Most Useless Minecraft Items

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1 Dead Bush


To me, dirt shouldn't be on the list. If you're on survival, it's better for making a house than wood- who would want to waste the most useful item in minecraft? It's also easier to get. Anyway, dead bushes don't do anything- at least with solid blocks you can keep enemies away when you're at half a heart or something.

I would rather cut down a bunch of trees and use their wood to craft sticks than traverse a desert just to break every dead bush I see. Why get only 0-2 sticks per dead bush when you can craft four sticks from just two wooden planks? Also, dead bushes are not good for decoration since they're ugly. Go look for some flowers, tree saplings, or even mushrooms. They look better. I seriously wouldn't mind if dead bushes were removed from the game. I don't think it's even going to make that big of a difference. - Target


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2 Diamond Hoe

Sure, you can plant things with it, but once you use it, you don't want to use it much more. You can make just as good a hoe with wood instead of needing to waste diamonds.

The worst part about it is the fact that it is the ONLY TOOL IN THE GAME where the building materials don't make it more effective, just more durable! Just plant a few trees to get the same experience as a diamond hoe, just with many more hoes and more renewable hoes.

Honestly, you'd be wiser to make a jukebox out of your first diamonds than a hoe!

No it's not there's other hoes and there are pickaxes axes swords and shovels

How is the thing that helps you stay alive at #3? The hoe can help you plant food and you never need to waste your time building another one if it's made of diamonds. It wouldn't be the first thing I build with diamonds, but if you have any to spare, the hoe can be pretty useful.


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3 Poisonous Potato

Literally like every item has a use on this page, no matter how small that use is. Cauldrons, dead bushes, the dragon egg and many blocks are incredibly useful for decoration, and many builds would not be as good without them. Rotten flesh can be used for easy to get emergency food, and items like slime balls are used to craft useful items such as sticky pistons. In fact, there is only one item here I think should actually be on the list.

Poisonous Potatoes.

Poisonous Potatoes are pointless to eat, you almost always have a large amount of normal potatoes by the time you get a poisoned one, so using them as food is pointless. You can not purify or plant them, further increasing their uselessness. The only use at all I could find for them is re-texturing them using a resource pack and then using plugins for a server to give them an actual use, but of course, that requires modifying the game using resource packs and plugins.

To put it simply, the poisonous potato has ...more


The poisonous potato: The only use for it is trolling someone by renaming it and giving them the "healthy potato" or whatever you renamed it to. Other than that, it is useless. You can't place it to protect yourself, you can only eat it. USELESS!

Only if you want to hurt yourself.

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4 Dragon Egg

I really wish they would give this a use, rather than having it teleport around randomly. I think the Red Dragon should hatch from it.

It is kinda annoying that the rarest block in minecraft is a decoration block. You have to kill tons of enderman, mine tons of obsidian, make a nether portal, go to the nether and find a nether fortress, kill tons of blazes, throw hundreds of eye of ender and lose some just to find a stronghold, get past the annoying silverfishes, get into the end, destroy all ender crystals, slay the ender dragon, punch the egg so it gets out of the bedrock, 'itemify' it with a torch to finally get it and use it as a house decoration? I really hope it gets a use. There should be a sword made out of a diamond handle and 2 dragon eggs above it. It should make like a Ender Dragon's Blade and it can shoot out end acids and deal 9 damage per hit. Or maybe make a baby ender dragon hatch out of it. - TheGoldenRifle

You would think that because it is so hard to get that it would have some use exept for just placing somewhere!

Same my bruter

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5 Air

Air is actually very useful. It is treated as a block, like any other block in the game. It is the only invisible, non-obtainable block that you can freely walk through without suffocating. When you destroy a block, it is replaced with an air block. Without air blocks, you couldn't play this game, so please take this off the list.

Well yeah you may say, "Air isn't an item BLah Blah BLah! " It is a block with an id of 0. Air is useless, monsters would still spawn, fire could still exist, Steve would not suffocate, Crops would still grow.

You can spawn monsters in an area with no air, an example is the enderdragon, it spawns in mid-air. Fire in Minecraft doesn't need air. Steve can swim in lava and not drown, and he can get his head stuck in glowstone or TNT and not suffocate, Also the player can go under the map and not suffocate, and there are no air blocks under the map. And crops would still grow because they don't require air.

