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141 Ink Sacks

They are just to dye sheep to make mini game you don't need it white wool is for bed you don't need black wool for bed if they had use for pens to write in book and quil you would write notes

142 Detector Rail

Jesus it's for mini games and others it has no use only power rail and rail have to travel get achievement on a rail for Xbox or. To ride far away

143 Rose

It has use to make dye and then dye sheep get wool and make mini game don't use it for bed it's waste of time you can just get white wool

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144 Nether Quartz

In certain mods this is useful

ITS DECROTIVE that's one thing... all that it does ALSO REDSTONE YES daylight sensors also help you a lot

Mining them is usefull you can get a lot of exp and you can use a day light sensor with a piston door with a wood door so. The door will be open at day and closed at night so zombies can't break the door

145 Stonecutter

Very very very useful you can make stone items perfect for castles and fortresses and stone is very very useful against blazes and ghast attack. You can make a house made of stone with a fireplace without burning the house. when you make a wooden house with a fireplace, wooden castle and a wooden fort. Wood weak

I mean who cares about making stone, bricks and quartz slabs and stairs? Besides their decorative use, the only slabs I use are wooden slabs for not having to jump to enter my house and to make the classic TNT cannon. But no use beyond that, and again it's better to use wooden ones, you only require crafting table, not stonecutter.

I will miss this block. They should be used to make weapons stronger but use durability on them.

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146 Wood Planks

You're joking...

Useless. (Just wanted to see how this one went)

Seriously... SERIOUSLY?
-Early Tools
-Early Weapons
-Early house
-without wood, no stone pick, no iron, no diamond, or gold.
-Crafting table! Crafting table!
-Differant kinds for decor


147 Emerald

This item actually does have a use. You can get them by taking wheat from the villagers and trading them emeralds for it. After that, you can get rare enchantments and other miscellaneous stuff.

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148 Invisibility Potions

This doesn't even work all it does is make you invisible, because enemys can still see you, and the particles give you away. Well it could be usefull if your far away

149 Coal

Charcoal is much better. I see why you would mine it when you come across it while mining, but still. It is much easier to cut down trees and replant them then use the wood for charcoal.

Coal IS A LOT MORE COMMON. Coal is also used for other things. Like, for example, torches? You could save your wood.

Good at first but eventually it's just a pain to get

I agree. Charcoal is more better.

150 Ocelots

They are cute and they are not useless

Hard to tame and they are annoying. I mostly just kill them. Also make an annoying sound.

Put a half slab on top of your chest

Ocelots are mobs. MOBS.

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151 Non-Enchanted Golden Apple V 4 Comments
152 Cobblestone

Cobblestone is ghast-resistant. You'll need it when you want to survive the nether to get some potions.

EXTREMLY useless I mean why waste your pickaxe on it just mine iron USELESS to me

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153 Diamond Armor

It's extremely durable though. They're not stupid, they're making good long-lasting armor.

Diamond is the only armour with the special "armour hardness" stat.

Really people, in singleplayer, you only need 5 things shelter a pick and mine, and a bed. And possibly wood.
Unless, you go mob fighting, it's a waste of 24 diamonds, you could make 8 diamond picks from that.

Why is this here? It should be...let me see... number 809092854375947329845243256543665456456465485454154546545645432. Roughly.

154 Armor Stand

It doesn't waste your space on your inventory/chest.

Ok maybe you can put your armor on it but what else can you do with it

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155 Granite

This only has the blast resistance of stone, and a waste of three quartz. :/


156 Diorite

Basically wasteful, like Granite.

157 Andesite V 1 Comment
158 Golden Carrots

They can be used to make night vision potion

They are bassicly the same as golden apples but they are harder to get

159 Wet Sponge
160 Golden Hoe

Waste to gold two ingots
Break so fast
Same speed as other hoes
Golden Hoe is so USELESS!

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