from 1987-96. Since his departure from Skid Row, he has had many television roles, acted in Broadway plays, and leads a solo career.

Easily one of the most talented rock vocalists of all time. Never gets the recognition he deserves.

Probably the best vocalist of the late 80s and early 00 era.

15 Matt Barlow - Iced Earth Matthew 'Matt' Barlow is an American heavy metal singer and police officer. He was the lead singer for Iced Earth in the 1990s and 2000s. He is currently the lead singer for Ashes of Ares. After the September 11 terrorist attacks Matt Barlow decided to become a police officer and contribute to the "real more.

This is a huge voice - try Melancholy, Dracula, Damien. - Metal_Treasure

16 James Dewar - Robin Trower

By far the most underrated

Stumble down romancer is a fantastic tune!

Sexy, soulful voice. Highly underrated!

Unique soul unlike anyone else

17 Ralf Scheepers - Primal Fear, Gamma ray Ralf Scheepers is the vocalist for German heavy metal band Primal Fear. He has a relatively high-pitched tenor-esque singing voice and sometimes uses a shriek reminiscent of Judas Priest's Rob Halford, although it is his baritone lows which give him a near four-octave range in the modal register.

He's amazing.
Primal Fear - Strike, King For A Day, Diabolus, The Man (That I Don't Know). - Metal_Treasure

Rob Halford Jr.
Primal Fear - Metal Gods (Judas Priest cover). - Metal_Treasure

18 Joey Belladonna - Anthrax Joey Belladonna is the American Thrash Metal singer, best known for leading the band Anthrax. He also sings and drums for the cover band Chief Big Way.

Brought Anthrax from run of the mill to the Big 4.

19 Serj Tankian - System of a Down Serj Tankian is a Lebanese-born Armenian-American singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, poet, and political activist. He's best known for being the lead singer of the Armenian/American rock band System of a Down. After System of a Down's hiatus in 2006 he began to release more.

His solo music is just phenomenal. He has also taken a step aside from rock music and proven himself to be talented composer in classical music.

he really should earn more credits. he sings of freedom too. - freezerman75

Greatest living vocalist in the 2000's

1 of the best vocals ever heard

20 Randy Meisner - The Eagles
21 John Bush - Armored Saint and Anthrax John Bush is a singer who was first in the band Armored Saint however he then went on to join Anthrax after they got Joey Belladonna their last singer out of the band. John Bush then left Anthrax in 2005 though briefly rejoined in 2009 only to leave again in 2010
22 Joey Tempest - Europe Rolf Magnus Joakim Larsson, better known as Joey Tempest, is a Swedish singer, lead singer, and main songwriter of the rock band Europe.

Few of them have heard of Europe...

23 Jorn Lande - Masterplan, Ark, Beyond Twilight, Millenium, Vagabond Jørn Lande is a Norwegian metal and hard rock singer known for his solo career as Jorn, and providing vocals for Avantasia, Masterplan, Ark, Beyond Twilight, Millenium, Allen/Lande, Mundanus Imperium, Vagabond, The Snakes, Ayreon.

His voice is awesome - it's like Dio, David Coverdale and Ian Gillan singing together. Check this out and be convinced:
Jorn - Don't talk to strangers (Dio cover)
Jorn - Burn (Deep Purple cover, David Coverdale)
Jorn - Perfect strangers (Deep Purple cover, Ian Gillan)

You have to agree that you've just heard the best covers of these classic metal songs. - Metal_Treasure

24 Geddy Lee - Rush Geddy Lee Weinrib, known professionally as Geddy Lee, is a Canadian musician, singer and songwriter best known as the lead vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist for the Canadian rock group Rush.

I don't think he is underrated. Cause he doesn't have a very good voice - zxm

Zxm could do with ear wax removal, Geddy has a unique voice, often much derided by those outside the Rush bubble but appreciated my many and both he and the band as a whole have been an incredible influence on so many other modern musicians.

25 Tobias Sammet - Edguy, Avantasia Tobias Sammet is a German metal musician, best known as the vocalist and primary songwriter of the power metal band Edguy, as well as the founder, main singer and bassist of the metal opera Avantasia.