Air is the most USELESS item, along with the poisonous potato. The poisonous potato is useless, but air is meaningless. It is invisible, no one needs to breathe it or even anything! Unless, you can't place anything in void... In that case it should be #1 on "top ten best items", even though it isn't an item... In fact, ill try my theory soon!

No Such Thing as AIR

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6 Sponge

What if you're making an underwater base in creative? It saves all that time of trying to drain the water!

A sponge can be used to turn water into air (it "absorbs" the water). To place a sponge, use a sponge item while pointing at a surface facing the space the sponge should occupy.

A sponge instantly absorbs nearby water when it is placed next to water or when water comes into contact with it (by being placed next to the sponge, or by flowing towards it). A sponge absorbs water around itself (water source blocks or flowing water) out to a taxicab distance of 7 in all directions (including up and down), but won't absorb more than 65 blocks of water (water closest to the sponge will be absorbed first). The absorption only propagates from water to water and won't "jump over" non-water blocks (including air).

When a sponge absorbs water, it turns into a wet sponge, and will be incapable of absorbing more water in this state. - TeamRocket747

This shouldn't be here. The sponge is great for making underwater bases and saves time. As well as using it for decorations! - iiKyodaiKickz

I think it is very useful but I could see how it is!

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7 Dirt

What do you want the ground to be made out of? Stone? It's pretty useful

Dirt is one of the best blocks in the game, this is something SkyBlocks teaches you. Planting trees, farming, spawning animals (when it becomes Grass, which is even more useful), making the world look great.

Without dirt, minecraft couldn't be minecraft. Dirt is the block always there for you, when ever you need to build, or anything! What block do you see when you start your world? Dirt, exactly. Imagine minecraft without dirt, it would just be empty space, no blocks or anything. Dirt is the main block of minecraft and without it, minecraft wouldn't be minecraft. But then we go to air and bedrock...

EXCUSE ME? If there was no dirt, there would be no trees. And with no trees, that means no pickaxes. And no pickaxes=no diamonds or portals! AND WITH NO PORTALS MEANS NO BLAZE POWDER TO COMBINE WITH ENDER PEARLS TO GET EYES OF ENDER, WHICH MEANS NO END PORTALS. AND WITH NO END PORTALS= NO ENDER DRAGON FIGHT SO YOU CAN'T BEAT THE GAME!

That's why we need dirt. (Sorry about the caps lol) - Pokemonfan10

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8 The Cauldron

THESE ARE ONE OF THE MOST USEFUL BLOCKS in REDSTONE. These are the only blocks which can have different comparator outputs AND can be pushed by pistons. What used to take HUNDREDS of square blocks to make redstone contraptions take now only cauldrons, comparators and pistons which can be super compacted.

Useless, potion bottles can be filled with water by clicking on a source water block. Just make a 4x4 square block of water and you can easily replace ALL your cauldrons.

Like said before, unlimited water sources can easily get the job done and spare all that wasted iron spent on it. Just an expensive decorative item for the most part.

U can fill it witha bucket but u can't empty it witha bucket - Jragon

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9 Lapis Lazuli

This doesn't deserve a place as #7. Or even on this list. Enchanting is so important in Minecraft. Now in 1.8 what do you need to enchant? Lapis.

It's now used in enchanting as of 1.8

No, you could make blue which is kinda cool

Great for enchanting, but everything else sucks. All you can do with lapis lazuli besides
enchanting is make it into dye! I mean just to get blue dye, you have to go all the way
down underground and it's as rare as diamonds. I thinks lapis should be kept in the game
For enchant. Then you should get blue dye from a flower, just like you do with the other
Two primary colors. (Red and yellow)

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10 Poison Potion (Not Splash)

Well, you need these to MAKE it into a splash.

Great way of suicide

Dude put it in an anvil rename it and trick your friends its funny - radioactive329

I re-name it instant healing and give it to my friend!

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The Newcomers

? Tipped Arrow of Invisibility

Why? it makes the thing yur shooting at invisable whats the point it just makes them harder to kill.

The Contenders

11 Gold Tools

They may have terrible durability but amazing efficiency not kidding a sword does a lot of damage a pick mines fast so dude gold tools are good to get rid of some gold in your inventory you should stock up on some gold and make some great way out of situations - radioactive329

Gold has a higher chance of getting higher level enchantments, it also will randomly restore some durability it has when using it.

