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61 Saddles

Well saddles are also used for riding horses.

Um... Removing saddles would basically make an achievement useless as well as horses and being able to tame them useless. Since you need a saddle to get "When Pigs Fly" and you need a saddle to ride a horse.

You can use saddle to ride a horse

They are pretty rare... - Harri666

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62 Snow Block

Why do you need it? Snow is for fun and decor. It's not that helpful.

Golems, allows certain biome (s) to exist, and aesthetics.

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63 Feather

Arrows, books and basically that's it. The former can be gathered ridiculously easily by dissecting skeletons, and the latter having practically empty use in survival mode; therefore, my points are sealed.

The only thing I do is either throw them in lava or throw them away, they just take up all the space in my inventory and takes too long to craft arrows, to get arrows I just kill skeletons

The first thing I throw when my inventory is full. The only thing you can make with it is arrows.

You can make a book and quill.

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64 Piston Arm

Well, the piston ARM itself is good for pushing blocks or suffocating mobs.

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65 Slimeballs

I know you can make stk. pistons but in superflat the damn slime are always dropping them all they do is take up your invetory and chests

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66 Bone

Also with bones you can get wolves - Almiller

Bones for wolves, it's "rarely" used for dyes and farming after you have an efficient farm set up.

It can be craft to create bone meal it also help me grow sapling

Wolfs, crops, saplings, bonemeal,

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67 Jack O Lantern

They're ugly and also wastes a torch, which is better for lighting stuff up in caves

Good for horror map and Halloween

It actually has more light than regular torches.

This is popularity THAN fact

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68 Ender Crystals

Guys they make it harder to kill ender dragon because its not supposed to be easy to beat the game its called being a man and stop whining because Minecraft is too hard grow up and stop whining its taking a challenge for once - radioactive329

Only Heal EnderDragon can't even take it it sucks

These aren't even blocks. They're entities.

They are nice to use for decoration!

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69 Budder Block

Go back to youtube, PLEASE

' SkyDoesMinecraft fanboys...

70 Books

Getting books is very useful for crafting bookcases for your enchantment table to have higher levels. Do you really want a crafting table with 1 - 8 level enchants which only good one is sharpness and rarely fire aspect on swords?

Some version of Minecraft you can't do anything with books

What about crafting a bookshelf for enchanting

I think they are good

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71 Flower Pot

I agree it is kinda useless but I like using it better then placing a grass block next to a window in my house and putting a flower on it.

Decoration guys not survival learn that - radioactive329

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72 Bread

It absorbates too quickly! But if you eat a lot of bread and then meat for the last one everything is counted as meat so das good

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73 Cocoa Beans

Cocoa Beans useful for making cookies but cookies are pretty much useless themselves

Cocoa Beans make cookies, which even late-game are good when out of danger. Cheap!

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74 Soul Sand

This is dumb. You can't brew without soul sand.

It's the only way to grow Nether Wart, and looks cool for adventure maps. It also gives the Nether more of that "Welcome to Hell. Literally." kind of feel.

Soul Sand for adventure maps, and Nether Wart. It also makes the Nether looks so much better, and 1-way doors in older versions possible.

It can suffocate silverfishes andender mites! Please!

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75 Lava Bucket

How the heck are you supposed to transport lava source blocks? And, you can make infinite cobblestone and stone generators with pistons, water, and lava.

I think it is really cool, but it's not cool when you fall into it. Your stuff is gone, and you can't see through it. Useful for pranks and light. It's not bad.

Infinite cobble isn't that useful... I mean, there's a thing called mining that can net you ores and is more entertaining.

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76 Budder Helmet

Does not exist, please return to YouTube.

I hate you sky.

Did ya know budder is weed

Hey don't say butter anymore you ^%$@&^@%$^&%

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77 Iron Ore

Seriously? What the hell can the actual iron ore block do apart from decoration? It's really more useful to smelt it. Really its actually completely useless.

Iron Ore is great early to mid-game when used for smelting.

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78 Wool

This is why we have stained clay: To go with wool.

I hate it when I make a wool house to surprise my visitors of my lovely decor and building skills, but it gets burned down easily by griefers.

Say you hate wool to Pink Sheep. He will #Rekt you before you even notice the sword he pulled out of his inventory.


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79 Donkeys

Donkeys aren't items...

You can put chests on them and anyway they're not items!

You cannot put armor on them, you also CANNOT put chest on them (unless you have pc edition Minecraft) all they do is just sit there, and look at you with their FACES!

Donkeys are useful! You can use them for storage when your inventory is full. #StopDonkeyHate2k17

80 Ice

Yay no igloos

Good for bowling and building elsa's castle


SHUT UP ELSA FANS! Ice can be good for acheiving the fastest speed in minecraft.
Using trap doors, ICE, any block and jumping and sprinting and swiftness effect.

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