Top Ten Most Unforgettable NFL Games Of All Time

The Top Ten

1 The Ice Bowl

-15 bart starr wins the game. I saw a video for it... Those fans would have died because it was so incredibly cold! How was there a sellout crowd for that game? The Green Bay Packers games are always sold out-literally. Why isn't anyone posting comments about this epic game? Smart Vince Lombardi

2 Immaculate Reception

Did he actually catch it? Or did it hit the ground? ///

He actually caught it.

He caught it.

3 Super Bowl XLII

Crazy - vikingdylan

4 The Catch
5 The Comeback
6 The Drive

Great game. I'm no browns fan but that must have hurt. I'm a redskins fan and when I watched the Redskins lose to the Seahawks in 2012 playoffs, I cried.

Hey I'm a Browns fan and The Drive just made me cry just a bummer worse than The Fumble.

This game solidified Elway as the king of comebacks - MRJ12744

It's broncos not browns - Danmarino4

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7 The Greatest Game Ever Played

Wasn't this the 1959 championship game?

Laugh out loud Why not?

Why isn't it Number 1. It was 1958

Why the heck not - fjuy

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8 Miracle In the Meadowlands #2
9 Miami vs. San Diego in 1981 AFC Divisional Playoffs

Listened to that game on the radio, the mental images were fantastic. Best. Game. Ever.

€�Epic in Miami” 41-38 instant classic

10 Butt Fumble

Definitely not forgettable.

Made me laugh so hard.

One of the funniest moments. I couldn’t stop laughing. - NightJinx

The Newcomers

? Super Bowl LI

Come on guys, the pats won starting with 3-28
they madfe the best Superbowl comebck and they had the first superbowl which went into OT

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11 Hail Mary Game

Minnesota Vikings were a great team and probably better than the 1973 and 1974 teams that went to the Super Bowl. Had it not been for two unbelievable completions by staubach in the 4th quarter, the Vikings would have won that game.

12 Super Bowl III

It was such a great game. It was the Super Bowl. And it led to the merge of the NFL and AFL

None of the rest matter nearly as much as this one does.

13 Music City Miracle

What you dream about in your back yard.

14 The Cheater Bowl
15 The Sea of Hands

Awesome game.

16 Mile High Miracle

Hands down the greatest battle between two teams that was ever witnessed in any sport. No one can stop Prime-Time Joe. This game was a back and forth battle that was taken into overtime by the most show stopping play in NFL history. With a finish in double OT, this game was easily the most action-packed NFL spectacle of all-time.

Pretty special game. To the Titans lost in the Super Bowl though

17 Super Bowl XLIX

This has to number one. The Seahawks went from almost guranteed champions to losers in one play. The greatest game of all time. There will NEVER be a better game in the NFL

18 The Heidi Game
19 The Tuck Rule Game
20 The Ghost to the Post

Changed the game

21 Snow Bowl (1950)
22 Super Bowl I

Needs to be a little higher

23 Bills vs Oilers Greatest Comeback Ever
24 Wide Right

I thought it was pretty funny

I'm still crying...

25 Miracle at the Meadowlands
26 Super Bowl LII
27 Minneapolis Miracle
28 Intercepted at the 1 Yard Line
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