Most Underrated Video Game Consoles

This is about systems that have got a lot of hate through recent years, even though they are decent systems.

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1 Nintendo Gamecube

I loved this console when it was still in existence. I have always said, GameCube was the only console that did video games based off movies and T.V. shows right. I think SpongeBob battle for bikini bottom was my favorite, and they did some great spinoff games like Shadow the hedgehog. Super smash bros melee was such a memorable game. Even Madagascar was an awesome game. I wish movie video games now were like they were on the GameCube. I wish this console was still around, it was so great.

Not only do I believe this console to be the most underrated, but I also consider it to be the greatest console so far. This was made back when the primary focus of game consoles was games, and it absolutely shined in that category.

This is one of the greatest Nintendo systems, and it has some of my favorite video games, like Luigi's Mansion, Mario Kart Double Dash, and the original Animal Crossing. - Gunner224

This is better than the ps2 by far, because I have both that and the GameCube.

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2 Nintendo Wii U

People usually hate on the Wii you for 2 reasons: A. They never heard of it or B. They are Sony/Microsoft Fanboys. The Wii you had the balls to actually be innovative and not do the same thing over and over, and is starting to have a very good game literary, slowly but surely. I would vote Dreamcast, but this deserves at least 7.

Seriously stop making fun of wii you if you say Xbox one or PlayStation 4 is better you're WRONG the reason why you say its bad is because you haven't played it

Xbox is garbage and has crap hardware. Wii U is better. Just don't turn the Wii U off during an update or it will be bricked.

I voted this, the hate is just too much... & this system rocks, I don't know anyone who hates the #1 spot though. - BlueSheepYT

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3 Sega Dreamcast

Being that this console was the flop it didn't deserve to be many of it's most memorable games were lost in the sea of games from it's competitors.

The best game console ever made, It wasn't really a flop. It sold 10.6 million worldwide. Not that bad, but SEGA ran out of money to fund it, so it was discontinued early. It was still selling fairly well when it was called off. It also had a ridiculously awesome launch. This console also revolutionized the market. It allowed for online gameplay and web browsing right out of the box. The graphics were still inferior to the PCs at the time, but it was as close as it got to having a computer hooked up to your T.V.. Every game console that came after it had some way to connect to the internet. The controllers had analog triggers, which were great for racing games, FPS, and Flying games. The Xbox copied almost everything from the DC

This is absolutely hands down the best system ever made. Every console that came after it copied it's ideas. The first system to popularize online gaming. Allowed for online games right out of the box.

This is one of my favourite consoles of all time. It would at least be at the number 4 spot.

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4 Sega Master System

The sega master system is glorious.

The sega master system has so many great titles that are overlooked by most people. A great console that is often put far below the nes.

The Sega Master System always gets overshadowed by the NES, which was home to classics such as "Super Mario Bros.", "The Legend of Zelda", "Mega Man", "Metroid", "Duck Hunt", and "Excitebike". However, the Master System had a much better design, was superior in technical capabilities, had sturdy plastic clam-shell packaging as opposed to flimsy cardboard boxes, a more elaborate controller, Sega-Scope 3D glasses, and fun tiltes such as "Alex Kidd in Miracle World", "Shinobi", "Fantasy Zone", "Hang-On", "Black Belt", and "Outrun".

5 Sega CD

True. Sega CD still had Sonic The Hedgehog CD, which made it worth it.

I just don't get the hate for that console, it's not a bad system by any means.

Well, this is one of the consoles you either love or hate. It had some really good games

It actually had the best versions of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune until 2010

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6 Sega Saturn

It's AMAZING. It had so much less shovelware than the other two at the time, and some of the best best games you've never heard of. Tons of hidden gems. This thing was so much better than the PlayStation, and has the best controller. If you don't have one, I suggest you pick one up. They're kind of pricey gotta say, but it feels like a steal once you buy it. Final verdict, sold 9.5 million worldwide, deserved at least 27 million.

Other than success in Japan, the Saturn did very poorly in Europe and North America. The Saturn had little third party support, but had some of the most fun games of the 5th generation including virtua cop, my personal favorite for the Saturn. Also had a great controller.

Why do people even hate on this thing!? It is awesome!

Panzer Dragoon Saga(and the series as a whole) was as good as games get. Not to mention NiGHTS

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7 Nintendo Wii

This console has help millions get fit, it has backwards compatibility with the GameCube, Virtual Console. Huge line of games for pretty much everyone and so much more! It only gets all of the massive hate because of graphics! Just because the graphics are not as good doesn't mean it sucks! Here's a question: do you have a working brain? Yes? Then you love the Wii! No? Then you hate the Wii! And it is not necessary for the fat 13 year olds to call Wii players things like Wiis and Nintendrones! That is the same as being racist! Look at all of the problems with Xbox 360! For hell sake!

