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I live here, and it is awful! There is absolutely nothing to do. Most people are complete ignorant inbreds, and country music is atrocious! Most of the people are also bible thumpers. There are at least 10 guns in every house. The schools are pitiful as well, and so are most of the people that attend them. Sports are the only thing accepted here as far as extracurricular activities go. The biggest pastime is hunting, and most people are dirt poor. There is a ton of obese people!

Go around Mississippi. Give Mississippi away. I would rather live in Haiti. The land in Mississippi is beautiful it's the people who populate it that sucks. May I never be forced to go to Mississippi. There's no real reason to live there, be there, visit there. Did I say Mississippi sucks. Keep residents of Mississippi in Mississippi.

This offends me very much! I'm from here. You can't judge people just by what state they're from! I'd like to say the jackass who wrote this comment has never been to Mississippi. - Survivor101

I'm from Mississippi and most of these comments really offend me! Yes, there isn't much to do, but does that mean we are a "horrible state"? Mississippi is beautiful, and here on the coast, there is NOT trash everywhere, and there are not teen moms running around 24/7. Every state has teens moms, you you can shush your mouth. The beach does have bacteria in the water, but its still fun to walk in the sand, and sail on a boat. And to the person who said that "MS makes Iraq look like Disney" you need to be quiet that is 100% false. Mississippi is starting to get better places for kids, including Funtown, USA which is a themepark, and an aquarium. I'm not the biggest fan of this state, but I wouldn't wanna call any where else home. To every one calling Mississippi a litter state, please come down and look at it closely, and if you see litter, pick it up, why don't you? Mississippi is not useless. It is not the worst place on earth, and most of the people in Mississippi are very nice, and ...more

Oh hi Mississippi sucks. Poorest, fattest, most pregnant teens... There are just a bunch of fat pregnant teens running around. Awful state.

Living in Mississippi is horrible. There's nothing fun to do, yet everyone who lives here always talks about how they love to enjoy the "attractions" in Mississippi. They think that Mississippi is the greatest place to live on earth, because they've never been outside of the state. Our beaches are dirty & literally have bacteria (POOP) in the water. 2 people have died over the past year due to there being POOP IN THE WATER...Everyone has this mindset that life is "all work & no fun". All the kids are extremely stuck up, and always brag about how "great" their city is. Even in our biggest city, Jackson, we don't have any attractions, and it is often considered "Detroit of The South" due to it's high crime rate. I honestly feel like Nebraska & Wyoming are a lot more useful than Mississippi. Nebraska gives us corn & Omaha is a good city, Wyoming gives us Yellowstone National Park, but Mississippi is just completely useless.

Racists, homophobes, religious nuts, religious nuts who are hypocrites, and druggies. Unless you like hunting, mudding, or listening to country & rap, there is absolutely NOTHING to do! Not to mention my high school is star rated and part of the smartest in MS, and it still seems too easy for me. I've been stuck here my whole life. I hope college will save me!

I'm sure there are kind people who live there, but the sheer amount of idiocy, illiteracy, poverty as well as racism I've encountered there breaks my heart... And hurts my head.

Mississippi is the most backwards state in the country. The people for the most part are ignorant. Even if they are educated. The University of Mississippi is a sub standard school at best, yet the students and the alumni are arrogant because they feel like they are above the rest of the retards. I've lived there and Alabama.(who's almost as bad) Worst experiences of my life and I am white heterosexual man.

Everything Sucks But The Scenery, People Are selfish and stuck up, Kill the environment, everyone is a cannibal and no one thinks for themselves.

Nothing to do here. At all... Except eat and hunt. There's not even anywhere to work.. But restaurants. Shopping is all for rich, arrogant, backwards "southern belle" bitches. Really. If you have a brain.. Evacuate ASAP

Ok, first off I wanna say that this list is a bunch of crap. No state in the US is useless. Every state has a purpose, God wouldn't have made it if it was useless. But Mississippi being number one, and all the stupid people making crappy comments about it personally offends me. Mississippi is a great place. It is a beautiful state and has lots to do. The reason why I'm so pissed is that my grandma is from here. So everyone shut your mouths because you have no idea what your talking about - Cartermd

Hey, People from this state will smile to your face and stab you in the back. People here are arrogant, like to flaunt, and stick in 1950!

