Most Underrated Tupac Shakur Songs


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1 Brenda's Got a Baby

Amazing sentimental song that hasn't got all that recognition it had to. One of the greatest 2Pac songs ever made. Rest in peace homie.

Great song, but why is it this high on the underrated list? It's a great song but I wouldn't call it underrated, it's pretty popular.

Don't know why just love this song man its based on a true story it has deep meaning.. Watch the video

Great song no my favorite but still great lyrics and meaning

2 Thugz Mansion
3 F**k Friendz

This song says it all about how people are fake.

4 Tradin' War Stories

Everybody has a great part on the song. Catchy beat, good verses by everyone, C-BO has a really good verse. 2pac also has a legendary verse. Very underrated song!

5 Bury Me a G
6 Cradle to the Grave
7 California Love

This was number 1 on Billboard Hot 100, I don't get how it's underrated, everyone knows it. - chocodilesforlife

8 All Eyez On Me
9 Hit 'Em Up

This is by far the greatest diss song of all times.

Great great song

10 Pour Out a Little Liquor

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11 No More Pain
12 Starin' Through My Rear View

Best song ever

13 Blasphemy

Just telling it how it is

14 Picture Me Rollin'

Yes, great song, very underrated, in this song he references his death too. - chocodilesforlife

The most underrated song..I love this song he was happy here

Insanely good beat

15 Papa'z Song
16 Run Tha Streetz
17 If My Homie Calls

This sobg is the best song is the best song tupac ever made it should be number 1

18 I Get Around

Great song. Fun beat. Great flow. One of Tupac's first song to build up his fame

19 Letter 2 My Unborn
20 Unconditional Love

Very underrated song

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