Most Underrated Slipknot Songs

The songs that you never hear about because they are so underrated.

The Top Ten

1 Prosthetics


2 Scissors

Perfect drum beat

Hell yeah

3 Gehenna

Very creepy at first then it gets very ausome. I don't know why this song is hated so much

4 Danger / Keep Away

One of slipknot's best songs, I love it

5 Gently

Very eerie sounding, if your ever in the woods at night and you hear this song - RUN LIKE A BAT OUTTA HELL. Cause a song like should be a score for a horror movie. - RustyNail

6 The Virus of Life
7 Opium of the People
8 I Am Hated
9 Disasterpiece

number 27 on the best slipknot songs list on this website
vote for it maggots

along with prosthtics also
kick ass songs

I never really considered this song underrated, I mean it's a staple at concerts, and it's the name of their 2nd live DVD" Disasterpieces". Its an amazing song, not underrated at all. - RustyNail

10 'Til We Die

The Newcomers

? Vermillion
? Gematria (The Killing Name)

Hell yeah look up a video of mick playing this

Should be number 1

The Contenders

11 Eeyore
12 All Hope Is Gone

The most underrated track ever done by slipknot but disasterpiece and vermillion are underrated to but all hope is gone is the most underrated track for them - nooreldeen

13 Vermillion Pt. 2
14 Diluted

Really dark and tribal

15 Liberate

One of my favourites! I love the sort of bouncy-pop drum beat in the verses, makes for a really unique sounding Slipknot song

16 Metabolic

One of the heaviest songs ever made yet almost nobody knows it.

17 Vendetta
18 Left Behind
19 This Cold Black
20 Three Nil
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