Gold Sword is the worst out of all the gold tools because it deals the same amount of damage as the wood sword, and it's even less durable.

Gold tools can give you the best enchantments, as well as mine faster then diamonds.

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12 Gravel

It's not the most useless item. You can make paths and get flint.

Well it does give you flint

You guys don't know how Minecraft works and probably never played it ever because gravel can make traps get flint easier to get than sand if no desert or water nearby - radioactive329

You would not have any arrows so you can't shoot a bow.

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13 Rotten Flesh

Actually, drink milk after eating a rotten flesh and the hunger effects stop.

And then someone splashes you with some poison and you did just waste your milk. How awesome is that! - Superr1Fifty

Well, what else did you expect the zombies to drop, feathers? They also have a few uses... they can be used as backup food and if you drink milk with it you can get rid of the hunger effect, also you can use it to feed your dogs if they're low, they aren't really useless.

Okay I've gotta admit this doesn't have much uses. However, you can use rotten flesh to tame wolves. Nevertheless, I think it's really useless as it can give you food poisoning.

I feed it to my mean wolf. Rose bites my other wolf, Lilac Sky.

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14 Rain

What rain is actually useful it makes fishing raw fish faster whoever thinks that rain is useless is a noob

Too loud, lasts too long, happens too often. Those are my main 3 reasons for hating rain. So far as I can tell, it no longer serves a function (though I think it once spawned water source blocks, that is no longer the case anyway).

The rain... SO LOUD but I know something! Go to your bed and sleep (works on day too) and it ends when you wake up

IT'S SO ANNOYING! When I'm creating mini games for others, it rains like, every five minutes. At first I thought, "Blah blah just rain" but later, it was just SO LOUD and SO ANNOYING imagine a supercharged creeper hissing but you can't hear it because of the loud doofus rain, then, BOOM YOU DIE

Just because we think rain is useless doesn't mean we are a noob, I hate when people call people a "noob" for stupid reasons it's so annoying

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15 Music Discs

It would be cool if there were custom music disks, so you put it in the jukebox and then you click a button that says select music file and then you can play your favourite heavy metal or classical music! - Harri666

The only true purpose of music discs is to play them. But first you have to go deep into a dungeon or have a creeper shoot a skeleton and if you've tried it is really hard! Don't forget having to make a jukebox which requires a DIAMOND!

Guys notch made it hard to get music disks and jukeboxes because its supposed to be a challenge something to do when you basically have nothing to do to survive anymore - radioactive329

It's a item that shows that you've done something amazing.

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16 Spider Eye

Spider eye can be used to make fermented spider eye which is required to make
Potions of invisibility and other potion

Dude when your stuck with a witch and want to have a potion fight with that hag you don't have any potions on you because you never killed spiders - radioactive329

Actually they restore quite a bit of saturation (The stuff that makes it so moving doesn't automatically start draining hunger) - Goatworlds

Spider eyes make a poison potion which is also on the list but it is as useless as HELL man it can poison you if you eat it it is only useful in PVP to make poison potions man this item sucks.

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17 Bedrock

It's there so you don't fall out of the world!

This is very important in Minecraft! This is so you don't fall out the world!

Um it's called the viod

If u want to die do /kill duh! - Jragon

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18 Snowball

It can be used to harm things in the nether!

It harms 3 attack damage to Blazes etc

Can be used to make snow. Snow can be used to make snow golems.


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19 Leather Armor

Useless till you obtain a cow farm to get leather for armor mid-game to late-game. By then, you'll likely have at least all iron.

It isn't super easy to get, iron is and it's 4 armour bars better. But it can be used as emergency armour, so I don't think this is that useless on Minecraft.

They can be great for the first day plus you color them makes them perfect for team fights

It’s a good beginning armor, and once you find iron, ( and eventually diamond ) your armor is instantly upgraded. - IceFoxPlayz

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20 Tall Grass

I HATE tall grass! It always gets in the way when I build on flat ground in survival mode. Why tall grass! Why do you have to exist in minecraft.

