Most Useful Minecraft Items

God knows most items are useful but which ones are the MOST useful?

The Top Ten

1 Wood

The base of everything.

If you want to progress in minecraft at all you need wood. Even if you have hundreds of diamonds if you want to make tools you need wood. Wood can make charcoal which is a good fuel supply and wood is already a fuel. Bottem line if you want to get anywhere in minecraft you need wood PERIOD!

You need wood to make a crafting table. You need a crafting table to make everything else!


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2 Crafting Table

No isn't this first? You really can't do anything in Survival without this. Though after you use wood, you really can't do anything with it.

It wouldn't be Minecraft without a crafting table :P

P.S. - You grab wood cause you have to make a crafting table. After that, it's planks and sticks. They're pretty useful, but nothing beats the workbench!

The crafting table is the main source of most of the itemes in minecraft.

3 Food

I could run away from those monsters without supplies, but if I can't punch those trees and cows for apples and meat, it's game over for me.


FOOD you nedd food!


4 Bed

A BED AND WOOD! Wood so you can get these going, bed so you can easily continue building! Also, beds are really cool when you make bunk beds. - maddyparrot22

Beds are the best because you don't have to sit in your house awake all night if you don't want to.

You can sleep and get past those monsters.

So I don't have to have NIGHT!
Wow, why did I actually think I could survive in Survival Hard?
Actually, I was doing pretty good until my sister wanted our mom to play and she blew up our 3 story house and killed the wolves.

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5 Chests

Incase of accidentally dying on a mining adventure, these are absolute life savers

Yess! These are life savers!

If our inventory is full,we can put some of it in a chest or a big Chest.I use it to put my food,my weapons,and other important things

6 Pickaxe

You need a pickaxe to mine. I couldn't do anything without it

Seriously dude

Duh you need food TO LIVE!

It said PICKAXE. Go comment on the food one so you don't get tons of negatives

7 Dirt

Wood is #1 on this list, eh? Well, without dirt, how can a tree grow? Without trees, you have no wood. Good luck surviving without dirt. It sounds dumb but it is extremely useful.

This is like saying that Beethoven did not know music. Dirt is the worst thing somebody can ever have.

Crainer is right, dirt=life. Trees only spawn on dirt, and without trees, there's no wood, and if there's no wood, you can't do anything. Also, most passive mobs spawn on dirt (the only exception being the rabbit, which can also spawn on sand in deserts)

Very useless unless you want to make a dirt house

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8 Sword

Not super important. On your first night, a stone pickaxe will do fine for fending off baddies. A good pickaxe is more versatile, but swords are good at what they do. - AlGalaxy

Without a sword you will die most likely on your 2nd night

Without a sword you are going to survive about as long as a walnut from Jonnasberg will in Peking

Like you goanna survive only 1 day until you rage quit!

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9 Diamonds

Diamonds are 10th because with put all the other stuff you could never get them. You need iron and wood to make a pick axe to mine diamonds. You Need crafting table make pick axe.

Well the reason diamonds are in last is because they aren't nesecarry. Sure they are the best tools in the game but they are the most hardest. I'd rather have iron picks instead of one diamond pick. The only two main uses of diamonds are obtaining obsidian with a diamond pick and an enchantment table

Diamonds are great there tools are so durable so HOW DID THIS GET TENTH PLACE?!

Dirt is more useful diamonds suck

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10 Iron

Iron is used to craft many things

Iron is very common and about half as useful as diamond so 2 iron picks is about as good as a diamond pick, besides the the fact that only a diamond pick can mine obsidian.

Iron is the best

Iron can be used to get diamonds and to craft a lot of stuff it should not be tenth

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11 Cobblestone

Cobblestone is a necessity. You use it to make a furnace, tools, and craft pickaxes for endless mining!

You can't make a furnace to smelt the ore

Cobblestone = LYFE

12 Furnace

You cannot smelt ore without it and therefore never advance beyond wood or stone tools.

To mine diamond you need iron and to get iron you need too SMELT it!

You can get minerals from a blacksmith shop

You can't get iron with out a furnace unless you find a loot chest like in a dungeon, mob spawner or a viliger blacksmith and his building

13 Command Block

Command blocks are very useful and can give you almost everything.

You can get EVERYTHING with a command block

best item

I have used command blocks on ALL of my creative maps. Sadly you can not use them in survival. :( to get one type "/give @p command_block" in chat.

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14 Wooden Planks

Wooden Planks is the thing u use to make stuff like a:Wooden Trapdoors; Wood Stairs; wood Doors; Bed; Sticks; Wooden Sword; Piston; Boat; Wooden Pressure Plate; Note Block; Signs; Wood Slabs; Wooden Shovel; Bowls; Crafting Table; Fence Gate; Wooden Hoe; wood Fences; Jukebox; Wooden Button; Bookshelf; Chest; Wooden Axe; Shield; Tripwire Hooks; Wooden Pickaxe. You can also use wooden planks as fuel in the furnace and as a tool repair item in the anvil.

You need this for crafting table

15 Coal

You can get Charcoal by burning wood in a furnace or with a flint and steel in the forest

You can use it for fuel, torches, and flint and steel

You could not use coal for flint and steel

16 Torch

Look. Without the torch you're going to be wondering blindly around on your first night riding with zombies and creepers and more...

You need light? Then get some coal or charcoal (smelted wood) and a stick and boom! You got light! Burn mobs!

Why is this on place 19? It should be number 5 or so...

Need torches or you go blind

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17 Map

You will lose track of where your home quote easily without one.

Now, loaded maps won't change much (I think). Not a great thing. - AlGalaxy

This is very useful, it should be higher

Please put it in PE too...

