Most Underrated Tom Cruise Movies


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1 Far and Away

This movie seems to get forgotten a lot because it didn't make as much at the box office as many of his other blockbusters. But I think this was a wonderful and moving film with great performances. It gets better every time I watch it.

This movie deserves to be remembered as a classic. One of my favorite movies of all-time.

This movie is awesome deserves more attention plus its Irish

2 A Few Good Men

I want the truth

How is this underrated? this is

3 Cocktail
4 Mission: Impossible III

It wasn't that bad it was better the mi 2 a fun thrilling film

Why so many people criticize this trequel? It was better than MI 2 and as good as original. I think - Alexandr

5 Minority Report

Yes, this film was popular but it should've been superhit - Alexandr

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6 Magnolia

He deserved the Oscar for this film - Alexandr

This film is so undderated on its own one of my favorite films of all time

7 The Last Samurai

A Must See Movie - brilliant acting! - Alexandr

An Emotional Story with Amazing Direction and Performances!


8 Endless Love
9 Vanilla Sky

I think this movie contains one of Cruise's most powerful and impressive performances. I truly believe he should have been nominated for awards for this role. Amazing and thought-provoking movie.

Been watching this on repeat over the last few days. It definitely deserves a spot on this list, as not many people appreciate it.

I love this movie so much. Tom was amazing in every scene and deserved to be nominated for an Oscar. - MissionImpossible

This Is The Most Romantic And Saddest Movie I've Ever Seen. One Of The Best Performance Of Tom Cruise.

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10 The Outsiders

Truly underrated movie with great acting, great lesson, and great story, even though Cruise's part was small, he was still a part of the movie.

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11 Collateral

Cruise was brilliant as villain - Alexandr

Tom cruise was a great villian... No feelings or guilt, and pulled it off well. Also a Michael Mann film which did a lot fot the scene and back ground of the movie. Mann also did Heat. - tacitus23

12 Oblivion

This movie is so good! It totally deserves a lot more popularity

13 Legend

Best tom cruise movie and best fantasy movie ever

14 Days of Thunder
15 The Firm

Such well done relationships between Mitch and Abby and Mitch/Avery.

16 Valkryie

It's very underrated plus Tom's performance was sublime. - MissionImpossible

17 Edge of Tomorrow

My favorite movie of 2014. - MissionImpossible

18 War of the Worlds
19 The Color of Money
20 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

He Climbs The Burj Khalifa For Godsake!
How Does That Not Get Attention!?

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