Most Underrated X-Men


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1 Maggot

Digestive system made up of twin maggot-like creatures, which can can be released from his body to act independently and can eat through most forms of matter. Also possesses psychometric abilities - TheStupidHobo

2 Marrow

On this list it's surely Marrow. That girl was aggressive, messed up, but kind of trying in her own way to find herself and fit in on the team. I liked seeing her change... then she became 'bad' again and disappeared. Bo. She was entertaining and I dug her bad attitude. Her powers were painful and interesting, as stated, pretty badass. I appreciate also that she wasn't 'traditionally pretty' unlike most other X-Men and how she struggled with that. She must've felt kind of horrible at times and I'm sure she had scars almost permanently from all the bones, but I like that she had spirit and heart in there when it counted.

Can you imagine the pain her mutation would cause? In my opinion, she is pretty badass

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3 Darwin

Adapting to survive? He'll yeah!

4 Banshee Banshee

Sonic scream, flight, enhanced hearing. - TheStupidHobo

5 Nightcrawler Nightcrawler Nightcrawler is a member if the X-Men. His main power is teleportation. He appears in many video games, movies, and TV shows that have the X-Men.

For me, that's a definitely underrated character. Actually, I enjoyed his story out of many Marvel heroes. Just my opinion but he definitely deserved more props. - SheWhoLovesRamen

6 Longshot

Incredible "luck" through subconscious manipulation of probability fields; enhanced strength and agility, advanced healing capabilities, and psychometry. - TheStupidHobo

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7 Moonstar

Capable of casting mental illusions, communicating with animals, and sensing upcoming death. - TheStupidHobo

8 Mimic

Copies other mutants' powers and abilities, sometimes permanently. Retains the original five X-Men's powers indefinitely. - TheStupidHobo

9 Magma

Geokinetic powers allow her to create earthquakes and volcanoes. Can project heat and flame and transform into living magma. - TheStupidHobo

10 Frenzy

Superhuman strength, endurance, and stamina; steel-hard skin; resistance to injury and temperature extremes. - TheStupidHobo

The Contenders

11 Boom-Boom
12 Threnody

Threnody should be more popular than ever- with her army of zomboids- now that zombies are in style! Well she's not exactly an X-Man, but a mutant heroine in an X-Men book. Seriously, how sad is Threnody's situation? She's got one of the darker mutations around, given that it involves death energies and an addiction to them. I don't even like to think what became of Threnody, but she disappeared from the books. Poor Thren! Also, Maddie killed her once. Maddie! A Jean Grey clone! That's just wrong!

13 Psylocke Psylocke Psylocke is a fictional superheroine appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with the X-Men.
14 Dazzler
15 Sunspot Sunspot

SUNSPOT IS SUPERMAN, AND NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT HIM. Hopefully his appearance in DOFP will get more people to know him, but I doubt it considering he had pretty much no dialogue. - Overclark94

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