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21 Panasonic 3DO

During the era of 16 bit console war I remember 3DO graphics just being mind blowing, also it was more of multimedia device you can load pictures n also watch movies or shows! Sure this seems eh now but remember this was way before dvds were ever thought or digital pictures on cd... This system was genius but due to the price tag being outrageous people just simply could not go that route when you got sonic and mario for way affordable...

I agree with you, they accidentally made the price too high and it only had a few games, (including the worst, plumbers don't wear ties) - Harri666

Just don't understand the hate. Just because you couldn't afford it, doesn't mean it's not awesome. It had quite a few good games

Reasons why it sucked
1. The price was 700$
2. The console only had 1 controller input, and If you wanted to play 2 players, you must plus the other controller to the controller input that's on the controller. WHAT THE HELL?!?!
3. Plumbers don't wear ties
4. It had many models, but every one of them had one controller input. LAZINESS INTENSIFIES - MinecraftHater

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22 Sega Game Gear

Such a great console! So many great games like Sonic Chaos, Deep Duck Trouble, Mortal Kombat, Streets of Rage, Columns, The Adventures of Batman and Robin, Prince of Persia, and the list goes on. The landscape design of the console is much more comfortable than the original Game Boy's design and the screen is easy to see. The only two problems are that it requires 6 AA batteries which are eaten up in about three hours and it has really weak capacitors but then again, you can just use an AC adapter or a battery pack and the capacitors aren't hard to replace if you know what to do (there are a lot of tutorials on the internet). Overall, this is my favorite handheld of the 4th generation era though I do love the Game Boy and the Lynx too. I highly recommend picking one of these up.

I just got one yesterday at a game store and it came with Sonic 2 and I think it's extremely underrated. It has a lot of cool features like the T.V. Tuner that makes you watch T.V. on your Game Gear. the only things I hate about the console is that it requires 6 AA+ batteries and the brightness switch was just useless. Still a great console though. - FasterThanSonic

A nice hand held with great games, it had a lot of cool features but isn't recognized

I have a Game Gear that came with a battery pack, but it isn't working right due to bad capacitors. - AlexTopTens

23 The Phantom

Believe it or not, I had actually seen a working prototype Phantom console on eBay a couple or so years ago! - AlexTopTens

If it just saw daylight, PlayStation and the rest consoles would be history.

Oh yes the console that never released back in 2003 in the 6th Gen. Just think if it did would it have been bad or would have been ok? - htoutlaws2012

24 Atari Jaguar

It had potential, but was hard to develop games for. If some game developers weren't as lazy as they were, this could have been a successful console.

Had some good games. Not nearly as bad as people say it is

Have a lot of great of great games. But many people hate it =( - markuzohlsson

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25 Intellivision

This system was overrated. Play Atari 2600 and ColecoVision instead.

Also has one of the most overhated controller ever.

How is it lower than Power Kracker 2013?

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26 Philips CD-i

Underrated for a reason... Hotel Mario...

Ugh horrid console that deserves to be buried like E.T. - htoutlaws2012

27 Xbox Original
28 Watara Supervision
29 Atari 7800

If the folks doing homebrew games today had worked for Atari back in the day, the 7800 might have given Nintendo more of a run for its money. The 7800 was as capable as the NES, an in a few cases, maybe more so (look at Robotron 2084, the NES would have struggled immensely to pulled that game off). The POKEY chip should have been installed in the system, not the individual games. Games like Ikari Warriors were more faithful to the arcade than their NES counterparts. Oh, and if North America had gotten those European Joypads instead of the long-handled joysticks, Atari 7800 would have been a far greater success.

The controller is kind of bad, but it had good graphics and backwards compatibility with the Atari 2600 games.

Probably the most forgotten of the consoles. - htoutlaws2012

30 Chintendo Vii

Not underrated at all, it's a weird bootleg knockoff of the Wii with games starring these creepy bunnies or whatever they are.

It is a ripoff of Wii. It was made in China, but so was the Wii. Wii is more professionally made than this lousy console.

It is a Ripoff of Wii. Stupid Chinese.

Ripoff consoles are a disgrace to the video game industry.

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31 Virtual Boy

The virtual boy is the reason why Virtual Reality is becoming popular.

Well... this console does deserve the hate it receives. But, it is no where near as bad as the Tiger R-Zone.

Well This Console Actually Has Some Decent Games Like Warioland, Red Alarm, Galactic Pinball and Jack Brothers

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32 PSP

Did a fanboy get in this list and want this console to get more praise? Because this console is overrated by all means! (Still good)

Why because you don't like Sony making their own Gameboy?

What how is this system in any way underrated? It is the 3rd best selling handheld of all time, it is highly praised by critics and gamers, it isn't underrated, a console everyone loves is NOT underrated! The Wii and PsVita are what you call underrated and GameCube and Wii U are also underrated. But how in hell is PSP underrated? This console is OVERRATED (but still good)! But seriously, I am losing faith in humanity!

33 Nintendo Switch
34 Xbox 360

It's underrated when you compare it to the ps3

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35 Sega Nomad

You can put Mega Drive cartridges in it, and you can play it on the go! Though, the only complaint I have is that it doesn't have a reset button. :/

36 Capcom CPS Changer

Wouldn't you believe that Capcom had its own video game console back during the fifth generation?

Released in 1994, it was only available via mail order, and the system and games were expensive, but not as expensive as the Neo-Geo. Plus, it uses the same type of controller ports as the SNES. It was only sold in Japan. I remember seeing that console show up on eBay a couple of times.

The game cartridges are even larger than the AES main console. That's because they're arcade motherboards programmed for home use and put in special plastic casings.

The CPS Changer was Capcom's answer to the Neo-Geo, and it was based on the CPS-1 hardware that had introduced the world to Street Fighter II.

It didn't do that well, and support for it was eventually dropped in 1996. - AlexTopTens

37 Vectrex

The Vectex, a third-generation console that was innovative for having a built-in video screen and laser-sharp vector graphics. It had little third party support, but there were some good games on it. Unfortunately, it was released some time before the video game crash, caused by the market being saturated with badly-made games and too many competing systems. - AlexTopTens

The Vectrex is actually a second generation game console, it competed with other second generation game consoles such as Atari, Odyssey 2, and ColecoVision.

Unfortunately the crash of 1983 buried the Vectrex to where it couldn't revolutionize anything.

Anyone who watches Classic Game Room should know how awesome this system is.

38 Gameboy Advance

Grr mine broke at the back where you had to put the batteries, I had to sellotape it.

39 Atari 2600

It's a great console, shame that most kids these days give it no respect. Without this, video games wouldn't be that popular.

6 words: Good console. Good games. Great success.

40 PlayStation 2

This sold more than any other console in history and lived on for like 12 years! How the heck is this UNDERRATED? I loved this console (still my primary console), but it got all the love it deserved.

This is the best selling system ever (155,000,0) copies. It is OVERRATED

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