Most Underrated YouTubers of All Time


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341 Seal481
342 Dafawfulizer
343 We Are the Random Bros
344 Brentalfloss

I mean- this man has been around for a LONG time. He makes a 'Video games... With lyrics' series, and he is SO underrated. His songs are catchy, he's a very supportive person, and he is REALLY funny! - Dragonkid42

345 Ze Frank
346 Yoshimaster MKDS
347 BubbleteaFrenzy

I think he is incredibly underrated. His video, "Top 10 Misheard Anime Opening Lyrics" was creative and funny. - Absolite

348 Say Goodnight Kevin
349 Ecomog Media Group

Reaction videos, hillarious - Jonerman

350 Leonard French

Ever seen a spurious lawsuit, and ever needed a professional take on it? Want to learn about law without it being boring? Leonard French is the channel for you. He provides intriguing insight into lawsuits and is definitely worth a watch. - MRRM

351 Jim Sterling

An amazing game critic who makes sure those greedy AAA devs (not all) and those stupid greenlight-exploiting Indie devs (not all) are in line. - MRRM

352 Rap Critic

Deserves way more views. - Martin_Canine

353 Storm Dain Productions
354 Steven Suptic

Hilarious. Just hilarious - Dade1

355 Michael Jan Music

Underrated. Mostly because he didn't get on a record label (NCS, Ninety9Lives, etc), but his music is cool. But then again, he once advertised in NCS, but I don't care about advertisers while I'm listening to music in YouTube. - SoaPuffball

356 QuackityHQ
357 AllShamNoWow
358 ItsFunneh
359 Nathan Zed
360 Evan Edinger
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