I've never seen a state with so much litter and trash everywhere too. Especially on the roads.

Get a clue! Mississippi is useless!

Hey, you know what I've actually been there and it is not even that bad despite what you might think it is awesome! You get a clue buddy! - Cartermd

Illiterate, sister-banging bible-thumpers as far as the eye can see. Stay away.

Mississippi is a true hell hole. They are the poorest, dumbest, fattest, etc. It is a true hell hole. It is, dare I say, the WORST STATE IN AMERICA! - Otaku2012

Made the mistake of moving to this pit from the west coast. I was judged from the minute I arrived- I have never been around so many ignorant, bible thumping hypocrites in my life. The people I was stuck with went to church and acted like angels and then had a bbq afterwards to sit around and gossip about the same people they just prayed for! 14 year old kids chewing Copenhagen and driving on the highways with no supervision what so ever- animals are mistreated or completely dumped off in a neighborhood when people don't want to take care of them anymore. Leakesville MS is a hole- no southern hospitality here, y'all. I thought the east coast was a stuck up place, but it doesn't hold a candle to this gem. We might be weird hippies out west, but for the most part people at least mind their own business and try to be kind to each other. Suck it Mississippi

Mississippi does not deserve to be part of the United States. Due to centuries of continuous rule by racist, conservative, fanatical tyrants the state has become a gigantic trailer park full of homophobic sister-raping bible Nazis, with the occasional sane person stuck in the middle of a sea of stupidity.

Nothing worse than traveling the world and being stuck living in Tupelo for work. Most awful people in the world. Only positive is counting the seconds until I can leave here... One Mississippi, two Mississippi...

Poorest state in the union no economic prospect. Workers are unskilled and either resistant or not capable to education to become useful humans in society. Unfortunately it's in the middle of the country and not a border area so it would be tougher to amputate it from America.

People there get to comfortable with a life full of small town drama and lies. There's more to life and I pity the choices their government and people make. Bunch of hypocrites just bringing the rest of Americas average down.

Mississippi sucks thanks to no theme parks, no NFL teams, no NBA teams, racism galore, bad school systems and poverty everywhere, NOTHING, and no reason to live here unless you are stuck here!

Hi I'm on drugs. And Mississippi sucks.

Mississippi was no good to grow up in only a ignorant racist delusional moron would wanna live here it ruined my whole life

Mississippi is the poorest, most obese, most crime-ridden, most racist, and has the worst school systems. And, may I add, Mississippians go to only three colleges of choice: Mississippi State, Ole Miss, or University of Mississippi. They don't even try to get better, don't try to get good grades, and is very unenthusiastic about change. Civil War proves that, also does the fact that most people have never seen an Asian-American before. However, Mississippi is where I live in and I respect its endless groves of dirty and messy trees, its beating suns and cool winds, its busy move of life.

I don't live in this state, but I've been through it a few times. Yes, Mississippi is backwards, but it's not what all these comments are saying it is. There's bad things about all states. In California and other states, there's spoiled kids who don't appreciate anything they get. Besides the people that live in Mississippi, the state itself is beautiful with mountains and beaches. - ImBretter

They have the most teen moms... not that I have anything against teen moms, just it's not great to have half of your women having babies when they are 15 years old.

Such a sad place...I found the people friendly but terribly backward, education & knowledge about other places wise. Black people don't have a chance; the whites keep voting the same oppressive conservatives that keep a foot on their necks. Guns & religion (but not sprituality) rule their small minds...they talk a lot of Jesus but really know nothing about Him 'cept what 'the preacher' says...no one thinks for themselves; the follow politics/ religion/hate/ignorance like little sheep. Good blues music in the Delta area, but, again, the people are just SAD. Philadelphia, Meridian, Senatobia, Jackson & Greenwood are just pathetic...talk to some country black people if you can; if you can get them to trust you (if you are white), you may have some enlightning conversations. Also, try to talk one-on-one with rural black law enforcement people...very interesting. If you come from a place in the U.S. that has at least a half decent education system, you will be shocked at this place. You ...more