Definitely one of the masters today.
Edguy: Nailed to the wheel; Sacrifice. - Metal_Treasure

26 Scott Stapp Scott Stapp is an American singer, songwriter, and musician, known as the lead vocalist and lyricist of hard rock bands Creed and Art of Anarchy. He also has two solo albums: The Great Divide and Proof of Life.
27 Little Richard Richard Wayne Penniman, known by his stage name, Little Richard, is an American musician, singer and songwriter.
28 Glenn Hughes - Deep Purple Glenn Hughes is an English rock bassist and vocalist, best known as a member of Deep Purple and the rock pioneers Trapeze, and his solo career. Hughes was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Deep Purple. He is acclaimed for his wide vocal range.

Best singer on the planet and nobody's heard of him. It's criminal! Check out his solo stuff, or more recently Black Country Communion and be convinced!

29 John Lawton - Uriah Heep

Amazing singer- check out lucifers friend... Very underrated album.

Uriah Heep - Sympathy. - Metal_Treasure

30 Richie Furay Paul Richard "Richie" Furay is an American singer, songwriter, and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member who is best known for forming the bands Buffalo Springfield with Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Bruce Palmer, and Dewey Martin, and Poco with Jim Messina, Rusty Young, George Grantham and Randy Meisner.

How underrated you could think of a singer when he doesn't got any user/visitor to comment on him. - zxm

31 Lou Gramm - Foreigner Lou Gramm is an American rock vocalist, and songwriter, best known for being the original lead singer for the British-American rock band Foreigner.

No one hits the high notes on those iconic songs better than he does. Period.

This man has one of the most incredible voices I've ever heard. The fact that he is still able to sing flawlessly nowadays after all he's been through is astonishing! Lou is one of the greatest!

The best, the best, the best! Totally addicted - I almost need a detox. No one can be compared to Lou and his voice and presentation. The man is THE role model for all singers in that category.

32 David Byron - Uriah Heep David Garrick, better known by his stage name David Byron, was a British singer and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist with the rock band Uriah Heep in the early 1970s.

He is very underrated. - zxm

Number 35? Seriously. Number one more like it.

Uriah Heep - July Morning, Bird Of Prey, Look at Yourself. - Metal_Treasure

33 Trent Reznor - Nine Inch Nails
34 Thom Yorke - Radiohead
35 Ronnie James Dio - Rainbow, Solo, Black Sabbath Ronnie James Dio (born Ronald James Padavona; July 10, 1942 – May 16, 2010) was an American heavy metal singer, songwriter and musician. He fronted and/or founded numerous groups including Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio and Heaven & Hell. He is credited with popularizing the "metal horns" hand gesture more.

Dio is really one of the best vocalists in heavy metal, he had an extremly good range, lots of versatility and a very original style.
The simple fact that he isn't in the top 10 shows how underrated he is, he is the most underrated vocalsit ever along with Joey Belladonna, who takes even less credit.
Just listen to Holy Diver!

Best vocalist in music history. Chris cornell is second but by a long way

This guy invented the devil horns and was in Black Sabbath for a while, yet people rarely know who he is, this god has a voice comparable to Freddie Mercury

This guy is the godfather of metal, was in his own band, Black Sabbath, and rainbow, invented the devil horns, and had a beautiful voice somewhat like Freddie Mercurys yet nobody even knows who he is other than metalheads, I just don't get it, I mention him to my friends who like classic rock singers and they don't even know who he is

36 Myles Kennedy Myles Richard Kennedy is an American musician, singer and songwriter best known as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Alter Bridge, and as the lead vocalist in Slash's current band: Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators.
37 Robert Plant - Led Zeppelin, Solo Robert Anthony Plant (born 20 August 1948) is an English musician, singer, and songwriter best known as the lead singer and lyricist of the rock band Led Zeppelin.

