Most Useful Minecraft Items

God knows most items are useful but which ones are the MOST useful?

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21 Water Bucket

Water is needed to grow food and most of the auto farming and monster trap works with water and redstone.

Good for getting rid of lava in caves

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22 Dead Bush

Number 1 most USELESS item in Minecraft. It doesn't have any use.

Voted because it does not deserve THAT much hate. Tall grass is worse and it is not that hated!

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23 Stone

You need this for cobble stone should be in top 10

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24 Fence
25 Bedrock

If bedrock didn't exist then trolls would rule so many servers

Bedrock,a unminable block,that mean if you use it as a building macterial,than your house is UNBREAKABLE!

26 Tamed Wolf

With a torch you can see around the night yourself but with a wolf all you have to do is stand in the same spot and one of the bad guy attacks you, your wolf will defend you

A tamed wolf will protect you, and all you have to do is shoot them w/ your bow and arrow and they will DIE

27 Anvil Anvil Anvil are a Canadian heavy metal band from Toronto, Ontario, formed in 1978. The band consists of Steve "Lips" Kudlow, Robb Reiner and Chris Robertson.

You can put multiple enchantments on items and put two swords that are almost out to full health!

28 Enchanted Golden Apple

2 overpowered


29 Shelter

How could you sleep when you are being snipedshooted by skeletons

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30 Budder Armour

It is the most useless thing ever

31 Pie


32 Bow

Firing requires at least one arrow in inventory, but does not consume it.

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33 Arrows

You got to have your arrows for your bow bro

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34 Stick

Often underestimated, the stick is used in loads of Minecraft recipes.

Used for picaxes to mine iron to make buckets and get milk to make cake!

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35 Gold

Not for tools! For food!
Gold (or butter) can make the glistering melon, golden apple, golden carrot. and it can also make pretty gold blocks, light weighted pressure plate, powered rails and clocks. phew! That's a lot. and also, gold amour is better than no amour or leather amour!

Gold is one of the most valuable things in Minecraft but the word gold is corrupted by sky's fanboys
Sky:what's gold?
You can make god apples, golden carrots (for night vison potion) and clock - whodafuqisthisguy

36 Rabbit Stew

It gives you TEN bars of hunger!

37 Pumpkin

It can be eaten and are used to spawn iron and snow golems

Pumpkins cannot be eaten. Only pumpkin Pie

38 Cocoa Beans

You got to make those cookies! Duh!

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39 Axe

Practically amazing and make a butter ax for sacred deaths like a sword but with 2 uses

40 Cake

You have to have your cake I am just like stampy

Cake is delicious and heals the most hunger points and you can even save it for later. Ever have only 8 and a haph of hunger points left and only haph a heart left and the only food is steak? What a waist of food. Cake is hard to make though, three wheat, 9 iron [can reuse], an egg [supa hard to get] 2 sugar [to sweet to use], the iron for buckets. and the buckets for milk and cows tempt you to kill them before you can get delicious milk.


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