Most Underrated Sandra Bullock Movies


The Top Ten

1 The Net

Brilliant technological thriller with great Sandra's performance - Alexandr

2 Demolition Man

Not only a highly underrated movie, but the only movie on this list I even like. - truckturner

Sly Stallone is my favorite action star, also I adore Sandra. And of course I love this film - Alexandr

3 Infamous
4 All About Steve

I agree! I thought this movie was actually pretty inspirational.

Not complete disaster. That's for sure - Alexandr

5 Hope Floats

One of Sandra's most emotional and sweet movies. I love it - Alexandr

Love, love, love this movie

I adore this movie.

6 Forces of Nature

Very underrated and overlooked movie - Alexandr

7 In Love and War

Sandra showed great dramatic talent hee - Alexandr

8 When the Party's Over
9 28 Days

I will never understand why this movie did not get more attention. I think it is definitely one of Sandra's greatest performances ever. This role should have been nominated for awards.

10 The Vanishing

This is actually a good movie. Highly underrated.

The Contenders

11 Love Potion No. 9

A bit silly but I like it - Alexandr

12 Two if by Sea
13 The Heat
14 The Blind Side
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