Most Underrated YouTubers of All Time

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1 Jacksfilms

One of my favorites, but not that underrated. He's still got millions of subs. It's good that he's not as massive as the others. He's still very successful. - JoLeKosovo

I definitely think Jack's channel (Jacksfilms) is underrated. There are so many channels who have millions of subscribers and I don't understand why, but Jacksfilms is not only hilarious he uploads YIAY every day. Some You-Tuber's with millions of subscribers don't even upload every week. He puts outs original content, unlike some You-Tuber's who do the same challenges and types of video's just like everyone else. So sad he's out shined by You-Tuber's who can't even bother uploading once a month or just copy others ideas.

Only channel on YouTube that stays relevant and on current topics without getting caught up in all of the cancer like drama. Awesome satire of the Internet and has been consistently hilarious for years while still evolving. Also has one of the best fan communities, and is just the best channel on YouTube to be a longtime fan of.

Forget about the content for a second (which is consistently fantastic) the best fancies on youtube hands down. Also, he just seems like such a great, smart, funny guy and his channel has a ton of inside jokes and he really does videos to please his fans, not just shamelessly trying to pander or reach out to different demographics.

2 Nathaniel Bandy Nathaniel Bandy is a Gaming Youtuber. He was born on October 12th, 1993 in Virginia. His favorite video game is Super Mario 64.

He's a great youtuber but he's not particularly underrated. Everyone in the Nintendo fandom knows of him, and his the most famous youtuber when it comes to that topic. I know he doesn't have 1M subs, but he's still too known to be #2

His channel is pretty good, but his triggered videos are not really worth enjoying. What I really dislike about his triggered videos is when he rages over talking about a random video game. Still I give him a 7/10 and he is still a pretty good youtuber

He is so funny his triggered videos are hilarious and how will Nathaniel rage is so funny too

While he certainly does shamelessly rip off Angry Video Game Nerd and Peanut Butter Gamer at times, I'm gonna have to give him credit where credit is due: he does a really good job of it.

3 PeanutButterGamer

Love him to death. He has quality content, makes sense in his arguments, and his reactions are either completely legit to what he's talking about, or so hilariously exaggerated that you'll be rolling on the floor in tears, laughing. He never, ever has used problems in his life to boost his videos. And to top it all off... He has a great gameplay channel to watch while you're waiting for his next main channel's video.

I knew he'd be first. He has a crazy but polished sense of humor. He has 2 channels, one used for gameplay and one for reviews. Both are really entertaining. He should have a lot more subscribers. (like 30 million more? )

His putt putt videos are awesome he should do pajama sam next that would be Ga-rate.

PBG is awesome! He is funny in a strange sort of way, and he acts uncool but somehow has me cracking up all the time anyway! I also love Mario and Zelda and stuff, and he makes a lot of videos about that. He doesn't say inappropriate or bad things, and many people will dismiss this because of it and assume that means he's not cool or that he's babyish, but he manages to be just as awesome, if not more awesome, anyway!

4 VanossGaming Evan Fong, is a Canadian internet personality and video game commentator with 24 million subscribers. He is best known under his online pseudonym VanossGaming, where he posts montage-style videos on YouTube.

Vanoss gaming is not underrated considering they have over ten million subscribers. Just saying'

He does gaming videos, mainly Call of Duty. He plays with a lot of friends too, normally around 4-6. He does random videos, tactic challenges, all types of things like that. But it's all Call of Duty unfortunately.

He's the best because he and his friends never act things out, it's just them playing along.

As much as I love him, he has almost 19,000,000 subscribers, so I wouldn't say underrated. But definitely not overrated!

5 Tomska Thomas James Ridgewell, known online as TomSka, is a British YouTube celebrity, actor, writer, producer, director, voice actor and filmmaker, as well as founder of the Turbopunch Ltd.

He is still underrated. I like his stuff again - Knep

Man, I can't find any actual underrated channels here, maybe because they're, UNDERRATED

he deserves better

Everybody knows his asdfmovies but I think his live-action sketches are even better

6 The Mysterious Mr Enter

I respect his opinions and agree on things we both know are true like Samurai Jack is awesome. But his hatedom seriously needs to grow up.

Underrated, more like overrated. OHH

This man helped the internet on the right principles of animation, and the WRONG ones. Thanks for helping our generation!

One of my favourite reviewers! Sure his editing is weak, but he is awesome!

7 VenturianTale

SOOO underrated in my opinion, they were so popular during 2014, but they just started to fade away. My friend used to watch his videos miss them so much

Annoying in my opinion videos are just mainly screaming

I love his videos, he Is really undrated

Hillarious, funny, and rarely swears.

8 A Kind Ale War

Aidan, best youtube commentary channel lol

9 AmazingPhil Philip Michael "Phil" Lester is an English YouTuber and former radio personality from Rawtenstall in the valley of Rossendale, Lancashire. He is best known for his YouTube channel AmazingPhil.

Phil has one of the most unique personalities on youtube, and I hate that he doesn't has as many subscribers that he deserves for his hard work. 10 years he's been on youtube with only 3 million (close to 4 million). Dan is also as creative and unique, though half of his subscribers only care about his looks, and I think that's how it works with other youtubers like Tyler Oakley and Shane Dawson.

He's so original and he puts so much work in. He's probably one of the only YouTubers who doesn't do tag after challenge after challenge after tag.

He's Phil. And he's amazing. I don't feel like I need to say anymore as there is nothing wrong with him and he deserves SO MUCH MORE THAN HE GETS. Ok, I'm done now.