Some people are idiots. Tall grass may be annoying, but it isn't useless as it is the only way to get wheat seeds other than from villages. Wheat is used for food as well as breeding animals.

Tall grass isn't that bad when you compare it to the DOUBLE tall grass... You know how when you attack a chicken in tall grass it just hits the grass and doesn't hurt the chicken? Try that with a creeper.

Tall grass is really annoying - DanielMingi

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21 The Compass

I dunno bro, the compass has saved my life several times. And I personally think it's better than a map since it doesn't get in your way when looking down. It also give me the comfort to explore without having to worry where the heck I am.

This can be a useful item in Hunger Games. It leads you to your nearest player. On other games, it will lead you to spawn, but that can be useful. If you build a house near your spawn, but you get lost, if you have a compass, get it out and your getting to your house.

Build your house on your spawn point and it points you to your house which is useful

Yes you can also change your spawn point by sleeping in a bed I believe.

How dus et work - Jragon

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22 Locked Chest

They were just an April fools joke, so they have no real use. You can't actually buy the items from the shop and they're only obtainable now through hacks... Pretty useless if you ask me...

This should be 3rd most useless, Bedrock is useful because it can only be broken in creative, and without Air, you would drown or suffocate, and you can barely move too! The Dragon Egg is a trophy like Lapis Lazuli, locked chests are pretty useless...

Locked chests were April Fools jokes in 2011

Lock it but putting a block except a chest or anything not as big as a sand block (two on large) then you locked it - mathguy37

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23 Golden Hoe

Waste to gold two ingots
Break so fast
Same speed as other hoes
Golden Hoe is so USELESS!

It brecks so QUICK!

24 Invisible Bedrock

I'm going to estimate "Invisible Bedrock" means barrier because that's what the barrier block is, the barrier is very useful because it can be used as a border for adventure maps etc. and since your in adventure mode you can't see that it's a block, its also kinda fun to use it for parkour since people will have no idea where to jump

Actually, this is probably the end of the world, where there is a invisible barrier. VERY USEFUL, because, the other side is just phantom blocks, and if you are in survival, you would get there and fall, if it wasn't for the barrier. They could use bedrock, but it would look horrible - mistermistery27

This is very useful because if you have someone annoying on a server then splash your self with invisibility and then take a invisible block and build around them then also set their spawn in their so then the will never get out and then eventually they will leave the server :).

They are world barriers in Old Pocket Edition worlds, if you didn't have them we would fall out of the world all the time!

Also for trolls it s Good - mathguy37

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25 Gold Sword

It breaks to fast and it barley does any damage. Let's face it it's useless, AND FOR GODS SAKE STOP CALLING GOLD BUTTER!

The Gold Sword gets higher level enchantments easier and will randomly restore some durability while you use it, sometimes causing it to break and reappear.

They are pretty useless and gold is middle rare better make clocks or redstone things AND DON'T CALL GOLD BUTTER

Butter is dead already

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26 Pufferfish

It doesn't take many steps to make potions. People just think so because there are so many you can make. Its actually common sense: sugar would make you hyper giving you swiftness; everyone says eat your fruits and veggies so you can grow strong and healthy, therefore making glistening melons healing; puffer fish hold air underwater and blow it out (causing bubbles) acting as if they were breathing. It doesn't even take a lot of work if you have the common sense and know that netherwart is the base of a potion.

Guys of course it kills you why can't you guys understand it for most of these things on the list it called being realistic you guys need to learn that or I'm going to flip out - radioactive329

Pufferfish can be used to make an underwater breathing potion but that takes a lot of work.

You can make potions of water breathing with it

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27 Tree Leaves

You guys are idiots have you ever heard of replanting trees

They drop apples and saplings, you need saplings to grow trees, wood is the essence of minecraft, apples make golden apple which can be used battling bosses, also for curing zombie villagers so you can eventually breed villagers to get cool items

Leaves drop saplings, saplings become trees, trees give wood. Most likely the most useful block after dirt.

So you want the world of minecraft to have trees with no leaves on them. It would look
So ugly and stupid

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28 Podzol

It would be cool for the fact that when you destroy it, it drops dirt and a herb that can be used for potions or enchanting. Or charm to scare a certain mob! - Harri666

Think about the mooshrooms, man! And, what would a mushroom biome be like with grass?

