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81 Iron Ore

Seriously? What the hell can the actual iron ore block do apart from decoration? It's really more useful to smelt it. Really its actually completely useless.

Iron Ore is great early to mid-game when used for smelting.

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82 Wool

This is why we have stained clay: To go with wool.

I hate it when I make a wool house to surprise my visitors of my lovely decor and building skills, but it gets burned down easily by griefers.

Say you hate wool to Pink Sheep. He will #Rekt you before you even notice the sword he pulled out of his inventory.


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83 Donkeys

Donkeys aren't items...

You can put chests on them and anyway they're not items!

You cannot put armor on them, you also CANNOT put chest on them (unless you have pc edition Minecraft) all they do is just sit there, and look at you with their FACES!

Donkeys are useful! You can use them for storage when your inventory is full. #StopDonkeyHate2k17

84 Ice

Yay no igloos

Good for bowling and building elsa's castle


SHUT UP ELSA FANS! Ice can be good for acheiving the fastest speed in minecraft.
Using trap doors, ICE, any block and jumping and sprinting and swiftness effect.

85 Boats

They are fun to mess around with and make water slides have you guys tried making a boat fly just go off a water fall and you'll glide across the entire map - radioactive329

Boats shouldn't be on this list. Boats are usefull for traveling around oceans
And lakes

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86 Flowers

Why is it so far down on the list (88) they should be #1 most useless and they don't give you anything except dye which also is useless and why do flowers even exist?

Only useful for dye and decor. Or unless you like someone and give them a flower. But other then that, it's useless.

So remove decor. Flowers, glass, wool, dye, multiple tree logs, dragon egg, paintings, just to name a few

But there pretty! I use them for decor a lot.


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87 End Portal Frame

Well, it it very hard to get it, you don't need to get it. They are found in strongholds.

Besides going to "The End," no real use.

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88 Cake

Every other food you eat it slows you down when your running from a swarm of mobs even cooked steak isn't good its quicker to just place a cake down and click on the cake then run and only a second is wasted but for the steak 10 seconds are wasted not very good steak - radioactive329

It can be eaten many times. It useful

Cake has to be placed to be eaten and hunger you gain from cake goes away in like 30 seconds

It looks cool andit takes much less time to eat.

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89 Anvil Anvil Anvil are a Canadian heavy metal band from Toronto, Ontario, formed in 1978. The band consists of Steve "Lips" Kudlow, Robb Reiner and Chris Robertson.

I've used it like 100 times it is not useless

Well I use it you change my sword name to something like Hacks in the bridge n someone try to report me

You would have useless enchanting books, as well as naming and repairing.

Repairing is a very good use...

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90 Flint

Flint and Steel, and arrows. While I hardly craft arrows, Flint and Steel has some great uses.

All it does is make flint and steel! Like what (what the heck).

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91 Splash Potion of Harming

Besides the fact it can't hurt the undead class of mobs, it's quite useful when you aren't swarmed, but a horde is after you.

92 TNT

It's good for trollers and entertainment. If your bored, you can just blow stuff up. It's not as bad as dye or hoes.

"I'm a bit tired. Time for boom."
Places TNT everywhere.

There needs to be a toggle for tnt and fire spread - Harri666

I enjoy exploding creepers because their friend blew up my house.

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93 Stone Bricks

Decoration, looks quite nice with many other blocks.

Instead of makeing a house its useless they can be found in storghlds

94 Potatoes

Just rally worthless hardly heals anything

I love potatoes! I wish they could be turned into chips though... laugh out loud

Baked Potatoes give you a lot of hunger points.

Mashed potatoes

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95 Arrow

How to use bow with no arrow

If you don't have a bow.

96 Butter Tools

Does not exist, go back to YouTube.

SkyDoesMinecraft fan, right here.

What... Way too many sky fans out there

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97 Obsidian

It can use to make explosion proof house or a bunker. Not so useless

Why and what the heck is obsidian on the most useless Minecraft items page as for me it pretty useful against creeper

No it can be broken if you want to fight the wither

You just killed Minecraft.

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98 Minecart with Furnace

It is good for sending items around on a rail

Why would you even use these, they take fuel while you can use booster rails to get around faster.
The only way I would consider getting one if they'd add something like a chunkloader system in the furnace so I would be able to send items extremely far away.

99 Potion of Harming

Yes I agree, BUT you can make a splash potion of harm and heal Skeletons and zombies mobs or kill passive mobs and undead mobs

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100 Poison and Harming Potions

Rename the potions and give them to a gullible person. Laugh as you watch them die.

If they are not splash, then unless you want to kill yourself, they are dumb. Add splash, and they become a great tool for PVP.

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