Most Underrated YouTubers of All Time


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221 Domics
222 Drowning In Horseshoes

Why does this guy not have a million subscribers?

223 HuskyStarcraft
224 LiLCookie

He makes awesome NBA mixes and some college football and basketball highlight videos!

225 Unusual Suspect

Brilliant reviewer of movies and video games. Great sense of humour. Overshadowed by Nostalgia critic etc. He puts so much time and effort but sadly its wasted as he doesn't get the respect he deserves. He only has 80k.

226 KoopaKart24
227 WhatsUpWithRandom

Does not post that often, but when he does, its pretty damn funny.

228 Ris Grestar

He is very underrated who ever sees this should watch one of his videos please subscribe he's so awesome

229 Natetalkstoyou

Everybody hates this guy because he shares his opinion. He shares why he doesn't like Smosh, Pewdiepie and BOTDF, and people get butthurt. He's entitled to his opinion and needs more credit.

230 Scishow
231 Numberphile
232 List25
233 Cyriak
234 Vic Dibitetto
235 Supersonicpanda
236 NigaHiga NigaHiga

One of my favourite (how it's spelt where I live) youtubers, unbelievably hilarious and all round amazing!

The most creative YouTuber

Ryan is the best YouTuber of all time. He was at the top of YouTube a couple of times, and is at 12m subs. I know what you're thinking. He has 12 million subs. BUT he is much funnier than Pewds, who is very overrated. He has also been on the site since 06.

237 Derek The Diamond Geezer

Old skool board game player takes on the trash-talk filled world of online gaming.

Original comedy from a guy in a wheelchair.

Beware of foul language!

238 The Archfiend
239 QuartrGuy

Chaos Theater is a large NormalBoots-style community of YouTube gamers, but much more underrated. The Quarter Guy is my personal favorite. This Mega Man fanboy's videos aren't... well, visually impressive, but his countdowns are very in-depth and his weekly 25ยข worth is pretty entertaining. Plus, with his Patreon account, he's capable of new types of videos. Also, I have a great note on his character's personality. Come onguys, let's get this guy to 30,000! - PeterG99

240 Lonniedos
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