18 Obsidian

Nonononono I don't want to go to the nether but I also want to enchant stuff.

Good for enchantment tables and portals+TNT proof houses.

19 Butter

Did sky put this here? Well you can make a cool apple with it.

Butter/Gold/Notch apples are great.

This is called GOLD INGOT

Notch apples are OP

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20 Redstone

Torches, comparators, repeaters, pistons, HOPPERS, buttons, levers are all needed if you want to add automation to a farm

Redstone is great for electricity

You forgot to ad:An 8-bit computer

This should be #1!

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21 Dead Bush

Number 1 most USELESS item in Minecraft. It doesn't have any use.

Voted because it does not deserve THAT much hate. Tall grass is worse and it is not that hated!

You can get sticks from it

THIS WAS #1 IN THE TOP TEN MOST USELESS MINECRAFT ITEMS TAKE THIS OFF! I'm cubemaster, by the way. call me cube.

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22 Water Bucket

Water is needed to grow food and most of the auto farming and monster trap works with water and redstone.

Good for getting rid of lava in caves

What if you fall in lava?

You can make obsidian with it.

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23 Stone

You need this for cobble stone should be in top 10

die fool

24 Bedrock

If bedrock didn't exist then trolls would rule so many servers

Bedrock,a unminable block,that mean if you use it as a building macterial,than your house is UNBREAKABLE!

25 Fence
26 Tamed Wolf

With a torch you can see around the night yourself but with a wolf all you have to do is stand in the same spot and one of the bad guy attacks you, your wolf will defend you

A tamed wolf will protect you, and all you have to do is shoot them w/ your bow and arrow and they will DIE

27 Anvil Anvil Anvil are a Canadian heavy metal band from Toronto, Ontario, formed in 1978. The band consists of Steve "Lips" Kudlow, Robb Reiner and Chris Robertson.

You can put multiple enchantments on items and put two swords that are almost out to full health!

28 Stick

Often underestimated, the stick is used in loads of Minecraft recipes.

Needed for most recipes

This should be higher

Used for picaxes to mine iron to make buckets and get milk to make cake!

29 Enchanted Golden Apple

2 overpowered


30 Shelter

How could you sleep when you are being snipedshooted by skeletons

Yes, ithout it you have already died in the next morning

31 Budder Armour

It is the most useless thing ever

32 Pie


33 Bow

You can kill mobs from far away with no danger to yourself

Firing requires at least one arrow in inventory, but does not consume it.

Bow + arrows + mob = dead mob

That is why it's useful

34 Arrows

You got to have your arrows for your bow bro

Arrows Arrows Arrows Only need 1 with infinty

35 Snowball

You can make a snowman

Did evil snow stampy post this? Well you can make snow golems and have a snowball fight

36 Fire Aspect Sword

I came to burn all the mobs and get their items that's my job yeah

I'm a burn all the mobs and rob their items that's my job yah

And get set on fire as of 1.10

37 Gold

Not for tools! For food!
Gold (or butter) can make the glistering melon, golden apple, golden carrot. and it can also make pretty gold blocks, light weighted pressure plate, powered rails and clocks. phew! That's a lot. and also, gold amour is better than no amour or leather amour!

Gold is one of the most valuable things in Minecraft but the word gold is corrupted by sky's fanboys
Sky:what's gold?
You can make god apples, golden carrots (for night vison potion) and clock - whodafuqisthisguy

38 Rabbit Stew

It gives you TEN bars of hunger!

39 Pumpkin

It can be eaten and are used to spawn iron and snow golems

Pumpkins cannot be eaten. Only pumpkin Pie

40 Cocoa Beans

You got to make those cookies! Duh!

Cocoa beans look like p**p

41 Axe

Practically amazing and make a butter ax for sacred deaths like a sword but with 2 uses

42 Cake

You have to have your cake I am just like stampy

Cake is delicious and heals the most hunger points and you can even save it for later. Ever have only 8 and a haph of hunger points left and only haph a heart left and the only food is steak? What a waist of food. Cake is hard to make though, three wheat, 9 iron [can reuse], an egg [supa hard to get] 2 sugar [to sweet to use], the iron for buckets. and the buckets for milk and cows tempt you to kill them before you can get delicious milk.


43 Shovel

You can mine dirt or sand faster

Dirt is weird so are SHOVELS!

44 Netherrack

Fire or lava can't destroy it

Fire never dies on this

Plus it IS SICK!

45 Cows

Cows are incredibly important in Minecraft. they provide the best source of leather, with horses falling a close second. leather is used to craft books that are later used as part of a full enchanting table. without books, you can't get those awesome level 30 enchants you need on items to do big projects or to be protected when you fight mobs in the nether. steak is also the best source of food in the game. and how can you fight withers and wither skeletons and cave spiders without that handy milk? Not to mention the ability to craft cakes!

Mooshroom are the best. Leather, steak, milk, mushroom and mushroom stew.

46 Minecart

These are actually useful for transportation in the future. If you getting somewhere in your world/server that takes very long to get to, you are all set! Just get the minecart and some rails.

BORING! All they do is roll and be couches

47 Potions

This should be higher up

Honestly there cool for many uses healing fire resistance jump in 1.8 killing mobs trolls laugh out loud so good poison and regen especialy

48 Flint and Steel

You need it for the nether and tnt and are good for trapping people

49 Golden Apples

They are absurd for regenerating health when low

Your right that would REALLY hurt your teeth!

Won't they hurt your teeth?

Plus they look AwwESOOOMMEEE

50 TNT

Time for a boom.



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