He's one of the most creative YouTubers who just doesn't settle with posting different challenges on his channel. Every single one of his videos is a piece of art.

10 I Hate Everything

Honestly a MASSIVELY overrated channel, at least by its fanbase, but due to the sheer amount of unprecedented and quite frankly unjustified...well, HATE that he constantly gets showered with by those outside of his fanbase, I've decided to put him more into the opposite category.

Seriously, just listen to one of his Comment Comebacks and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about; honestly, if there's anyone who should be making a video about how much he absolutely, utterly despises Donald Trump, it's this guy (yes, I know he's British and doesn't really know a damned thing about the States, but still) - xandermartin98

He's actually one of the only "Hate" channels that can describe the topic maturely and be funny at the same time. I love this channel. - SkyElephantClan_

He's not a crazy ranter even though his channel is called "I Hate Everything". You should give him a chance at least

He's pretty mature and normally gives good criticism to the topic he's talking about

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11 TheRPGMinx

She is a unique and estimated YouTube. But it is not for everyone she gives an impression that she is a psycho killer. But the fact is that she is emotional human off the camera but that's what she tells everyone. But she keeps her identity secret and it is very unique about her and a few other YouTubers.

One of my favorite YouTubers and even though she has 1 million subs she barely gets any views! She's definitely an amazing gamer with a unique and honest opinion on everything.

She is quite god, she plays games with other popular YouTubers but she can't seem t be noticed because of them :(

This is true she is real underrated, I don't know why though

12 TheDoubleAgent

CRIMINALLY underrated, though I don't think he's uploading anymore. I'm glad I'm not

I like his Top 10 Worst Songs & Best Songs of 2014

"may not necessarily agree with his opinions on songs but he seems to be knowledgeable and he is pretty witty too."

It's time for the doubleagent to become a mainstream youtuber!

13 Vinesauce

Probably one of the greatest YouTube communities.


seriously funny guys, they're not really youtubers though

They made memes. when a group of small less than 500k subs makes memes, it's time to notice the creator, not the meme.
BONZIBUDDY: My greatest dream, is a world without jews.

Three words: Vinny and Joel.

If you ever find yourself having literally nothing else to do, just watch their full-length streams. Trust me. You'll thank me later.

As for the best streams from each of the two of them:
Vinny - Tomodachi Life
Joel - Undertale - xandermartin98

14 AngryJoeShow

He actually points out the flaws in games and doesn't sell out!

Joe has the best reviews. He's at 2 mil strong but deserves more

Not a huge fan mainly because his fans are mindless and believe what ever he says without even playing the game. literally said I like the new battle front and had people all telling me that it sucks because angry joe says so

So good at making and reviews but so underrated

15 TheInfiniteSource
16 MalaCritico
17 Onision Gregory Daniel Jackson, known by his YouTube username Onision, is an American YouTuber and Internet personality.

Why is he on this list WHY! First of all he isn't really underrated, secondly he's annoying as shiet, and finally he's a hypocritical douche who bashes anything he doesn't like. Put jontron or mrrepzion on this list and REMOVE THIS DOUCHEBAG!

Onision has helped a lot of people who were suicidal and were cutting, I'm a big fan of his, I know some of his videos can get offensive but that's why some people just shoudnt watch him instead of posting hate mail... To dislike is one thing and I respect those people but to hate someone you have not met in real life, someone who didn't commit any crime is useless...

My favorite person to walk the earth

Very underrated and funny. Doesn't use clickbait like Shane Dawson did.

18 KamSaysWords
19 Dorkly

Hilarious videos with great spritework animation skills. Nothing more, nothing less.

20 Chilled Chaos

He is underrated he is a good YouTuber

I've seen him first in a Youtube ad. I never watch the Gaming Ads because they take so long, but with chilled I actually watched it till the end.He's one of the funniest gaming youtuber I have seen who produce great content next to VanossGaming and H2ODelirious, he edits his videos well and he uploads like almost everyday. He also has the "Derp Crew" which is actually like Vanoss' crew in a way. He's someone who I see is stuck at 1.1 to 1.3 million subscribers for a long time when he should be getting way more.

21 Dustin Reckling

Haha He's awesome! He's dureckl on here - MoldySock

22 Cynide and Happiness

These guys are very funny

The comics are better

23 risgrestarsfx
24 PMRants

He is amazing! He's really smart and really funny and his trailer breakdown series is good to. Check him out if you haven't.

I wish he had more views. He really makes valid points and statements.

This guy's awesome, but the fanboys keep on trashing him. He's just there to put out his opinion, you know.

He deserves more views!

25 Markiplier Mark Edward Fischbach (born June 28, 1989), known online as Markiplier, is an American YouTube personality. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, he began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Yes, he isn't really considered underrated because of how popular he is nowadays. But I think he still deserves more than that, despite how successful that is. This because Pewdiepie somehow has more than quadruple amount of subscribers and views as Markiplier, even though Mark is just as great as him. Now, I'm noting hating on Pewdiepie,(I actually watch him a lot too), I'm just saying that I think Markiplier is worthy to be at Pewd's level. Maybe at least half the subscribers as him, if the first suggestion is too far fetched. But not even 1/4? This is why I consider him and Jacksepticeye underrated when compared to Pewdiepie.

Who the hell said he was underrated? He's among the most popular YouTubers of all time!

Should be the most popular. Pewdiepie is nothing compared to this guy. - Smash64

Mark has almost 6 million subs and growing fast, he is not underrated.

He was underrated before... Now he have 9 million subs

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