Most Underrated Tupac Shakur Songs


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1 Brenda's Got a Baby Brenda's Got a Baby

Amazing sentimental song that hasn't got all that recognition it had to. One of the greatest 2Pac songs ever made. Rest in peace homie.

Great song, but why is it this high on the underrated list? It's a great song but I wouldn't call it underrated, it's pretty popular.

Don't know why just love this song man its based on a true story it has deep meaning.. Watch the video

Great song no my favorite but still great lyrics and meaning

2 Thugz Mansion Thugz Mansion

Personally prefer the acoustic version of Thugz Mansion.. 👌 - Kimo679

3 Do for Love Do for Love
4 Open Fire
5 R U Still Down? (Remember Me)
6 Changed Man
7 I Get Around

Great song. Fun beat. Great flow. One of Tupac's first song to build up his fame

8 F**k Friendz

This song says it all about how people are fake.

9 Tradin' War Stories

Everybody has a great part on the song. Catchy beat, good verses by everyone, C-BO has a really good verse. 2pac also has a legendary verse. Very underrated song!

10 Point the Finga

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11 Bury Me a G
12 Shorty Wanna Be a Thug
13 No More Pain
14 Cradle to the Grave
15 California Love

This was number 1 on Billboard Hot 100, I don't get how it's underrated, everyone knows it. - chocodilesforlife

16 All Eyez On Me

This is one of his most popular songs...

17 Hit 'Em Up

This is by far the greatest diss song of all times.

Great great song

18 Pour Out a Little Liquor
19 Blasphemy

Just telling it how it is

20 Starin' Through My Rear View

Best song ever

21 Unconditional Love

One of the best songs ever from one of the greatest artists ever...

Very underrated song

22 Picture Me Rollin'

Yes, great song, very underrated, in this song he references his death too. - chocodilesforlife

The most underrated song..I love this song he was happy here

Insanely good beat

23 Papa'z Song
24 Strictly 4 My N.*.*.*.*.Z...
25 Can't C Me

This is very underrated

This song is good. Tupac is angry in this song, this is badass

26 To Live and Die in L.A.


27 Me Against the World

This is definitely in my top 5 2pac songs

While it is quite highly rated,it doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

28 Run Tha Streetz
29 Letter 2 My Unborn
30 Only God Can Judge Me

This Song has a very great meaning if you listen to the lyrics.

31 Lil' Homies

It may be just my opinion, but this song ranks up there with hail Mary and picture me rolling. It's in my top 10 pac songs

32 If My Homie Calls

This sobg is the best song is the best song tupac ever made it should be number 1

33 When We Ride on Our Enemies

How is this not even on the list yet? It's hook is super catchy and it's an amazing song. It's more underrated than any other song on this list

34 Trapped

This is hiz best because if you live n the ghetto you undestand what he will say n deeez song

35 Toss It Up
36 F*** the World

Do I really need to explain

37 My Closest Roaddogz
38 Happy Home

One Of Pacs Most Underrated Songs

39 My Block
40 Dopefiend's Diner

Paints a picture really well, and Pac usually doesn't do anything like this

LOVE YOU TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR! I'm 32 yrs old been listening tou since inwas 10! THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!

41 Ratha Be Ya N.*.*.*.A.
42 Ride 4 Me

It's a great song

43 Changes

I think that this song actually has a purpose

44 Wonda Why They Call U Bitch

Great Song

45 Panther Power
46 When Thugz Cry

Such an underrated song. Meaningful lyrics and insane delivery.

47 Against All Odds

Better than "Hit Em Up".

48 How Do U Want It
49 All About U
50 Black Cotton
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1. Do for Love
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