Most Underrated YouTubers of All Time


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121 TheOdd1sOut

Expected him to be higher - DatRabidSlushie

122 AlienMyth64

The best youtuber on youtube ever in human history since 2005 which his channel started 5 years later and slowly started to become the best channel ever and right now it is the best chnannel ever but it doesn't have 1 million subscribers so more people need to subcribe and he's very underrated which is sad because he is the best channel ever - Himalayansalt

123 ProtonjonSA ProtonjonSA
124 John Flickster
125 Crabstickz

How come he isn't N.1? Seriously, best actor I've seen on YouTube not to mention the greatest like to dislike ratio I've ever seen was on one of his videos! He is the only YouTuber who consistently makes me laugh and creates characters that make you forget they were all done by the same person. Forever my favourite you tuber! (and in my opinion, the most talented out of the many I've seen).

I can easily say he is the most talented comedian/ actor I have seen on YouTube. My favourite YouTuber!

He is an amazing actor who is very underrated and makes comedically genius videos.

126 HoodoHoodlumsRevenge
127 Emer Prevost (He11sing920)
128 LDShadowLady

She's seems like just you're average colorful haired non-American female gamer, but still manages to bring bright and funny entertainment to the table.

She makes great quality videos and deserves more credit than she gets. She should be as popular as other Youtubers like DanTDM and Stampy. There are a lot of people that don't watch her videos because she is female but that doesn't matter.

129 Pieguyrulz

This guy does have pretty good points in his reviews - FlakyCuddles43

130 Cobanermani456

He is what a sonic fan SHOULD be he is thankful for what sega makes

One of the funniest commentators I've ever seen

131 xChasemoney

Nothing more. Nothing less.

132 TearofGrace
133 Jacksepticeye

I'm not saying he's unpopular but he should have more subs than PewDiePie.
Jack gives us quality!

134 DetroitBORG

Extreme quality and great editing, really deserves more.

135 MrBeast
136 Caddicarus Caddicarus Caddicarus (James Caddick) is a British YouTuber who started YouTubing around May of 2012. He makes reviews on Sundays, with the Caddicarus show, and he makes random videos on Wednesdays with the Caddy show.
137 Verbioo
138 BikdipOnABus
139 ArshaAsteraki
140 wiiviewr
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