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101 Wooden Hoe

Still better than a golden hoe, and not wasteful! It's a renewable resource.

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102 Wells

Water can be useful, but not extremely. You can't fish in a well (I don't think), and if you had a water bar (water hunger bar) that would be different. But seriously?

Yes they are just keep dreaming

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103 Hardened Clay

This is what? Clay which is hardened of course. But where will you use it? On bricks?

104 Chain Armour

You can't even get it unless you use mods, spawn it in or get it off a mob due to it needing the actual fire block to create it.

105 Awkward Potion

It�'s a useless potion,only thing you can do with it is making other potions with it.
And I am only talking about the potion itself.

O come on! It useless it can only be used by potions but U don't even have thirst persounly this should be number 1

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106 Butter Pickaxe

No such thing as a butter pickaxe

This is really bad... Even cobble stone picks are better!

Stupid and they only last 33 blocks - Goatworlds

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108 Budder Axe

First watch your grammar and second it's gold retard.

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110 Flowers

Why is it so far down on the list (88) they should be #1 most useless and they don't give you anything except dye which also is useless and why do flowers even exist?

Only useful for dye and decor. Or unless you like someone and give them a flower. But other then that, it's useless.

So remove decor. Flowers, glass, wool, dye, multiple tree logs, dragon egg, paintings, just to name a few

But there pretty! I use them for decor a lot.


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111 Cobweb

It traps you. Nothing Else. USELESS JUNK

String is a alright item to have for a while, thus Cobwebs, a source of string, is quite useful. It's also useful for traps.

It traps mobs and it's great for traps in general! If you get stuck, you can always mine out with a sword.

You can use this to troll players on pvp and make traps

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112 Sugar Canes

Sugarcane can be crafted into sugar which can make CAKE and speed potions!

Sugar and paper, it also adds a nice look to Minecraft.

All you can get is sugar and paper. You can't eat sugar.

Who thinks these are useless? They are awesome!

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113 Pumpkin

It's good for decor, pranks, and food. You can make pumpkin pie, and you can make it glow for light source! You can also prank your friends. It is a little hard to look out of though.

Have you heard of these things called golems? Or this thing called pumpkin pie?

Imma go ahead and list some of the uses. And trust me, this item is kickass.

- Pumpkin Pie. Fills a TON of hunger bars.
- You can wear them to stare at Endermen and not make them angry. Really helpful if you're in the End.
- Snow and Iron golems.
- Jack-o-Lanterns. Underwater torches.
- Good decorations.

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114 Dye

Not just colored wool. You can decorate fireworks, decorate leather armor, decorate banners, and etc. The creative possibilities are endless with dye!

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115 Sandstone

This isn't the worst thing in the game, but I think it deserves to be top 50. In terms of strength, it's about equal to stone. But it's rarer, only spawning in desert biomes and other places with sand. So, stone is just a better option.

You could use it to make other decoration blocks.

116 Glass Block

Glass is useful in survival, as you can view monsters outside your house without skeletons shooting at you when you look!

You can see through it and good for decor. I like them. Glass panes are bad.

117 Firework Star

Its not that useful, but its used to make a Firework.

Useless except fireworks which you only spawn in in creative anyway

Used to make many combinations of fireworks.

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118 Flower V 2 Comments
119 Jukebox

The Jukebox may be Fun for playing music, but while in survival this item that uses one diamond is hardly any use!

Why waste your diamonds for this instead of something useful, like a hoe!

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120 Trapped Chest

Trapped chest are are very good for traps to kill your friend.

You can put them beside chests which is really useful for storage

This was on page 2

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