Most Underrated Tom Cruise Movies


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1 Far and Away

This movie seems to get forgotten a lot because it didn't make as much at the box office as many of his other blockbusters. But I think this was a wonderful and moving film with great performances. It gets better every time I watch it.

This movie deserves to be remembered as a classic. One of my favorite movies of all-time.

This movie is awesome deserves more attention plus its Irish

2 A Few Good Men V 2 Comments
3 Cocktail
4 Mission: Impossible III

It wasn't that bad it was better the mi 2 a fun thrilling film

Why so many people criticize this trequel? It was better than MI 2 and as good as original. I think - Alexandr

5 Minority Report

Yes, this film was popular but it should've been superhit - Alexandr

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6 Magnolia

He deserved the Oscar for this film - Alexandr

This film is so undderated on its own one of my favorite films of all time

7 The Last Samurai

A Must See Movie - brilliant acting! - Alexandr

An Emotional Story with Amazing Direction and Performances!


8 Endless Love
9 Vanilla Sky

I think this movie contains one of Cruise's most powerful and impressive performances. I truly believe he should have been nominated for awards for this role. Amazing and thought-provoking movie.

Been watching this on repeat over the last few days. It definitely deserves a spot on this list, as not many people appreciate it.

I love this movie so much. Tom was amazing in every scene and deserved to be nominated for an Oscar. - MissionImpossible

This Is The Most Romantic And Saddest Movie I've Ever Seen. One Of The Best Performance Of Tom Cruise.

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10 The Outsiders

Truly underrated movie with great acting, great lesson, and great story, even though Cruise's part was small, he was still a part of the movie.

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11 Collateral

Cruise was brilliant as villain - Alexandr

Tom cruise was a great villian... No feelings or guilt, and pulled it off well. Also a Michael Mann film which did a lot fot the scene and back ground of the movie. Mann also did Heat. - tacitus23

12 Oblivion

This movie is so good! It totally deserves a lot more popularity

13 Legend

Best tom cruise movie and best fantasy movie ever

14 Days of Thunder
15 Valkryie

It's very underrated plus Tom's performance was sublime. - MissionImpossible

16 Edge of Tomorrow V 1 Comment
17 War of the Worlds
18 The Color of Money
19 The Firm
20 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol V 1 Comment
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