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21 Bricks

Guys its for decoration it doesn't matter if its useless or not its just for decoration - radioactive329

Well... You can use it to build a house.

It actually does have a slight blast resistance than other blocks.

They are very good for building houses

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22 Cookies

They're cheap to craft, so who cares how many drumsticks it restores?

There cookies bro and notch ad them for fun

Dude its more for fun because cookies are amazing in real life and also notch tried to make the game as realistic as possible and what would be life without cookies its called realistic bro - radioactive329

You can make 8 cookies from just 2 wheat and 1 cocoa beans. 8 cookies will restore 16
Food points

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23 Leather Armor

Useless till you obtain a cow farm to get leather for armor mid-game to late-game. By then, you'll likely have at least all iron.

It isn't super easy to get, iron is and it's 4 armour bars better. But it can be used as emergency armour, so I don't think this is that useless on Minecraft.

They can be great for the first day plus you color them makes them perfect for team fights

Iron Armour is way better - DanielMingi

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24 Fern

The fern is a STUPID USELESS version of a dead bush and there the same thing If they add small leaves on it it would be awesome - TopTenListmaker

Truly and idiotic complaint. How many servers do you see have ferns in their builds. Millions.

It's just a decoration. That doesn't mean its useless

So annoying! I hate ferns they get in my way when I am building all the time

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25 Slimeball

Will be a very handy item, for making slime blocks in 1.8

It's useful to make sticky pistons for traps for people that join your sever you don't like

It is not useless anymore anyway

You can make sticky pistons and magma cream

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26 Tree Leaves

You guys are idiots have you ever heard of replanting trees

They drop apples and saplings, you need saplings to grow trees, wood is the essence of minecraft, apples make golden apple which can be used battling bosses, also for curing zombie villagers so you can eventually breed villagers to get cool items

Leaves drop saplings, saplings become trees, trees give wood. Most likely the most useful block after dirt.

So you want the world of minecraft to have trees with no leaves on them. It would look
So ugly and stupid

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27 Vines

You can climb them just like ladders but you can't stand on top of them and jump and you need to have shears to get them, you can even waste less time and materials by making ladders.

Two reasons vines are epic ladders without wasting recourses and amazing for decorating - radioactive329

You don't need a block behind them to climb down them. Also, they go on glass and flowstone.

You can climb them and they make a great decoration

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28 Paintings

Yeah a lot of people agree paintings are great for decorations but hiding things is kinda useless now because now that everyone knows about the trick as soon as someone sees a painting the first instinct they have is to walk through it so its more for decoration now and not for hiding anymore - radioactive329

Good for hiding stuff and for decoration but that's it. If you just want stuff for surviual (like in the Hunger Games), this will probably the first thing you throw out.

Well, decoration and hiding stuff is quite helpful for Adventure Maps, or just builds. I re-texture them to make signs.

Paintings are kinda pointless

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29 Invisible Bedrock

I'm going to estimate "Invisible Bedrock" means barrier because that's what the barrier block is, the barrier is very useful because it can be used as a border for adventure maps etc. and since your in adventure mode you can't see that it's a block, its also kinda fun to use it for parkour since people will have no idea where to jump

Actually, this is probably the end of the world, where there is a invisible barrier. VERY USEFUL, because, the other side is just phantom blocks, and if you are in survival, you would get there and fall, if it wasn't for the barrier. They could use bedrock, but it would look horrible - mistermistery27

This is very useful because if you have someone annoying on a server then splash your self with invisibility and then take a invisible block and build around them then also set their spawn in their so then the will never get out and then eventually they will leave the server :).

They are world barriers in Old Pocket Edition worlds, if you didn't have them we would fall out of the world all the time!

Uhh, barrier blocks, right? Well, adventure maps, hardcore parkour, and there cool if you wanna troll ;)


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30 Pufferfish

It doesn't take many steps to make potions. People just think so because there are so many you can make. Its actually common sense: sugar would make you hyper giving you swiftness; everyone says eat your fruits and veggies so you can grow strong and healthy, therefore making glistening melons healing; puffer fish hold air underwater and blow it out (causing bubbles) acting as if they were breathing. It doesn't even take a lot of work if you have the common sense and know that netherwart is the base of a potion.

