Most Underrated Soda Brands


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1 Sprite

I love to drink Sprite! - Pegasister12

2 7UP

Tastes better than sprite but weird how u almost forget it exists when your in the soda aisle

3 Shasta

Oh yeah! Only the finest makes it to the top!

We serve Shasta at our restaurant.

All right, it's Saturday night, I have no date I've Got A Two Liter Bottle Of Shasta And My All-Rush Mixtape, Let's rock.


4 Coca Cola

Coke is my favorite soda, but please people don't vote for this on the most underrated soda list. It's the most popular soda in the world, the opposite of underrated

How is coke underrated when it's the most popular pop of the world?

Mm... Coke is the best and I am the guy who added lucozade so vote lucozade or coke and I never heard of mellow yellow - aido17

Coke is overrated.

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5 Barq's Root Beer

Barq's is the best root beer because it has a stronger taste

6 Pepsi Max
7 Grape Soda
8 Diet Dr Pepper
9 Squirt
10 Orange Crush


The Contenders

11 Mellow Yellow

Mellow, as the name suggests. Enough citrus bite to keep you coming back for more. Plus, caffeine!

12 Sunkist Sunkist
13 Jones

Jones soda is the best. There are or were some of the most unique flavors. Why can't I find it anymore? I live in atlanta Georgia and desperately need it to come back. I'm disabled and jones soda was one of the only things that made life bearable. I know how depressing that sounds, but it truly brought me joy and took my mind off the pain... If only gor a short time. Help! Q

14 Lucozade
15 LemonSoda
16 RC Cola

Very popular in the 40's and 50's much better than Coke or Pepsi

17 Jarritos
18 Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper
19 OranSoda
20 Sprecher Root Beer
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1. 7UP
2. Sprite
3. Barq's Root Beer
1. Shasta
2. Sprite
3. 7UP



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