Most Underrated Video Game Consoles

This is about systems that have got a lot of hate through recent years, even though they are decent systems.

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41 Vectrex

The Vectex, a third-generation console that was innovative for having a built-in video screen and laser-sharp vector graphics. It had little third party support, but there were some good games on it. Unfortunately, it was released some time before the video game crash, caused by the market being saturated with badly-made games and too many competing systems. - AlexTopTens

The Vectrex is actually a second generation game console, it competed with other second generation game consoles such as Atari, Odyssey 2, and ColecoVision.

Anyone who watches Classic Game Room should know how awesome this system is.

Unfortunately the crash of 1983 buried the Vectrex to where it couldn't revolutionize anything.

42 Atari 2600

It's a great console, shame that most kids these days give it no respect. Without this, video games wouldn't be that popular.

6 words: Good console. Good games. Great success.

Why isn't Atari St on here? I enjoyed playing the games on my cousins. But at the moment I can only remember James Pond and Moonwalker (Yeah a Michael Jackson game lol)

43 Nintendo 64

Finally! Now put other Nintendo consoles released in the late 20th Century and the SEGA Genesis on this list!

44 PlayStation 2

This sold more than any other console in history and lived on for like 12 years! How the heck is this UNDERRATED? I loved this console (still my primary console), but it got all the love it deserved.

This is the best selling system ever (155,000,0) copies. It is OVERRATED

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45 Xbox One

This is not underrated, this console sold millions. Oh, and this console has bad hardware and forces you to turn on Kinect.

Wait. This console is overrated, not underrated. - recaller

Not underrated, every boy at my school has one, DUH!

Wait. Xbox got the Minecraft 1.8 update before PS4 and Wii U

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46 Nintendo DS

Like the Wii, it's a great console with a lot of great games but also has way too much shovelware.

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47 Capcom CPS Changer

Wouldn't you believe that Capcom had its own video game console back during the fifth generation?

Released in 1994, it was only available via mail order, and the system and games were expensive, but not as expensive as the Neo-Geo. Plus, it uses the same type of controller ports as the SNES. It was only sold in Japan. I remember seeing that console show up on eBay a couple of times.

The game cartridges are even larger than the AES main console. That's because they're arcade motherboards programmed for home use and put in special plastic casings.

The CPS Changer was Capcom's answer to the Neo-Geo, and it was based on the CPS-1 hardware that had introduced the world to Street Fighter II.

It didn't do that well, and support for it was eventually dropped in 1996. - AlexTopTens

48 Gameboy Advance

Grr mine broke at the back where you had to put the batteries, I had to sellotape it.

49 Nintendo Switch
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