Chester Bennington

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Chester Charles Bennington (March 20th, 1976 - July 20th, 2017) was an American musician, singer, songwriter and actor, best known for being the lead singer of Linkin Park. He also has a few side projects like Julien K and Dead By Sunrise. He committed suicide in 2017 due to depression.


Crap list, I don't even know over 90% of the singers on here and 5% of the ones I do know have good voices, but not unique, Amy Lee really needs to be higher as well, but Chester is in the 20's?! This is number 1 in my top 10 worst top 10 lists. Listen to a song like "waiting for the end" or "breaking the habit" that really shows his voice. Like others have said, this isn't a list about how good the voice is (although his is amazing), it is about how unique it is, so artists like John Lennon shouldn't be all the heck the way up there, and neither should any lip sync pop artist. - Yoshinaruto

Chester should at least be in the top 5! He has one of the most unique singing voices with so much emotion, being able to sing mellow songs, but also able to make a good scream as well. I don't think anyone has a singing voice like Chester's

His voice is one of the only voices that I can recognize immediately. He is one of the greatest singers of all time and if you listen to his scream in Given Up, you cannot deny that he has got amazing talent. THAT MAN IS INCREDIBLE

His amazing range from hard as hell nu-metal to angelic soft rock to rap to even punk and electronic styles makes me wonder why people with standard styles, like Adele are ahead of Chester. For example Adele sings really good, but it is not unique. I've heard her style in so many other songs.

Linkin Park is my 2nd Favourite band after 5sos, and it's obvious as to why, his voice is very unique, it's difficult to be able to pull of the screaming and then be able to go back to quiet soft stuff. Not many people can do that, I just love linkin park and especially Chester. - 5_Seconds_Of_MAGcon

Chester Bennington is the world's best artist! Screams like a Daemon and sings like an Angel! That's Enough! No one in the whole world can cover anything e sings! Cause he is the best!

Chester has an amazing, beautiful and diverse voice that really can't be explained. If you haven't heard him sing go listen to some early linkin park music right away!

Chester? What, he's just the best singer in the world, and I ask everyone, to get someone who could sing like him. Yes, its a challange to everyone! Go ahead and try to do best than he does! :)
Also, I don't know if you notice in his voice, Chester has 3 tones in his voice! You can do what you want, but nobody on this list as the same he does!
Is an unique voice that nobody can cover.

A guy like Chester has a voice. He is awesome for Linkin Park. He's better than Justin Bieber. Chester Bennington's songs are awesome like "In the end," "Great Devine" So many songs that Chester is good at that Linkin Park is a great band. - kmyeakel

Chester actually has the distinct vocal patterns in his voice. This results in him being able to have a note in his screams. He can also sing Adele. I challenge her to sing given up or one step closer.

Chester has such a unique voice... I'll recognize his voice even if I'm in deep sleep... He should be in the top 3...

His voice is so good. He can sing in many different ways and still make it sound good, whether it's a ballad or a head banging rock song he'll make it an instant classic!

Most beautiful natural voice ever. Listen to Dead by Sunrise album Out of Ashes to enjoy his majestic voice. Farewell Chester I will always love you.

I could recognize Chester's voice anywhere. He has the best voice, and definitely the best SCREAM! /he deserves to be in the top 5.

His vocal variations are Out standing... Chester Bennington's voice is the soul of Linkin Park... He deserves a much better Rank.

No one compared to Chester has has strong screaming more than any one can have even when he sang rolling in the deep was very perfect that Adele

He has one of the most Versatile voices in the world... Just Listen to Crawling and Valentine's Day and compare them... You would not believe they are from the same singer

I can't believe he is 14th, he should me at least 2nd. The judges on this site were probably voting and judging drunk.

Chester has a super unique voice! I've heard that he has like three pitches in his voice or something like that?!?!?! I could recognize his voice anywhere, it sounds so different!

The king of the voice. Linkin Park rocks, Chester Bennington for the win! - 05yusuf09

Come on there is now more epic sound like chester I mean it is rock isn't it rock must be epic plus his got the voice for shouting make you feel heroic when your down got it? - radmehrzn

Chester Bennington is the Best singer and best screamer. Amy Lee is good singer but Chester is King. Linkin Park Rocks!

Man we're talking about Chester! Chester has got the best voice in this modern music era. No one can scream and soften like him! He's the best!

Listen to the piano version of Pushing Me Away and live version of QWERTY and you'll understand who is the boss

CHESTER IS THE BEST! Man he can sing about 3.5-4octaves! And he can maintain to do a vocal fry in single note for 10seconds, he should be number 1