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361 Luther Vandross Luther Vandross
362 Jacoby Shaddix

Papa Roach...Still Awesome, Very Underrated

363 Shannon Hoon

His voice is simply unique - rocknrolldude

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364 Siti Nurhaliza

One of the best singer from South East Asia. She is worth getting the title of one of the most unique voice ever.

She is the great female singer in South East Asia.
She has most powerful unique voice. She sing same like Celine Dion.

365 IU

She has a beautiful and unique voice..!

366 Taeyang

He has very unique voice for Asian. His solo album was AMAZING! I like his AMAZING VOICE and also I admire with him. OPPA, you are the best, FIGHTING!

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367 Zayn Malik Zayn Malik Zain Javadd Zayn Malk born on 12 January 1993, who records mononymously as Zayn, is a British singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Bradford, Malik aspired to pursue a career in music from a young age leading him to audition as a solo artist for the British reality television music competition The more.

Well, although not as beautiful as liam or harry's voice, he definitely has the most unique voice in one direction. He can hit the high notes in every songs and still harmonize with other members

He has THE most beautiful voice

368 Sam Smith Sam Smith Samuel Frederick "Sam" Smith is an English singer-songwriter. He rose to fame in October 2012 when he was featured on Disclosure's breakthrough single "Latch", which peaked at number eleven on the UK Singles Chart.

I think Sam Smith has one of the most UNIQUE VOICES in men these times. Well, yes, I know his high notes are not good, but we're talking about unique voices, right?

369 V (Kim Tae-hyung)

Kim taehyung also know as V, from bangtang is amazing, one of my favoirte voices ever! it can be so deep and raspy but can also be very smooth and soft at the same time! ~

370 Alessia Cara Alessia Cara
371 Meat Loaf (Michael Lee Aday) Meat Loaf (Michael Lee Aday) Michael Lee Aday is an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor usually known by his stage name Meat Loaf.

Unmatched for energy and raw operatic power.

372 Tom Petty Tom Petty Thomas Earl "Tom" Petty is an American musician, singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist and record producer.

Seriously, he's behind Jello Biafra and Keith Sweat?

Holy crime, about time!

He did a great job.

373 Kristoffer Rygg

A bit obscure, but I've never heard anyone with a voice like his. It has a unique tone, and he does everything from airy falsetto to soothing baritone, epic metal singing to harsh screaming and the kind of weird stuff Mike Patton usually does (also on this list). Not well known, but I'd say he's arguably the best singer I've ever heard

374 Les Claypool Les Claypool Leslie Edward "Les" Claypool is an American musician, singer, songwriter, composer, author and actor best known as the bassist and lead vocalist of the band Primus.

Has a wide range of voices used in his singing. Surprised he's not higher on the list

Very weird, abstract singer. Check out "Jerry was a race car driver" and "My name is mud. "

Unique voice - to say the least. I guess you would call it singing. Although it is more like hilbilly rap.

375 Narcis Iustin Ianau

He has a talent not well known by many, but so unique!

376 Gwen Stefani Gwen Stefani

Always thought she sounded like Madonna.

377 Phil Collins Phil Collins Philip David Charles "Phil" Collins is an English singer-songwriter and musician, who has also worked as a record producer and actor.

Really amazing voice. I can't believe he isn't in list

Seriously, he isn't even on the top 20?

Unique, unique and unique voice

378 Melanie Safka

Her voice is truly unlike any other female artist. As soon as she opens her mouth you can tell who she is. Excellent and beautiful voice. The most recognizable in the world. Listen to her sing "Leftover Wine" - you'll never forget it!

Pleasantly surprised to see Melanie. She was Linda Ronstadt before Linda Ronstadt.

I thought this was about "Unique"?

One note--and you know it ia Melanie. What VOICE!

379 Sohee

In Korean or Chinese music she sounds out of tune but when she sings in English she sounds AMAZING! Her voice seems stronger. Check out "Nobody, So Hot, Be My Baby, and Tell Me. " She sounds really good. That's amazing how her voice can do that. Very Unique.

380 Andrew VanWyngarden
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