Robert Plant underrated? Come on, it's not even funny. He's very good but not underrated at all. - Metal_Treasure

This guy can sing extremely high, and still make out words. My favorite performance by him is Since I've Been Loving U. Simply amazing

He is not underrated

Guys a legend but definitely not underrated - InsertCleverName

38 Eric Burdon - War, Solo Eric Victor Burdon is an English singer-songwriter and actor. He was previously the vocalist of rock band The Animals and funk band War. He is regarded as one of the British Invasion's most distinct singers with his deep, powerful blues-rock voice.
39 Michael Des Barres

He is the most underrated singer I've ever discovered.
Find him on YouTube, he is amazing.
- Andrew Lloyd Webber saw him play a rock star in The Dirtiest Show In Town and said he should be a rock star.
- Queen asked him to replace Freddie Mercury when he died
- His first band Silverhead were on Deep Purple's record label, Purple Records
- His second band Detective were on Led Zeppelin's record label, Swan Song
I could go on an endless list of why he should be the top of this list but I'll stop now.
Michael Des Barres is the most underrated rock vocalist.

40 Peter Gabriel Peter Brian Gabriel is an English singer-songwriter, musician and humanitarian activist who rose to fame as the original lead singer and flautist of the progressive rock band Genesis.
41 Scott Weiland Scott Richard Weiland was an American musician, singer and songwriter. During a career spanning three decades, Weiland was best known as the lead singer of the band Stone Temple Pilots from 1989 to 2002 and 2008 to 2013.

One of the greatest, most underrated front men of all time. If you never saw him live during STPs prime you have no idea what a monster that guy was on stage.

Can sing in many styles and can sing continuously for awhile (vasoline live)

42 James LaBrie - Dream Theater Kevin James LaBrie is a Canadian vocalist and songwriter, who is best known as the lead singer of the American progressive metal band Dream Theater.

He was underrated in the 90s. Got recognition in the 2000s. Currently he's is closer to the group of the overrated singers, especially within the group of the metal singers. - Metal_Treasure

43 Freddie Mercury - Queen Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara, 5th September 1946 - 24th November 1991) was a Zanzibari-born British singer of Indian descent, songwriter and record producer, known as the lead vocalist and songwriter of the British rock band Queen. He also became known for his flamboyant stage persona and four-octave more.

FREDDIE MERCURY is undeniably the GREATEST singer on Earth - EVER! Yet, somehow, he's not always number ONE, which is very disturbing! Sometimes others are voted higher, but those singers themselves would undoubtedly acknowledge Freddie as the very best of the best and readily admit that his was a genius untouchable by any human, including them! They could only wish to be mentioned in the same sentence with the great, the one and only, the BEST FREDDIE MERCURY!

Freddie Mercury is underrated because he should ALWAYS be #1. Anything else is blasphemy! No mere mortal comes close to Freddie's brilliance and genius. Nobody beats Freddie. NOBODY!

He's my favorite singer outside metal but I don't really believe he's underrated. - Metal_Treasure

I don't believe he is underrated.

44 Adam Levine - Maroon 5 Adam Noah Levine is an American singer and songwriter. He is the lead vocalist for the Los Angeles pop rock band Maroon 5. more.

He isn't underrated. I don't think so - zxm

45 Brian Johnson - AC/DC Brian Johnson is an English singer and songwriter. Since 1980, he is the lead singer of the Australian rock band AC/DC, with whom he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003. As of April 2016, Johnson is not participating in the remainder of the Rock or Bust World Tour due to hearing more.

Some will say he is overrated. But he isn't underrated - zxm

Oh, come on, he's not underrated. - Metal_Treasure

What about Bon Scott?

46 Matthew Bellamy - Muse

His voice is basically Thom Yorke on acid. What more could you ask for?

47 Steve Walsh

Few on this list have the pure vocal versatility and talent to compete with Steve. Just go listen to some of his recordings and find me one other who can do what he did. You cannot. Not even close.

Simply the best rock vocalist ever. Range and emotion.

48 Greg Lake - Emerson, Lake & Palmer, King Crimson Gregory Stuart Lake was an English bassist, guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer who gained prominence as a founding member of the progressive rock bands King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

He had such a beautiful voice.

49 Jeff Buckley Jeffrey Scott "Jeff" Buckley (November 17, 1966 – May 29, 1997) raised as Scott "Scottie" Moorhead, was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. more.
50 Tim McIlrath Timothy James "Tim" McIlrath is an American punk rock musician. He is the lead singer, rhythm guitarist, songwriter and co-founder of the American punk rock band Rise Against.
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