Guys of course it kills you why can't you guys understand it for most of these things on the list it called being realistic you guys need to learn that or I'm going to flip out - radioactive329

Pufferfish can be used to make an underwater breathing potion but that takes a lot of work.

You can make potions of water breathing with it

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31 Bookcase

It's used for enchanting too... just place bookcases 2 blocks around an Enchanting Table and bam... Letters fly out from the books to the table and you can get higher level enchantments... They're not useless!

Bookcases aren't useless you use them to get a higher level enchantment

Bookcases are used for decoration but also for enchanting

It's a decoration just like 90% of everything on this list

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32 The Compass

I dunno bro, the compass has saved my life several times. And I personally think it's better than a map since it doesn't get in your way when looking down. It also give me the comfort to explore without having to worry where the heck I am.

This can be a useful item in Hunger Games. It leads you to your nearest player. On other games, it will lead you to spawn, but that can be useful. If you build a house near your spawn, but you get lost, if you have a compass, get it out and your getting to your house.

Build your house on your spawn point and it points you to your house which is useful

Yes you can also change your spawn point by sleeping in a bed I believe.

The compass is actually good - DanielMingi

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33 Bedrock

It's there so you don't fall out of the world!

This is very important in Minecraft! This is so you don't fall out the world!

Um it's called the viod

Dat magic making bedrock a piece of junk when you install avaritia and have a world destroyer. - TheGoldenRifle

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34 Podzol

It would be cool for the fact that when you destroy it, it drops dirt and a herb that can be used for potions or enchanting. Or charm to scare a certain mob! - Harri666

Think about the mooshrooms, man! And, what would a mushroom biome be like with grass?

I think podzol was mostly meant to add another biome-exclusive block to the world, but it's still really useful. Also, those of you talking about mooshrooms are thinking of mycelium which is pretty much the same haha

Looks ugly

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35 Netherrack

Very useful when you need to build your way up back to your portal or building a bridge across a long area.

It can make infinite fire you know. Nice for making a fireplace

It can be extremely useful for building because if generates infinite fire.

Fastest non-flammable material to mine other than dirt

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36 Herobrine

Does not exist in the game, is not a block and would be more of a non-existing "mob".

I hate this Halloween hoax

Good to trick people

Uhh... Though we were talking bout BLOCKS and ITEMS. Herobrine, if he even IS real, would be and entity or a player...


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37 Mundane Potion

Actually the Mundane Potion has no use whatsoever. Neither does the Thick Potion. It's only the Awkward Potion that can be turned into a Potion that actually DOES something.

It can only be used for potions of weakness

If you want a weakness potion, just put a fermented spider eye in a waiter bottle

Well they are useless in overpowered modpacks unless you want a challenge. - TheGoldenRifle

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38 Diamond Sword

This was most likely to be funny. If not, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!

Really a diamond sword are you the most idiotic person ever I mean seriously what - radioactive329

Lol. I think you got drunk. Go to hospital then

Well they are useless in overpowered modpacks unless you want a challenge. - TheGoldenRifle

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39 Gold Hoe

Ignore the "4 squares of farmland," they don't know the proper usage.

Gold tools with uncommonly restore some of its own durability, and has a higher chance to obtain better enchantments. Though, this is canceled out by the fact Hoes don't have enchants as of this post.

Only got like 4 squares of farmland before it broke

I still can't see why a shovel is not on this list yet - radioactive329

Gold hoe is worst tool - DanielMingi

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40 Moss Stone

It's a ' DECORATION block. What? Think of your home in real life, you probably have pictures on the walls. Those are decoration, right?

I don't know a single thing this stuff is used for.

Moss Stone comes from Temples in the Jungle Biome.

It is a decoration block. It blends with the jungle, so players will have a harder time
finding your base in PvP. Use it for a base in the jungle.

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