Most Underrated Slipknot Members

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1 #2 Paul Gray

I think Paul was underrated he is only remembered and known know that he is gone. Rip Paul you are missed

R.I. P peace Paul Gray hope to see you up in Heaven some day man

2 #7 Mick Thomson

He is really the most underrated member of Slipknot like :-
People think joey Jordison one of the best drummers today and HE IS
People think paul gray one of the best bassists was (RIP) and HE IS
People Think Corey Taylor one of the best vocalists and HE IS
But people don, t know the greatness of mick thomson #7 he is one of the most underrated guitarists and one of the greatest modern metal guitarists actually he is better than gates of a7x, Robb Flynn Of Machine Head, Better than dimebag, Better than liaho (but laiho does better solos sometimes but mick is more technical and better with solos Like Gemetria, Psychosocial, Vermillion, Dead Memories, Snuff) but I have to say the really most underrated guitarist of all time is Mark Morton Of Lamb Of God people will vote him more than hammet if Lamb Of God has the same fame of metallica.. And mick thomson the same he would be loved more than hammet if he had same fame that hammet got.. But anyway :) hammet is my favourite ...more - nooreldeen

He is a great guitarist, and with out him slipknot would be a bit different. You could argue that he is the most talented member, he is also a lead guitarist, which proves that he must be doing some thing right.

Most Underrated guitarist should be his middle name

3 #5 Craig '133' Jones

He adds variety to the band. The samples he makes blends well with the music while making it distinct

He isn't really underrated because he isn't in many of the songs. If he was in more of the songs but wasn't recognized for it than yes.

He is very underrated

4 #0 Sid Wilson

His part's were small yet amazing and at the time I didn't even know they had a DJ. His stuff he does on his own is pretty good

He put so many samples and extras into the songs that you don't even think about until you look for them

5 #4 Jim Root

Jim because he does not get much credit for a guitarist when he joined the band Mick was strict with him to play good on stage and that set pressure combined with Iowa which meant don't screw up Jim or no more Slipknot

6 #3 Chris Fehn

He was the eighth to join Slipknot. Not always recognised or appreciated. But if there were one reason the send this guy to heaven: the nose.

7 #6 Shawn 'Clown' Crahan
8 #8 Corey Taylor

Corey your voice is gone... Let Chad aplin take over

Corey is a great singer and Chad aplin is not real he's a myth

I AM Chad Aplin... I am NOT a Myth..LOL! I did go to school with Jim and Chris, I do play guitar and sing. However I have never been a member of Slipknot. I've seen this argument before and I have no idea where it came from. - MX21

I agree corey its over

Cory is a has been time to hang it up dude

9 #1 Joey Jordison
10 Chad Aplin

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11 Anders Colsefni

Original vocalist was pretty good

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