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61 Dido Dido Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong, known as Dido, is a British singer and songwriter.

She's got the most unique voice! By the way she writes all her lyrics, she plays piano, guitar, recorder, violin, drums, etc. She also programs and records her songs. That's what makes a musician. - drdina

Love her! One criticism, though. It's great that she writes her own songs and plays instruments, and usually I would give her great props for that myself. However, that has nothing to do with whether her voice is unique or not. Stick to the category.

Just listen Stan

62 Alison Goldfrapp
63 Kim Jonghyun

His voice really is unique. It LEGITIMATELY stands out like no other.. Whether he's collaborating w/other artists or just singing in his band SHINee, no matter, his voice just beautifully stands out.. You can try to ignore it but his voice is JUST too different compared to any

His voice is totally unique. I love him so much!

Jonghyun's voice is so unique, so sweet, smooth as honey with the capacity to sing in many different styles! Bling Bling Jonghyun, hwaiting! X

The voice of god+Golden appearance

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64 David Draiman David Draiman David Michael Draiman is an American songwriter and the vocalist for the band Disturbed as well as for the band Device.

This guy is a legend, his voice is not only unique but has a vast range as he can go from fast pace songs to growls, to slow. David IS KING!

Wait. Timeout. ONLY NUMBER 68? He has one of the most distinct voices in all of music, let alone metal!

Best Metal Voice of all time, extremely dark and powerful.

The most iconic voice of the Millennium... Are you kidding me one can do "oh ah ah ah "

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65 Lana Del Rey Lana Del Rey Lana Del Rey is a California based singer, songwriter, and model who currently resides in Malibu, California. She was born under the name Elizabeth Woolridge Grant to entrepreneur Robert England Jr. and Patricia Ann Hill in rural Lake Placid, New York on June 21, 1985. She has two siblings, Chuck and more.

Lana's voice is so different and unique. It's intriguing I guess you could say. I first heard her song Born to Die and I was like woah, who is that? Now I'm hooked on her music. When I think of unique singers, Lana Del Ray is the first person to pop into my head. Her voice is so amazing.

Lana not even listed? When I think of unique and different singers Lana comes to mind. She has such an effortless and sultry voice. Not only does she sing wonders she writes her own very personal and unique songs. I love Lana Del Rey!

Lana's voice carves deeply into your life and once it grabs you, it will not let you go. From her lips comes a timeless mix of desperation, hope, love and the hardships of reality all at once in deep melodic hymn.

Lana Del Rey sounds like a god

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66 Heechul

Heechul is always judged by Koreans that he doesn't have a good voice. But in fact, he has a really unique voice.
He makes covers of other artists of Korea and he does it perfect.
In super junior (you know they have 13 members) they don't give him long parts so some people cannot understand that he is brilliant. But you should listen his solo too.
He has unique fashion sense, unique personality... And he definitely has a unique voice.

Maybe he doesn't have a nice voice and a good skill in singing, but his voice not the same with anything, and when you listen he sings a ballad, pop soul, if you are sad at this time when you listen his voice, you will sad more

I love heechul very very much he is oppa and he is the best

L love Heechul! He is amazing

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67 Craig Owens

I am a music fanatic and I don't even recognize half the names on this list. How would I know their voices? I realize I am American and a lot of these singers are foreign, but that actually helps prove my point. I think being world famous is part of having a recognizable voice.

68 Anne Lennox

It's Annie Lennox. She should be in the Top 5!

, who is picking this list. You clearly haven't gone far enough back in musical history and can't tell between a "performer" and a singer.

69 Lykke Li
70 Sonu Nigam Sonu Nigam



One of the most self made versatile singer and musician from India and a great amalgamation of Indian Classic and Western touch...

His velvety soothing n soulful melodious voice no match. So totally relaxing voice!

The best singer in world I think sonu nigam sir is top world

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71 Benjamin Burnley Benjamin Burnley Benjamin Jackson Burnley IV is an American musician, composer, and producer, best known as the founder and frontman of the American rock band Breaking Benjamin.

The lead vocalist of the alt-metal band Breaking Benjamin. No one has a voice quite like him.
He's probably rated where he is because his band is as popular as the other people on this list.
Look up the album saturate some time. This album show his wide skill set, I believe, the most.

He has one of the best modern voices - bobbythebrony

Benjamin's voice is special and unique - BREAKING94

Different from all

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72 Morrissey Morrissey Steven Patrick Morrissey (born 22 May, 1959), known as Morrissey, is an English singer, songwriter and author, rose to prominence as the lead singer of The Smiths, an indie rock band - which was active from 1982 to 1987 . Since then, Morrissey has had a solo career making the top ten of the UK singles more.

The Smiths, obviously one of the most iconic bands in music history...

This is supposed to be the most UNIQUE voices, not the BEST voice

He is definitely top ten, so inimitable a complete legend

No one is capable of imitating Morrissey��"his melodic lines, lyrical emphases, and yodeling��"all of which suits his unique tone in a baritone vocal range. It's immediate recognizing that his voice is only his.

73 LuLu V 1 Comment
74 Cho KyuHyun

I can always pick out Kyuhyun's voice in all of Super Junior's songs. In my opinion, he is one of their three best singers, and I don't think anyone would disagree with that. His voice is very unique and to be honest, I think he was the reason I first started to like Super Junior's music.

