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41 Various Dyes

Actually, this can be useful if you have a sheep farm, and you want to keep track of your sheep.

Dye your sheep so you don't have to dye every single block of wool.

Carpets, wool, fireworks, dying leather armor, blah blah blah.

Lapis is for villager trades and enchanting. Lapis is a dye

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42 Ink Sac

There is virtually no use in diving underwater, risking your life and posing the threat of getting lost from darkness, or losing track of time, to venture into the deep canyons of underwater areas and to kill 3-4 rarely seen squid when you could be doing something more productive to get... What? One, two sacs of ink? And with it, you what? Write stuff down in a journal?

Inc Sac is also a dye guys and you know the dye usages...

Disagree again. You can make a potion of nausea if you are on a mod.


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43 Thick Potion

It can only make a weakness potion and and you can make most potions with an awkward potion

You can only make a weakness potion with them just like a mundane potion

It is useless, yes can use it to make a weakness potion but you can just use an awkward potion for that, and the thick potion has no effects so therefore it more useless than any item other than deadbushs

Even dead brush gives you a sick at least.

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44 Snow

You can make snow golems, and also, they can give you snowballs, which can really damage Nether monsters.

It doesn't have much of a use besides making a Tundra/Taiga look pretty, decoration, and golems. But, do you want your snow biomes to be covered in grass?

It's not worth making 9 snow to make a pice of snow what was notch thinking?

"Snow Biomes" it's in the name.

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45 Chain Armor

Chain Armor you can see through it and it looks bad. It doesn't give much protection, and it breaks really fast. Why couldn't they make stone armor? That would of been better. Minecraft doesn't need chain armor.

It "looks poor" and would be the armor version of the stone-tier of tools. But, it's still nice to add a bit more to the game.

It makes no sense it can only be gotten in creative well on Xbox anyway so whats the point?

Oh, yeah, and last commenter, Stone armor, may I note, would take less hits than leather to break. Say, why not make SPONGE armor while your at it! -Krokorokfan932

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46 Gold Sword

It breaks to fast and it barley does any damage. Let's face it it's useless, AND FOR GODS SAKE STOP CALLING GOLD BUTTER!

The Gold Sword gets higher level enchantments easier and will randomly restore some durability while you use it, sometimes causing it to break and reappear.

They are pretty useless and gold is middle rare better make clocks or redstone things AND DON'T CALL GOLD BUTTER

Well it's not useless now, as it can be smelted into a gold nugget (like I can collect gold swords from zombie pigmen and get extra nuggets)

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47 Clock

When you're on hardcore mode and are coming up from your mine you don't want to come up into the middle of a horde of monsters

The clock is one of the most useful items for me... if I go mining for a while and run into a few monsters along the way and then am low with no food and no armor... It's useful to use a clock to see if its safe to back up or not

What if you couldn't see the sun. Would it STILL be useless?

If you guys really want to place the clock, place them in an item frame. It s really useful
because it tells you the time. Now, if you have an underground base with secret ladders,
it would be good to tell when to get out. The bright side is day, and the dark side is night.
(This is for begginers who just started the game but is already on this list.)

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48 Green Dead Bush

I do not know if they drop sticks, if they do than they are useful, wait they are unobtainable

Is this even in the game or did you just mistake a normal green bush and though it was green - radioactive329

It is more useless then a normal dead bush because it is barely a legit item

What is this? Like, what even IS IT?


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49 Emerald Ore

Really useful actually since you can trade it for diamond tools and glowstone and all the good stuff like that. To get it it only takes a bit of wheat and paper.

Yeah the ore is terrible because in every village like 10 villagers give out emeralds for like 15 wheat so steal the wheat at the village farms and give it to the villagers but searching for the ores is terrible and a complete waste of time so do what I said and get some wheat insteadd - radioactive329

Yes you get emeralds from it but there ridiculasly rare and trading with villagers is much easyer

Mine the ore with silk touch to show how pro you are!

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50 Melon Blocks

It's so good. you can get melons from it so you can make glistening melon to make strength potion. My point is settled!

If you want them look in a jungle biome. I think they are watermelons that are more dry/cactus related.

