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101 Poison and Harming Potions

Rename the potions and give them to a gullible person. Laugh as you watch them die.

If they are not splash, then unless you want to kill yourself, they are dumb. Add splash, and they become a great tool for PVP.

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102 Budder

Does not exist, please return to YouTube.

That is the MOST derpy name ever for gold, but it probably as soft as gold tools!

It's not even a real Minecraft item. it's just what sky's subscriberz (legit word) say.

Already on here

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103 Diamond Ore

Really? Just 1 Diamond? I know they are very expensive but it's very hard to find them so why do they just give you 1? I just don't get that

They give you a diamond, commonly referred to as one of the best items in Vanilla Minecraft.

What is vanilla Minecraft? Sounds yummy.

Dumb - hcps-jeffersba

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104 Wooden Hoe

Still better than a golden hoe, and not wasteful! It's a renewable resource.

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105 Wells

Water can be useful, but not extremely. You can't fish in a well (I don't think), and if you had a water bar (water hunger bar) that would be different. But seriously?

Yes they are just keep dreaming

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106 Granite

This only has the blast resistance of stone, and a waste of three quartz. :/


107 Hardened Clay

This is what? Clay which is hardened of course. But where will you use it? On bricks?

108 Chain Armour

You can't even get it unless you use mods, spawn it in or get it off a mob due to it needing the actual fire block to create it.

109 Rabbit's Foot

In pocket edition it has no use, and you can only get it in survival.

You can make a potion of jumping.

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110 Butter Pickaxe

No such thing as a butter pickaxe

This is really bad... Even cobble stone picks are better!

Stupid and they only last 33 blocks - Goatworlds

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112 Budder Axe

First watch your grammar and second it's gold retard.

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114 Ender Pearls

WHY IS THIS HERE!? Ender pearls are ' awesome!

Awesome for getting places faster

When you use an ender pearl you take fall damage and that just sucks

To throw an ender pearl, press use, and the player character will teleport to its impact location, consuming the ender pearl, and dealing 5 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHalf Heart.svg) damage to the user. Wearing armor enchanted with Protection and/or Feather Falling reduces the damage taken from the ender pearl. With enough protection and enough pearls, one could travel a long distance very quickly. Ender pearls function in Creative mode.

Ender pearls can travel about 30 meters when thrown straight up and about 50 meters forward when thrown in a 45° angle.

Ender pearls collide with vines, grass, dead bushes, ferns, flowers, all sapling types, all mushrooms types, all minecart types, boats, and nether portals.

Ender pearls which fall into the void do not trigger the player to teleport at all.

Ender pearls have a cooldown of 1 second before they can be used again. The cooldown is shown by a white overlay on the ender pearl in the hotbar.

Ender pearls can be ...more - TeamRocket747

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115 Beacon

The beacon is extremely hard to obtain. The materials required for this item are very rare and even when constructed, further materials are required to put it to use as a pyramid. The beacon would've been useful if it gave the player a great power or ability, but it currently only gives a relatively small ability in a short radius. Plus, the fact that any given material of metallic blocks can be used for building a beacon pyramid; a cheaper building material such as iron can be used instead of gold or diamond. This makes the rarer materials useless, similar to the diamond hoe problem. The pyramid however does make a light that shines into the sky, which can be useful for navigation or decorative purposes. But otherwise, the beacon although slightly useful, is definitely not worth the time and effort.

It's completely useless when maxed. I usually only color it and use 9 iron blocks to make it fire the laser, usually using it for decoration. That's the complete opposite of its purpose. - mattstat716

Duh! Just use dirt ontop ov itself

The beacon might be a waste, but it gives you swiftness,strength,
resistence and regenuration.

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116 Budder Armor

This does not exist, please ignore this post.

A skydoesminecraft fanboy added this. OR MAYBE IT MEANS GOLD ARMOR - TeamRocket747

What's the point of this? P.S. Did sky write this page? Why does he call gold budder?!

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117 Diamonds

Diamond is the strongest matrial for building amour and wepons what kind of idiot would put this here

Diamond is not useless its the most powerful and rare material in the game you can make blocks armor tools who would put diamonds as useless

What the heck diamond is the strongest material in Minecraft

Diamonds are completely ugly and useless in building. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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118 Cobweb

It traps you. Nothing Else. USELESS JUNK

String is a alright item to have for a while, thus Cobwebs, a source of string, is quite useful. It's also useful for traps.

It traps mobs and it's great for traps in general! If you get stuck, you can always mine out with a sword.

You can use this to troll players on pvp and make traps

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119 Sugar Canes

Sugarcane can be crafted into sugar which can make CAKE and speed potions!

Sugar and paper, it also adds a nice look to Minecraft.

All you can get is sugar and paper. You can't eat sugar.

Who thinks these are useless? They are awesome!

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120 Nether Star

All you use it for is beacons, even with a beacon, it takes so much gold, iron, and diamonds just to get a good effect

You can have a beacon, or just an epic trophy in an item frame.

Dude, you can make a beacon out of it! Beacons are ' amazing!

Please. This item has NO USAGE! "OOOH IT MAKES SHINY LIGHTS OOOH" Dude. 9 x 9 = a lot. Especially if it's diamonds/emeralds. That's the minimum you need just to LIGHT the beacon. Overrated.

Getting 81 iron ingots/gold ingots/diamonds/emeralds isn't hard. You can even mix/match the blocks and it will STILL fire that beam. - mattstat716

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