Underrated Singers IMO

Jackie Evancho? Amy Lee? Avril Lavigne? Demi Lovato? They're okay I guess but what about the CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED SINGERS you might not have even heard about?! If you have, you're seriously giving chances to the underrated, extremely talent but forgotten singers.

Lemme start with Dave Gahan? Heard of him? Definitely not. Depeche Mode are for the most part a dictatorship. Martin Gore writes 99% of the songs, and often saves the best tracks for himself to sing over. Gahan has long been seen as a utility player, more credited with being a great stage presence and not a vocalist of much regard. But if there’s an award for most improved singer, Gahan wins hands down. Ever since taking vocal lessons to repair his voice weakened by years of drug abuse, it’s as nimble an instrument than ever before. But like Alice In Chains, Depeche are at their best when the 2 engage in vocal harmonies. With Gahan finally having a bit more influence in the song writing process, he’s proving more and more why he’s integral to the band’s success. My favorite of the 2 singing together remains ‘Halo‘ from their masterwork ‘Violator’, and for a solo Gahan moment ‘It’s No Good’ is a perfect example (and a hilarious video). He also put out a solid solo album with 2007’s ‘Hourglass’.

Now to Brett Anderson. When Britpop went big in the mid-90’s, it was the Blur vs Oasis feud that garnered most of the press. But Suede (who go by the name ‘The London Suede’ in the U.S. due to copyright issues) were actually one of the first bands out of the gate. Suede never got their due globally, with only minimal success in America. Anderson’s theatrical vocal style is clearly influenced by 70’s glam rock, with a sense of overwrought melodrama that made all their songs larger than life ruminations on romance, heartbreak,and self discovery. ‘The Wild Ones‘ is a sterling example of his vocal chops.

The next underrated singer is Bryan Ferry. I bet you haven't heard of him. Bryan is the lead singer of the band Roxy Music. He was a prominent glam rock artist in the 70s in Europe. Rumors have said that David Bowie felt threatened by Ferry’s charisma. After the band disbanded, Ferry began his solo career and this helped him gain popularity in Europe. If you really want to know how great he can be in his singing, try out these songs – ‘More Than This’, ‘Shameless’ and ‘Slave to Love’.

The next four singers whom I'm gonna mention are seriously, seriously, seriously underrated. I only wish they get credit for what they do.

Peter Murphy - He’s a Goth rock singer and has the voice of a creature of the night. His dynamic baritone has dramatic effect. You really need to try out his solo masterpiece ‘Cuts You Up’. His solo career incorporated elements of Goth, glam, pop and world music. Murphy is still running fresh with his resonant voice.

Glenn Danzig - Danzig, in my opinion, is the most memorable punk vocalist for pure singing ability. And perhaps its possible that if even was more recognized for his talent, then undoubtedly, he would’ve been one of the biggest figures in rock history. He is the former vocalist of the Heavy metal, Hard rock and Blues rock band – Misfits. He then went on into a solo career and one of his songs – Mother became a radio hit in the 1990s. His dark rock melodies are fabulous. And he plays all his blues melodies into heaviness. I’ve only recently discovered that many people view him as a joke and love to watch him get punched out on YouTube. So now you understand

Ian Astbury - He’s an extremely underrated singer and is the lead vocalist of the band The Cult. His singing is dynamic and he has those powerful hard rock vocals that you’d like to listen to if you’re a hard rock, alternate rock, nu metal type of rock fan. And good words to describe his voice are ‘unique’ and ‘resonant’. His sound is very distinctive. Ian is overall a mysterious, esoteric singer who sings in riddles. And thus, now you know why he is underrated and why doesn’t deserve to remain in that stage forever.

Mike Patton - Anything is possible for him in singing. He is the singer and lyricist of the band Faith No More. The best thing about him is that he has a big vocal range. He can sing soft high-pitched notes to throat ripping shrieks. And that’s not just it. He includes elements of different music such as opera, hip-hop, R&B and death metal. Sometimes, he has all this in the same song. He makes the toughest, hardest of singing styles look effortless. He was described as a man with skills of limited boundaries and with a bunch of creativity. His other band Mr Bungle is one of the most talented musical groups ever. They incorporate several different genres all in one song, with breakneck intensity, they defy description. And let me also let you know that he might just be the most insanely underrated singer to date.

I've never mentioned Christian artists who are all the more underrated. Maybe I'll do them on a different post but that's it for now. These singers that I mentioned are even underrated on the underrated singers list. How bad can that be?

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