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121 Pumpkin

It's good for decor, pranks, and food. You can make pumpkin pie, and you can make it glow for light source! You can also prank your friends. It is a little hard to look out of though.

Have you heard of these things called golems? Or this thing called pumpkin pie?

Imma go ahead and list some of the uses. And trust me, this item is kickass.

- Pumpkin Pie. Fills a TON of hunger bars.
- You can wear them to stare at Endermen and not make them angry. Really helpful if you're in the End.
- Snow and Iron golems.
- Jack-o-Lanterns. Underwater torches.
- Good decorations.

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122 Dye

Not just colored wool. You can decorate fireworks, decorate leather armor, decorate banners, and etc. The creative possibilities are endless with dye!

Only useful for making colored wool. That's it.

123 Sandstone

This isn't the worst thing in the game, but I think it deserves to be top 50. In terms of strength, it's about equal to stone. But it's rarer, only spawning in desert biomes and other places with sand. So, stone is just a better option.

You could use it to make other decoration blocks.

124 Glass Block

Glass is useful in survival, as you can view monsters outside your house without skeletons shooting at you when you look!

You can see through it and good for decor. I like them. Glass panes are bad.

125 Firework Star

Its not that useful, but its used to make a Firework.

Useless except fireworks which you only spawn in in creative anyway

Used to make many combinations of fireworks.

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126 Flower V 2 Comments
127 Jukebox

The Jukebox may be Fun for playing music, but while in survival this item that uses one diamond is hardly any use!

Why waste your diamonds for this instead of something useful, like a hoe!

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128 Trapped Chest

Trapped chest are are very good for traps to kill your friend.

You can put them beside chests which is really useful for storage

This was on page 2

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129 Wood Doors

Did you know: If you have a block underneath it and elevating the door (like a foundation), zombies cannot break it, as they can jump, and fall in failure as they try to break it.

Zombies can break through on hard mode, but otherwise it's just nice to have for decoration or to keep mobs out in other modes.

I think it would be better of using the normal doors unless you have a biome problem.

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130 Ghast Tear

Sure, they can be used for potions, but that's it. It's hard to get, having to not only kill a ghast, but also find your way to the tear, and also make sure the tear doesn't get burned in lava. For an item so hard to get, you'd expect at least one more use for it!

Regeneration is pretty useful though

131 Leaves

They're helpful for getting saplings and apples, but the block itself has no practical use.

Wood, this makes leaves the best thing ever. Along with saplings, and maybe even apples.

Think about a Minecraft tree. that's all I need to say.

This was also on a previous page

132 Water

Gather fish as an alternative resource (and gather junk as well), make potions, obsidian, and enderman-proof!

It stop lava rescue you from enderman

It's no good it just drowns you. I know you can get fish and stuff in it but I still think its totally useless

Disagree. Can take away the fall damage.

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133 Diamond Axe

Whyyy waste your diamonds on this item? Well a lot of people think a diamond hoe is a waste (and I agree) but honestly, why the hell create a diamond axe? All it does is chop down trees. And kill mobs easier BUT a sword uses one less stick and one less material! Just make a stone or iron or (if beginner) wooden one!

Chopping trees swiftly, not all of us are THAT patient.

Because some people prefer the axe. Some people prefer diamonds. So a Diamond Axe.

Villagers will give u one for only 6 emeralds. Good weapon.

134 Mossy Cobblestone

Mossy cobblestone is extremely useless. First of all, cobblestone is EXTREMELY easy to get, and mossy cobble stone is just the same, but rarer. What point is just a rare version of an easily obtained item, that doesn't do anything special/ It also looks uglier than normal cobblestone.

First of all. its uglier than normal cobble. Second of all, it's just a different texture of cobble stone that's more rare. What's the point of a pointless texture to a common item, that looks ugly, is rare and does nothing special?

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135 Golden Armor

It's pretty weak AND the durability is crap. Gold is also hard to find

It's very weak. It's durability is low, (Like 62 hits) and gold's hard to find.

KILL SKY!?! Wait its not budder don't

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136 Stone

Looks great instead of finding diamonds in dirt and dirt by bedrock.

Its as if everyone wants every block to be removed. Stupid people

It is also needed to make redstone contraptions!

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137 Name Tags

Naming and organization of mobs.

Do you really, really wonna put mobs upside down? What do you use that for?

What if you find a rare mob, it will despawn, use name tag in order for it not to despawn

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138 Eye of Ender

Finding strongholds and activating End Portal Frames. Besides that, useless.

It pretty useful to locate stronghold and then go to the end and if you can kill ender dragon it give massive amount of exp for enchanting

All you can do is make a end portal with this. You can't even tp with them!

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139 Stained Clay

Why do you need it? It's only use is decor. It takes up clay and dye. No one needs it!

Allows a new biome to be in Minecraft, and great for decoration.

I don't see how this is used in anything other than desert temples. nothing is crafted out of them.

140 Fire Charges

Fire, self defense, and not much else.

They are only used for mini games if you have combat minicams or to protect castle pretty useless

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