I think podzol was mostly meant to add another biome-exclusive block to the world, but it's still really useful. Also, those of you talking about mooshrooms are thinking of mycelium which is pretty much the same haha

Looks ugly

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29 Herobrine

Does not exist in the game, is not a block and would be more of a non-existing "mob".

I hate this Halloween hoax

Herobrine is not an item. He is a non-existent mob. - Target

Uhh... Though we were talking bout BLOCKS and ITEMS. Herobrine, if he even IS real, would be and entity or a player...


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30 Golden Armor

It's pretty weak AND the durability is crap. Gold is also hard to find

It's very weak. It's durability is low, (Like 62 hits) and gold's hard to find.

KILL SKY!?! Wait its not budder don't

This (now that it isn't budder) is fine by me. Gold is pretty neat for texturepacks, but otherwise, pretty useless.

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31 Mundane Potion

Actually the Mundane Potion has no use whatsoever. Neither does the Thick Potion. It's only the Awkward Potion that can be turned into a Potion that actually DOES something.

It can only be used for potions of weakness

If you want a weakness potion, just put a fermented spider eye in a waiter bottle

Well they are useless in overpowered modpacks unless you want a challenge. - TheGoldenRifle

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32 Diamond Sword

This was most likely to be funny. If not, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!

Really a diamond sword are you the most idiotic person ever I mean seriously what - radioactive329

Lol. I think you got drunk. Go to hospital then

This is probably a joke.

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33 Cookies

They're cheap to craft, so who cares how many drumsticks it restores?

There cookies bro and notch ad them for fun

Dude its more for fun because cookies are amazing in real life and also notch tried to make the game as realistic as possible and what would be life without cookies its called realistic bro - radioactive329

Cookies are amazing! How dare you put it on the list. Cookies are hard to find because jungles are almost impossible to find, and my name in Minecraft is CookieBlast. Cookies are also tasty in real life and I love them! Just remove this from the list because cookies are innocent😩😩😩 -CookieBlast

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34 Gold Hoe

Ignore the "4 squares of farmland," they don't know the proper usage.

Gold tools with uncommonly restore some of its own durability, and has a higher chance to obtain better enchantments. Though, this is canceled out by the fact Hoes don't have enchants as of this post.

Only got like 4 squares of farmland before it broke

I still can't see why a shovel is not on this list yet - radioactive329

Just use a wooden hoe ;-;

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35 Paintings

Yeah a lot of people agree paintings are great for decorations but hiding things is kinda useless now because now that everyone knows about the trick as soon as someone sees a painting the first instinct they have is to walk through it so its more for decoration now and not for hiding anymore - radioactive329

Good for hiding stuff and for decoration but that's it. If you just want stuff for surviual (like in the Hunger Games), this will probably the first thing you throw out.

Well, decoration and hiding stuff is quite helpful for Adventure Maps, or just builds. I re-texture them to make signs.

Paintings are kinda pointless

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36 Diamonds

Diamond is the strongest matrial for building amour and wepons what kind of idiot would put this here

Diamond is not useless its the most powerful and rare material in the game you can make blocks armor tools who would put diamonds as useless

How is iron more durable than diamond? And, diamonds can be used for pickaxes that are used for obsidian that is used for the nether and the end and the wither and the dragon. once you have fortune 3 on a diamond pick, you pretty much never run out. think about if Minecraft never had the end, or the nether, or any nether mob, or the ender dragon and the wither, or even just straight up diamonds. Minecraft would be nothing.

Diamonds are completely ugly and useless in building. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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37 Bookcase

It's used for enchanting too... just place bookcases 2 blocks around an Enchanting Table and bam... Letters fly out from the books to the table and you can get higher level enchantments... They're not useless!

Bookcases aren't useless you use them to get a higher level enchantment

Bookcases are used for decoration but also for enchanting

It's a decoration just like 90% of everything on this list

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38 Clock

When you're on hardcore mode and are coming up from your mine you don't want to come up into the middle of a horde of monsters

The clock is one of the most useful items for me... if I go mining for a while and run into a few monsters along the way and then am low with no food and no armor... It's useful to use a clock to see if its safe to back up or not

What if you couldn't see the sun. Would it STILL be useless?

