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41 Shovel

You can mine dirt or sand faster

Dirt is weird so are SHOVELS!

42 Netherrack

Fire or lava can't destroy it

Fire never dies on this

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43 Cows

Cows are incredibly important in Minecraft. they provide the best source of leather, with horses falling a close second. leather is used to craft books that are later used as part of a full enchanting table. without books, you can't get those awesome level 30 enchants you need on items to do big projects or to be protected when you fight mobs in the nether. steak is also the best source of food in the game. and how can you fight withers and wither skeletons and cave spiders without that handy milk? Not to mention the ability to craft cakes!

Mooshroom are the best. Leather, steak, milk, mushroom and mushroom stew.

44 Minecart

These are actually useful for transportation in the future. If you getting somewhere in your world/server that takes very long to get to, you are all set! Just get the minecart and some rails.

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45 Potions

Honestly there cool for many uses healing fire resistance jump in 1.8 killing mobs trolls laugh out loud so good poison and regen especialy

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46 Flint and Steel

You need it for the nether and tnt and are good for trapping people

47 Golden Apples

They are absurd for regenerating health when low

Your right that would REALLY hurt your teeth!

Won't they hurt your teeth?

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48 TNT

Time for a boom.

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49 Snowball

Did evil snow stampy post this? Well you can make snow golems and have a snowball fight

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50 Fire Aspect Sword

I came to burn all the mobs and get their items that's my job yeah

I'm a burn all the mobs and rob their items that's my job yah

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51 Fire Protection Armor

Very useful in the nether

52 Gold Pickaxe

It destroys most blocks in a split second!

Weak, but is fast and has better enchants.

I hate gold tools they can't even mine iron

So weak! At least it's fast.

53 Knockback Sword

Have you ever had half heart left and you don't have food use you're knockback and run to you're house

54 Ladder

Allows you to get up vertical shafts very fast and fairly safely, is fairly cheap, and only needs a 1 by 1 space!

55 Villages

When you are skint and that creeper blew up your house then that oak pl

56 Blaze Rod

You need some kind of wand

57 Golden Carrots

They give 14.4 saturation highest of any food

58 Enchanting Table

With enchanting table you can increase the power of you weapons, armor, and fishing rods (also carrot on a stick I think this should be number 4

59 Lapis Lazuli

Isn't it so pretty, you need it in every Minecraft map ever

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