You mean Healing Potions which are awesome in some Gold Farms!

Who thinks these are useless? They are awesome!

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51 Lead

Use it to get untamed horses into pens. Not so useless in my eyes..

I think it useful for leading animals

Great for leading mobs around.

Ahhh...the lead... An item that is totally NOT USELESS!

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52 Zombies

They give you Rotten Flesh which is basically emergency food.

Zombies are not TECHNICALLY an item, but I see the point...

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53 Iron Nugget

At the time of this writing, the only way to obtain these is to smelt iron items, like swords and armor. But what's the whole point of this anyway? It takes 9 nuggets to make an ingot, but most (if not, all) of your ingots were obtained by smelting iron ore. There's no point to this stupid item. - TheYoshiOverlord

What was the point in adding this really?


54 Fire

Burning everything you/they hold dear, or just lights and self-defense.

I went in it in creative and it was fun

Probably burning their items in the process. ALSO, Flint and steel isn't used often in HG.

You can't get it without hacks

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55 Carrot On a Stick

Totally obsolete now that we have horses in 1.6.

This isn't useful unless you actually want to get the achievement called "When Pigs Fly". It was never a good item for transport. Minecarts? They existed before the Carrot itself was made! Boats? Same thing! They are funny to use, but still just riding a pig without a Carrot On A Stick is hilarious.

This "item" sucks. - Gamecubesarecool193

Useless, riding pigs was stupid anyway because they're not fast, and now we have horses.

Pigs follow you while you're riding one! Also, it's a lot easier than going through the pain of trying to find the perfect horse to tame, then go through THAT pain of trying to tame it!

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56 End Stone

Umm dude its extremely useful when in the end itself and fighting the ender dragon you don't have any arrows left to shoot the ender crystals you build up the tower and the ender dragon breaks the blocks so you can't get down if you would've used ender stone the blocks wouldn't break - radioactive329

It's just inverted cobblestone...

I use it for "Waffle Block"

Would you rather have sandstone or cobblestone everywhere? No because it haz a higher 💥 resistance.

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57 Diamond Shovel

Dude any kind of shovel is useless you can break sand and dirt fast with your fists and when would you ever use snow snow golems suck and iron golems are way better build one of them instead even though the snow golem is easier to make its not worth it its defiantly worth it to use the iron golem and snowballs are only useful if your making a minigame - radioactive329

Don't waste your items. All shovels are the most useless item.

What if you need to make a house in 20 seconds?

Make you get snowballs

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58 Fishing Rods

Fishing does not take forever, I get about 10 fish a minute, it's easier to farm fish for food than to farm pigs.

I love fishing in Minecraft. Especially with the Luck of the Sea enchantment. It is a good food source, and easy to get, because you only have to get 2 string.

Most of the time fishing takes FOREVER. Sometimes people will get lucky but since most people don't have a lot of patience, they won't for one fish for like 5 minutes.

If you have an AFK Fishing Farm, you can get enchanted bows and fishing poles, as well as enchanted books which may have Mending!

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59 Leather

Its harder than iron to get enough to make an armor set and does half as much! Thanks 1.3 for making leather necessary to make books but that still doesn't make it useful! It just makes it harder to make books!

I can't believe they changed this so you need leather to make books! What the hell?! This means you have to kill so many cows to make an enchantment table!

Leather has become more difficult to find with less cows spawning, but once you farm cows it's relatively simple to obtain leather - mid-game, sadly. Only good use is for dyed armor and books.

Really?! I want books, but I don't want to be a cow murderer. Make cardboard in minecraft and use that instead.

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60 Shears

You can use it to get wool without killing the sheep and depopulating the species.

Actually shears are only useful when your done surviving so I suggest making them when you have a wheat carrot potato and animal farm with a well protected house and good defenses you defeated the ender dragon and you basically did all you can do in survival then you get shears out and go get wool to make pixel art - radioactive329

Shears are mostly useful for collecting wool without killing the herd, which is easy to repopulate or collect more sheep. It can also collect leaves, vines, and most other blocks that won't be picked up even from Silk Touch.

No way, shears are great dude what - Gamecubesarecool193

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