Waste redstone and gold. look at the sun. its night so what just make sure u have a bed and som bloks - Jragon

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39 Thick Potion

It can only make a weakness potion and and you can make most potions with an awkward potion

You can only make a weakness potion with them just like a mundane potion

Even dead brush gives you a sick at least.


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40 Ink Sac

There is virtually no use in diving underwater, risking your life and posing the threat of getting lost from darkness, or losing track of time, to venture into the deep canyons of underwater areas and to kill 3-4 rarely seen squid when you could be doing something more productive to get... What? One, two sacs of ink? And with it, you what? Write stuff down in a journal?

Inc Sac is also a dye guys and you know the dye usages...

Disagree again. You can make a potion of nausea if you are on a mod.

I use it to make book and quills!

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41 Chain Armor

Chain Armor you can see through it and it looks bad. It doesn't give much protection, and it breaks really fast. Why couldn't they make stone armor? That would of been better. Minecraft doesn't need chain armor.

It "looks poor" and would be the armor version of the stone-tier of tools. But, it's still nice to add a bit more to the game.

It makes no sense it can only be gotten in creative well on Xbox anyway so whats the point?

U nnneed a op hack that’s no Hack...creative - mathguy37

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42 Leaves

They're helpful for getting saplings and apples, but the block itself has no practical use.

Wood, this makes leaves the best thing ever. Along with saplings, and maybe even apples.

Think about a Minecraft tree. that's all I need to say.

This was also on a previous page

43 Various Dyes

Actually, this can be useful if you have a sheep farm, and you want to keep track of your sheep.

Dye your sheep so you don't have to dye every single block of wool.

Carpets, wool, fireworks, dying leather armor, blah blah blah.

I use this to tell my pets apart because one is kind and one is not!

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44 Clouds

Clouds look nice. Also, just disable them if you get annoyed. - iiKyodaiKickz

Annoying when building high up, but come on. just turn them off in the options! They make the game better when you are on the ground.

There is no point of clouds besides well... Nothing. What is the point of clouds anyway? They just sit up there and sometimes they get annoying while your building close to them.

It gives realistic effect. - Greatness_Forever

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45 Green Dead Bush

I do not know if they drop sticks, if they do than they are useful, wait they are unobtainable

Is this even in the game or did you just mistake a normal green bush and though it was green - radioactive329

There's no such thing as a green dead bush. Unless you're talking about ferns or grass.

Why are dead bushes here at all they suck "'"⚪⚫

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46 Iron Nugget

At the time of this writing, the only way to obtain these is to smelt iron items, like swords and armor. But what's the whole point of this anyway? It takes 9 nuggets to make an ingot, but most (if not, all) of your ingots were obtained by smelting iron ore. There's no point to this stupid item. - TheYoshiOverlord

What was the point in adding this really?


47 Melon Blocks

It's so good. you can get melons from it so you can make glistening melon to make strength potion. My point is settled!

If you want them look in a jungle biome. I think they are watermelons that are more dry/cactus related.

You mean Healing Potions which are awesome in some Gold Farms!

This thing has saved my life multiple times when I was not good at the game and was lost in the jungle with no food.


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48 Lead

Use it to get untamed horses into pens. Not so useless in my eyes..

I think it useful for leading animals

Great for leading mobs around.

Quite useful for keeping your pets from wandering off and getting lost. Also, if you’re in Creative Mode and you want to go to a certain place quickly without leaving your pets behind, hook all your pets up to a lead, then double tap the jump button ( varies on different devices ) to fly, but go a bit slowly! The lead might break, resulting in one or more of your pets to fall to their doom. ( if you’re above water, though, they’ll be lucky. ) - IceFoxPlayz

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49 Zombies

They give you Rotten Flesh which is basically emergency food.

Zombies are not TECHNICALLY an item, but I see the point...

Zombies aren't items, stupid. - TheYoshiOverlord

If you’re lucky, a zombie can drop a carrot, apple, and if they’re holding a weapon/item or wearing armor, there’s a small chance that they’ll drop it. - IceFoxPlayz

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50 Snow

You can make snow golems, and also, they can give you snowballs, which can really damage Nether monsters.

It doesn't have much of a use besides making a Tundra/Taiga look pretty, decoration, and golems. But, do you want your snow biomes to be covered in grass?

"Snow Biomes" it's in the name.


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