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No its not! I'm a 12 year old and I love my home! I love the beach there, the movie stars, the sports teams. How are we useless if we literally make almost ALL the films you guys watch. We also have some of the nicest beaches and we have a huge distribution to the space program! My grandpa and family members all work for nasa and are making awesome discoveries that will help all you other states! I love the lakers too and Kobe Bryant lives near me and I think that's the best thing ever! I don't think my home is useless and it shouldn't even be on this list!

When most people think of California, they think of Hollywood and Disney land. You don't think of north California. You don;t think of redwood forests that over look the bay. You don't think of snow skiing in tahoe and alpine county.

I love California! I am only 14 and haven't lived anywhere else, but even I know it is one of the most beautiful places from the redwoods to the beach. And hello, the Bay Area?! You can basically call it the center of technology. Also, a lot of famous headquarters are in the Bay Area, like Tesla, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Sony, Netflix, Wells Fargo, and so many others. I actually live in the bay area (somewhere called Atherton if anybody knows). Yes, Los Angeles may be a bit dirty, but it has places like Hollywood, and Disneyland is near Los Angeles. California is a beautiful city and I am proud to call it my home.

California would have the 9th largest economy in the world if it was a country.

I have noticed that a lot of the states on this list are blue collar but red leaning states. Now answer this question: What makes those states useless? Let that sink in for a second. They are the hardest working states and aren't dependent on welfare and programs like it (But I can't say that for most the states not on this list) Please someone give me one good logical argument against mine because I have yet to hear one.

California is not useless! Wondering from where all the American movie industry's coming from? California duh!
Seriously if one thing is useless here, it's that stupid web site!

I enjoy everything, except for the los angles area... actual los angles is ghetto, HOT, and overrated... or at least a LOT of it... Some of the people here are terrible drivers, and rude. I enjoy the mountains of California, as well as the DESERT even. The central valley is almost like a mini Nebraska... the mountains are barley visible in it. The LA area is also the Armpit of the west coast. Sweaty, smelly, and weird. I have no problem with races however, everyone is human... but I recommend NOT being in so cal. Chow.

Ok so the state that grows the most produce is useless? Ok, so we might have some stuck up people in so cal. Not to mention we have Silicon Valley, what produces your cherished iPhones. Best national parks and coastal scenery. Highest and lowest point on the continental US. All that with no humidity. We can drive from the snow to the beach in one day, who else can claim that?

Actually at that last sentence "We can drive from the snow to the beach in one day. In Massachusetts that's possible in about twenty minutes for me. - PianoQueen

California is full of natural resources and important places (such as Silicon Valley). It's also home to plenty of sports teams and tourist destinations. Finally, the nature in California is amazing as well (California is home to plenty of amazing natural places like Yosemite or Death Valley). Not sure why it's on here.

California produces about a quarter of all US foods, how is it worthless?

Largest population, largest economy, largest agricultural production, and (possibly) the largest military.
Now, tell me how that's useless. - CatCode

How about Northern California?

What the crap! I live 3000 miles away and I know it awesome!

Why is California in the top tens? I am a 11 year old and live in Virginia, my parents used to live there, it was so awesome, beaches the golden gate bridge, Yellowstone national park. This is a wonderful state, (except a lot of earthquakes)

I just saw some comment "California is the worst because it has the worst economy." Like what even We most likely produce 3 quarters of the food you eat, and without us, all you other states would be in a lott of trouble food-wise. Actually, I think we are so high on this list because we keep trying to defend ourselves which is eating up votes, only a few jelous haters other than that.

How dare you! California is awesome and full of beauty. It's amazing and lot's of people are kind. It's not useless, this is where the fresh products come from!

Most people there are stuck up ass holes who think they are better at everything. Oh and congrats on your 2 seasons. No one gives a crap that you have 4 football teams, that's just 4 more disappointments. No one even cares about the 49ers anymore they like the Seahawks, Patriots, Steelers, etc. Wow so many bands come from California no one cares.

California is one of the best states and it is one the important ones

Nothing like dying of dehydration to save an ugly fish.

Everyone who lives there has no idea how hard life really is. They have no idea how hard living really can be where there is weather or a state that doesn't over pay you for doing nothing or give you mass amounts of social services and handouts. They all are very shallow and vain and don't have a clue of what problems of real people in real society of the rest of America faces they live in a fantasy land and are all very self centered without even knowing it because they have been raised by generations of self centered self entitled yutzes.

Too dangerous and incredibly overrated. Yes, yes, I might be being a bit dramatic but it's true.

I was born here and I'm living in New Jersey, which by the way is a wonderful state. Oh yeah, back to California *cough* Disneyland *cough*

I lived there for 5 years and it was the best time in my life. It is not useless at all. They have Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Now I live in Indiana which sucks

Oh yes, like an 11 year old if their state was great especially considering they have no experience of how the real world works, Listen here, I can give you all 10 reasons why Cali is useless.
1.) California has one the the worst school systems in the country
2.) The people are rude, self centered idiots who think there the best at everything
3.) corporations are scattering like roaches in the light
4.) The state is drowning in debt
5.) Gang violence is higher than in any other state
6.) California has the lowest Emergency rooms per Million people
7.) The State is drying up faster than any other state figuratively and literally
8.) California has the honor of being the worst state to do business for 8 years in a row
9.) The state taxes everything even emissions
10.) California is a bright shining example of everything that is wrong with America

I mean, I am not a fan of callie but they aren't useless in any way. For starters, they are the anchor of the democratic party and they produce lot's of products and tech.