My favorite male Asian voice! So unique that I always recognize him among a crowd of singers. Really hope to see his solo album someday

He's my favorite band member from Super Junior! His voice is very unique apart from the rest of the band members. He's recognizable as well. His voice is very smooth and it can go strong and it just melts you when you hear it. It's very soft as well and he does have talent.

God sake, who let the 12 year old girls on here! Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio, Ozzy Osbourne, Ian Gillan are the people who should be on this list, not some kpop idiots who are only famous due to their looks (by the way, they all look like girls)

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75 Shakira Shakira Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is a Colombian-Spanish singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, choreographer, and model.

Shakira has the most INCREDIBLE and unique voice of all time. EVER! The best period. Pure perfection. Listen to any song, or watch any performance she ever did, she's pitch perfect every time. No other singer has a vocal range like her. True International Super Star, She sing in french, Spanish, English and Portuguese. See Shakira in YOUTUBE. PLUS she is beautiful. HOT! HOT! HOT!

This chick is pretty hot but that's about it. I feel her singing voice is that of a female pee-wee herman.

She may not be the best singer, but she definitely has an extremely unique voice that most no one can imitate. I think people are confusing the question.

She has AMAZING vocals no joke, her highs and lows are top noch, and when slips up she just goes with it nice, its like looking at what vocalist can do in a theater. I think she needs to be some where at the top I've never heard music like that

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76 Leeteuk

Leeteuk.. Is not the just an amazing leader.. He's a person that'll only happen once in a life time.. Love you leeteuk Oppa you're one of the best leaders ever Fighting! Arab ELF

He is the best leader I've ever seen he is really amazing

Lee teuk is me lovely member of super junior but I love kyuhyun voice

Lee teuk oppa fighting! I love you so much and you are so pretty

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77 Ruki (The Gazette)

Ruki's voice is so amazing! The way he can change pitches from high to low is awesome. he makes it look very easy. the way he does it without having difficulties shows that he has an extraordinary voice. - madameRed

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78 Bill Kaulitz Bill Kaulitz Bill Kaulitz-Trümper, sometimes using the pseudonym Billy, is a German singer-songwriter born on September 1, 1989, best known for being the frontman, lead singer and writer of multi-platinum winning pop rock band Tokio Hotel. During the time his band was most popular in Germany, which was in the mid-to-late more.

Bill Kaulitz has a voice like an angle! Whenever I hear him sing, I am just hypnotized by the sound of his voice! In my view, Bill has this unique way of singing and I can't help but feel so enchanted by it. No wonder he has so many fangirls going crazy for him (my self included). Bill Kaulitz Has got to Be on the top of this list! Cause why? Because he's just THAT talented!

Hey hey hey, why is Bill Kaulitz not in the top 10? He is AMAZING. He has the best singing voice of all time, so original, so soothing. High notes are easy for him to reach. Bill Kaulitz has the best singing voice of all time. Absolutely amazing!

His voice magical. When I listen to him I feel all emotions with his voice. He make me feel good all the time. His live performances best. His voice never lost in his performances. You can hear him. His voice in the record same to live performances. Because he don't need fix that.

I love Bill's voice, his song are sung with a heart. Bill is a very amazing person in the world. He has sexy, soft voice that not every person csn have. That why I think that Bill Kaulitz have to be in top ten. I admire him as a person and I admire his song and voice. Good luck Bill.

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79 Beyonce Beyonce Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, is an American singer and actress, who started out in the popular pop/r&b girl group Destiny's Child. They had multiple top 5 hits such as "No, No, No", "Say My Name", "Bills, Bills, Bills", "Survivor", "Independent Women", "Bootylicious", and "Jumpin', Jumpin" from more.

Beyonce is always better when she's live. Her voice is so distinct. Her range is incredible. She sounds Amazing live even when she's doing all those hard dance moves unlike other singers. I can't believe that she's not in the top ten

She effortless sing curly notes both high and low... Her dance moves are really amazing... Actually I realize now why she is not in the top 10 here... Because she must belong to the TOP TEN BEST PERFORMER OF THE WORLD! UNIQUE, BEAUTIFUL, FIERCE, TALENTED... HER VOICE WAS NEVER EDITED IN CD's YET HER LIVE VERSIONS ARE MUCH BETTER!

Her runs is on point!
Her Performance and looks is very Fits her
And she sings from her heart...

What person can do her runs or sing powerful as her? NONE
Beyonce Has the Gospel sounding voice and she is very strong she is in the catergory of ( Jennifer hudson, Whitney Houston, Alecia keys, Christina A. , Mariah. )... Rihanna who? Miley who? OH.

She can sing in both high and low tones. - Catacorn

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80 Roger Waters Roger Waters George Roger Waters, is an English singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. He was mostly known for the secondary lead vocals and bassist of Pink Floyd .

If Roger's voice isn't unique, then I don't know what is. He isn't a very technical singer, but the emotions he lets out are out of this world. I'd recommend listening to Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Live at Pompeii) or The Wall in its entirety. You'll understand what I'm saying.

listen to him scream on a live version of run like hell

This guy didn't just sing but he also contributed all kinds of sound effects. Most screeches you'll hear on a Pink Floyd record is just this guy. Like the one before Another brick in the Wall Pt. 2 and Run Like Hell

Mick jagger and roger waters should be lower on this list

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