Most Underrated Universal Pictures Movies of the '90s


The Top Ten

1 The Shadow

Superb film with Alec Baldwin. He was cool as the Shadow - Alexandr

2 The Real McCoy

Brilliant heist movie with Kim Basinger - Alexandr

3 The Quest

Awesome movie with great fight scenes - Alexandr

4 Bird on a Wire

Very entertaining Action/Comedy with Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn - Alexandr

5 Daylight

Very underrated disaster drama - Alexandr

6 Virus

One of the best movies with Jamie Lee Curtis. She's very cool here - Alexandr

Most what movie iv'e seen! :P

7 The Frighteners
8 White Palace

Susan Sarandon and James Spader made a very hot couple here - Alexandr

9 Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

Highly underrated Action/Comedy with Sly Stallone and his brilliant screen mom Estelle Getty - Alexandr

10 Waterworld

I saw the live show at Universal Hollywood. It was amazing!

The Contenders

11 EdTV
12 Dante's Peak
13 Black Dog
14 Kull the Conqueror
15 Fierce Creatures
16 Bordello of Blood
17 Sudden Death
18 Mallrats
19 How to Make an American Quilt
20 The Hunted
21 Junior
22 Demon Knight
23 Timecop
24 A Good Man in Africa
25 Reality Bites
26 The Getaway
27 Heart and Souls
28 Trespass
29 Far and Away
30 The People Under the Stairs
31 Darkman
32 The Paper
33 A Kiss Before Dying
34 Kuffs
35 Lionheart
36 Leaving Normal
37 Kissing a Fool
38 That Old Feeling
39 For Love of the Game
40 The Trigger Effect
41 Sgt. Bilko
42 Major Payne
43 The Public Eye
44 The Guardian
45 Havana
46 Opportunity Knocks
47 Shout
48 Judgment Night
49 Radioland Murders
50 Greedy
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