Okay, I know. This game might look like it's for kids and casuals, but underneath are games that any gamer can enjoy. It might not be HD but it looks better than any 6th generation console and it still has good graphics. The motion controls are awesome when used right. Not to mention the virtual console.

Everyone hates it, but the Wii controller is very comfortable, and Wii motion plus is very accurate.

If you've ever hacked the Wii, then you probably know exactly what this list is talking about...and why this item should definitely be a hell of a lot higher on this list, not to mention - xandermartin98

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8 Gizmondo

The least sold console of all time shouldn't even be here it's terrible! - htoutlaws2012

Which retard said we need to add adverts onto the console!?

What?! The Gizmondo sucked! - Sage_Naruto

People need to get over with it. A bad marketed system doesn't mean that it's a bad system. I see this on dozens worst game consoles lists while it just don't deserves it.

9 Neo-Geo

One of the more forgotten Consoles it was not that bad it was ironically the first to have a memory card that can used to save your progress. - htoutlaws2012

Perhaps the Neo Geo did have some awesome one-on-one fighters, arcade shooters, and sports titles. Perhaps it was 24-bit. Perhaps it did have great arcade-style joystick controllers. Perhaps it used memory cards. Perhaps it was well worth a rental in the early 1990's. But the system was released for purchase at a staggering 650 dollars! The games were sold for a couple hundred dollars and came in ginormous cartridges! This console probably would have been a smash hit if it didn't cost thousands of dollars to buy a Neo Geo AES with a few games! This is why the Neo Geo only caught on in the arcades, with the MVS, where you could play these games for mere quarters!

Complaining about the price tag is OK, but also consider the graphical capabilities.

It came and went due to a high price tag, but a really great and innovative game console. My only complaint is the cartridges, they're huge.

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10 Turbografx-16

Can you believe Hudson Soft teamed up with NEC to make a video game console? Not a lot of people knew about this. It didn't even have a library of games that people played because it failed to capture the attention like SNES & Sega Genesis. In my opinion, Hudson Soft, if you ever comeback to the video game industry, stick to being a third party video game company rather than a console manufacturer. You're great at doing that.

Another console not as popular in the 90's it had mostly good games just didn't compare to the likes of the SNES or the Genesis. - htoutlaws2012

The NEC Turbografx-16 may not have had the technical capabilities of the Sega Genesis, SNK Neo Geo, or Super Nintendo, but it did offer a trove of hidden gems, such as its fantastic shooters, like "Blazing Lazers" and "Galaga '90", its excellent platformers, like "Bonk's Revenge" and "Keith Courage in Alpha Zones", its awesome beat-'em-ups, like "The Legendary Axe" and "China Warrior", its fun party games, like "Bomberman '93", and its nice arcade-style romps, such as "Parasol Stars". It also had the best pinball simulators around! The NEC Turbografx-16 is 16-bit gaming with turbo control on a chip!
This game console is one of the most underappreciated, and is easily one of the top ten game consoles of all time.

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11 Game Boy Color V 1 Comment
12 PlayStation Vita

So underrated. There are so many great games on it like LittleBigPlanet, Persona 4, Freedom Wars, Rayman Legends, Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed, Uncharted, Tearaway, Touch my Katamari, Minecraft, etc. I love Smash Bros and Zelda but I'll take the Vita over the 3DS any day.

Honestly, why does this system get hate?

It is great, but it has issues that made it a fail. It includes NO ADVERTISING!

Great handheld

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13 ColecoVision V 1 Comment
14 Power Kracker 2013

Mad? Who, me? No, I'm not mad. I mean who's mad? How can I be mad when I bought a video game console that has CIRCUS CHARLIE AND OVER 5000 NAMES I'M FINE! CRACK THIS! - MinecraftHater

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15 PlayStation 4

Who put this here? If anything this is overrated.

Really, did a fanboy get this on the list for it to get love? Wii U is better.

Great console but FAR from underrated.

Great graphics? It's basically a watered down, less powerful PC. It is also THE most expensive console this generation, as the Wii U is the cheapest by a long shot.

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16 Nintendo 3DS

The only reason why did I purchase this it was because of Pokemon xy :P

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17 Atari 5200

This system also got a lot of hate... For it's bad controller, get over the bad controller and you will find 1 of the systems most collectors collect for.

The most hated controller of all time! - htoutlaws2012

That controller is all I have to say!

WHAT!? This console was horrible!

18 Atari Lynx
19 Ouya

Why is the Ouya on here it was nothing but an overhyped piece of garbage.

This isn't even underrated or good, it's just trash.

It outsold the XB1 in Canada that's something right? - htoutlaws2012

20 Neo Geo Pocket
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