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Alabama is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. It is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west.


Absolutely FILLED to the brim with generic fat "white dad" who drive white stock f-150s like they are in a damn cult or some underground religion type. If you don't care about football, you're outta luck pal... Fun thing to do in Alabama include: drinking bleach, eating, worshiping walmart, "muddin", wearing off colored t-shirts about southern things like cotton, mud, sweet iced lipton tea, huntin', fishin', jesus, and flip-flops, tripping on the cracks in the piss-poor roads, baking to death in the skin melting heat, trying to get "saved" because you hold different religious beliefs, listening to grasshoppers and crickets while you try to sleep, and last but certainly not least... ROLE TYDE!

Moved here 1 year ago from Hawaii. No I'm not crazy my wife and step daughters are from the gulf coast. This state is so slow, nothing to do but fish and hunt. People from the islands are taught to respect the land, it oceans and most of all respect for elders. All non evident here. After one year have not met one friend or for that fact not even the neighbors. Bottom line Alabama Sucks.

I too am from Hawaii and Seattle area. I know exactly what you mean. I need to get the hell outta here!

I've lived here for 17 years and I must say, they are building Birmingham up, or at least trying to. If you are anywhere else in Alabama though, you're out of luck because there is literally nothing to do outside of the city. Also, racism is still a thing here. It's kind of like we are stuck in 1901. The main thing that makes me want to leave is the whole Religion over Law thing. The state is right in the middle of the bible belt. Get me out of Alabama.

I'm currently living in Alabama, I settled here after I got out of the Army, I was stationed at Fort Gordan Georgia, maybe settling in Georgia would have been a better idea but living is cheaper here, because there is nothing to do but drugs and kill yourself, I'm serious I hear about Drug ODs everyday all the young kids are either dead or knocked up. 90% of people in the churches here are hypocrites, thank god I'm moving to back to Ohio in a month, its not perfect but its way better than Alabama.

Both my parents lived there once and have told me that it is awful. There was still segregation going on when my mom was a girl, which was in the 80s! - Nejixchan

Nothing to do, racism galore, bad school systems everywhere, poverty everywhere, no theme parks, NOTHING. Rednecks who like to say "want a coke" when they mean a Mountain Dew. They walk around barefoot and believe the south will rise again. They can probably list all of the Jerry Springer episodes without hesitating. There's no real reason to live here unless you're STUCK here.

I absolutely cannot stand this state. Passing through going to Florida, you would always know you were in AL because the asphalt would turn brown and rigid and there would be trash all over the sides of the road.

If it wasn't for a decent football team this state could literally be given back to Spain and no one would bat an eye. What purpose does this state even serve other than produce redneck hillbillies and retards that only know how to say "Roll Tide" and most of them probably are to poor to actually buy real tide.

Segregation issues in the past, really a boring state. When I did a fifty states and capitals quiz last year, I left out alabama and what ever its capital is, that's how little I think of it. Oh, and doodie-dude25, we have so many states because we are the best
! Jk jk sorta - ZenyattaForever

This state only has 4.8 million people and that's a problem because it leaves everyone with any position to think they are someone. Take school superintendents, they think they are the moral authority, when men like the one in Madison crawl up on their employees constantly. Then take city councils like the one in Daphne that wants to ban mini skirts. How unamerican is that?

I went to Alabama and on the first day someone punched me in the face grabbed my wallet and ran, I caught up with him though and tackled him and he thretened to call the cops, I took my stuff and started walking and he acted like there was a gun in his pocket but if he really had one he probably would have pulled it out first so I was not fooled, I walked.

A terrible state full of ignorant rednecks who have no respect for anybody and are very rude.

No states are useless. All states have people that live in them and love them. So, if you really wanted to lose ALL the states, America would be a dull place.

State Parks are not as good as Tennessee, no music city here, alcohol laws are SLOWLY changing, roads suck, and the culture is all football, all the time because the state has nothing else going for it, except Mobile near the beach.

One of the worst education systems in the country, incest is considered normal but being gay may as well count as a war crime and you can scarcely beat off the religious fanatics with a stick.

I live here, very ignorant people, they believe anything the Churches preach. Some of the Minister's can't even read the words in the Bible.

Backwards, uneducated & rude people sums it up.

There is absolutely NOTHING in Alabama.

HB 56 revealed how lazy Alabamians are

I live here and there's nothing to do. Plus everyone's really fat.

Incest makes people dumb. Alabama is an example of that.

When God created the earth he gave Alabama absolutely nothing! When he noticed this he reached down and moved Gulf Shores into Alabama from Florida!

The only reason why people like Alabama is because of their football teams. I could care less about sports, Alabama is an awful state you must avoid.

Alabama should been number 1 not number 8 like flowerwave sweet home Alabama I'm not coming home to you anymore. The people there is very boring and the life there is really boring. Also half of the people there can't talk popular English they grammar are very messed up. Mostly of the people there just stared at you a lot like you from out of space. The school system is definitely messed up there. Ain't no really smart kids who come from Alabama they all seem slow to me. The environment is really terrible to live at depends on where you live. I can say that because I use to live there but I wasn't from there my hometown is New Jersey. Why in the hell NJ is on the list when it come down to useless city...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second! This person isn't smart, because they SUCK at spelling! They seem stupid to me also!

Worst of all states. Completely full of idiots who will only believe what the local church preaches. They have no clue.