Most Underrated Sports Movies

The Top Ten Most Underrated Sports Movies

1 Rocky IV

The training sequence in the winter forest is still one of the coolest things I have ever seen on film. Dolph Lundgren, with his performance, proves to be the most understated actor of his generation. Ivan Drago's training sequence is a good estimation of what Barry Bonds was doing in the early 2000s. - Alexandr

2 A League of Their Own

Most of these sports movies are about men playing games and being rough with each other. Penny Marshall gave us another side. Not necessarily a softer side. These women were just as competitive as any men playing the game.
This movie deserved at least 3 Oscars - Alexandr

3 Against the Ropes

Meg Ryan pulls a great performance as the underdog of this movie. Playing a real person is never easy and being a woman in boxing holds as much discrimination on its own without adding that she works it with sex appeal. You can't hate a story when it comes from true events and both Shaloub and Ryan pull off their characters with finesse. - Alexandr

4 Happy Gilmore

Mister mister please put this movie at the top of this list, this is the best movie I have ever seen an Adam sandler classic

Some people classify this as a silly comedy, but this is one of the few Sandler classics. Funny as hell all the way through. - Alexandr

5 Rocky III

Film, written and directed by Stallone, is surprisingly sweet and endearing. We still care for Rocky after three films - and hey, as old as the training scenes may get, I still love them. This movie isn't as good as the first "Rocky, " or maybe even the second, but I still say that this series is real CLASSIC - Alexandr

My 3rd favorite movie after rocky I and II

6 Lucas

Lucas offers that and more in a funny look at the growing pains of being a teenager. This movie isn't just about football so it kind of deviates from true sports stories on the list. It sure was a tearjerker though. - Alexandr

7 Fat City

Jeff Bridges plays an upstart boxer dueling with Stacy Keach, the guy losing his stuff with age. Great performances in a film - Alexandr

8 Teen Wolf

It's pretty great entertainment watching Michael J. Fox turn into a wolf and start owning high school basketball like Jordan in his prime. A perfect 80s movie. - Alexandr

9 Miracle

Miracle is a great movie.

10 BASEketball

Forget the comedy aspect of the film. Matt Stone and Trey Parker single-handily predicted the rise of entertainment and commercialism in the way that it would eventually relate to sports: owners naming their stadiums after company's, free agents switching teams like LSU co-eds switch partners, and ridiculous touchdown dances. - Alexandr

The Contenders

11 Warrior

Most Underrated Movie Ever

12 White Men Can't Jump

Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes hit the mark as scamming con artists on the pickup basketball court. The humor in this movie helps bridge the gap between race relations. Basketball also helps bridge the gap even though there's some serious trash talking going on. - Alexandr

13 Bang the Drum Slowly
14 The Greatest
15 All the Marbles
16 Supercross
17 Extreme Ops
18 Driven
19 Love & Basketball
20 Hurricane Season
21 Hardball
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