Most Useless States in the U.S.A.

These are the states that we don't really care about. Which one would you not miss if it vanished?

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41 Maine Maine

Maine is the best place in the world. It's not an industrialized state. Instead, we can look at the natural beauty of something. Sure, there aren't many people, but the people are kind and the land is green.

This state is so forgettable that I missed it my first time through the list. Which is sad because I live here. The people are hard working, but all of our educated youth leave because there are no jobs in the state. Our 'cities' are small towns by all other standards. It has some cool history, but no more so then any other state. Has signs that literally say "Welcome Canadians" year round. UK and USA nearly fought a war over Maine, Maine had to mobilize a militia because the federal government couldn't be bothered to send troops. Almost fought a war, as in it was resolved because both sides realized there wasn't any point to territory in Maine.

Oh how interesting, trees... and nothing but trees, I'll be honest I love nature but Maine is too much nature and not enough of anything else. Which is why I prefer Michigan, It has more than just trees.

It's probably going to be Canada's 11th province. Maine is basically south Canada and its "cities" are small towns - GriffinDoge

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42 Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee is a state located in the southeastern United States. Tennessee is the 36th largest and the 17th most populous of the 50 United States.

I've lived here all my life, in Memphis, but I've been all over TN multiple times. Tennessee is an extraordinarily beautiful state, full of towering mountains whose sides are covered by an expansion of exquisite green foliage. Not to mention the BBQ in Memphis and the large variety of GOOD music you can find all over.

Rocky Top you'll always be, home sweet home to me, good old Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennessee

Lower the crime rate and it would be all good

I’m living here right now and I haven’t got mugged.

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43 Utah Utah Utah is a state in the western United States. It became the 45th state admitted to the Union on January 4, 1896. Utah is the 13th-largest, the 31st-most populous, and the 10th-least-densely populated of the 50 United States.

What. Is. The. Purpose. Of. This. STATE?

The strange religion is enough to put a lot of people off, but aside from that, there is a lot of dry nothing in Utah.

But it has some of the most beautiful dry nothing on the planet. - BrideiMacBella

We have suck all unless you live in Salt Lake, and if you live there, you will probably get shanked. If the constant mormons telling you to kill yourself wasn't enough to get you, I'm sure the air quality will!

I thought it would be in the top 10 or something because they practice a strange religion and no else cares about Utah. Oh right, Utah is one of the most forgettable states, so no one even knew it was on the list. - GriffinDoge

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44 Arizona Arizona

I'm have only seen Phoenix and the cluster of cities around it but from what I have seen it is just crackheads, racists and other assorted bums. I feel bad for the nice normal people here. I have been in most bad areas in NYC and have never felt so uneasy as in Phoenix and that was a not too bad area. I have seen East Coast crackheads, Florida crackheads, West Coast crackheads... Nothing compares to the Phoenix streetwalking junkies. They make at least 50% of the population there. I saw more junkie bums than normal people. Figured if I went to other parts of the city it might be different but nope! Same almost everywhere I went. If it was a nice area nobody was out at all. The only place I really didn't check out was Tempe but I guess that is all just college kids...

We have people that support Joe Arpaio and his racist policies, with his posses that round up immigrants that came to this country for a better life. We are the only state with a state gun, with people actually believing Obama is Muslim, or that he was born in Kenya. There are also a large number of people who support Alex Jones, who I think is mentally retarded. If you do come here, just go to the Grand Canyon, go to Las Vegas, and then if you really want to, you can take a plane to Tuscon, with some smart people in it.
Our governor is also mentally retarded, and only became governor because Janet Napolitano, an actually smart woman, was appointed Director of Homeland Security.
Do not come here! It is full of Evangelicals who think that we should secede, and that the only way to be safe is to have 15 AR-15s in your house.

I moved to Chandler from Naples Florida. I hate Arizona the people are very rude and unfriendly here. It's very boring in there is absolutely nothing to do here but to be hot. I'm moving back to Florida next year. This place is depressing.

Arizona people are rude, stuck up, rich jerks, and it's just a desert wasteland in tucson, the people didn't help with my anger issues, I had few friends, always hot, good education I admit. But it's just unbarable, go to mexico instead - bjinmaro64

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45 Texas Texas Texas is a state in the USA. It is the second largest by area and population. Its largest city is Houston.

You guys don't make sense. Texas is a great place to live and you guys are stupid just talking mess about us. Just how are we useless anyways!?

Texas has some nice people, it also has a major case of bloated ego. I lived in Texas for nine years and was very happy to get out! Texas has the attitude that it is God's greatest gift to the world. Texas believes "the Texas way" is the only way to live. Texas is socially and politically crippled and diseased. I look back on the years I "lived" in Texas as the worst of my life. Happiness is seeing Texas in my rear view mirror!

Texas is nice and all but it's not that great of a place to have kids, the school system there is very brutal, and authoritarian, and the are starting to look like prison camps, if you cuss in school in other states, you probably get something like an in school suspension, or a Saturday detention, in Texas you get a disorderly conduct ticket and have to appear in court to pay a fine

Why does everyone hate Texas? Sure it has some rednecks in small towns in the eastern part of the state, but that's not the majority of the state. I'm pretty sure that all of these negative comments about Texas have never even been here, and are based on stereotypes. For everyone that is saying our schools are bad, they're not at all. Texas is the second largest and one of the fastest growing states, so it is not useless in any way. - ImBretter

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46 South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. The state is bordered to the north by North Carolina, to the south and west by Georgia across the Savannah River, and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean.

Carolinian here. Charleston is what saves this State from being #1 on the list for most useless. But with the exception of Charleston, this state truly is awful. The entire land of this State is just ugly. I feel like locals are completely ignorant to what they're missing out on by living in South Carolina, they just think their State is the best because of Charleston. They don't know what a beautiful landscape is like. They don't know what a nice small quaint town is like either. The education is also one of the worst here. Definitely one of the worst States you could possibly live in.

This state should be second on the list. I've been here all my life and I haven't seen anything exciting happen here. This is more of a retirement state so you won't see many children. Plus, it's HARD to get jobs here! The economy's so bad. Education here sucks. Even the private schools that garentee to get your kids in college don't teach well. It's no different than a public school except uniforms. The crime rate is also oh so high! And SC is one of the top ten states with people living in trailers, in other words, it's trailer trash for South Carolinians. Not to be negative, but the truth hurts.

South Carolina is beautiful! If it really "sucks" than why are northerners moving there?! Yes there are some places that really suck but cities like Charleston and Greenville are starting to become super touristy. Coming from New York, Greenville/Charleston have been my favorite places to visit! I highly recommend.

Worst state in the Southeast. Not very charming and super overrated.

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47 Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts, officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is the most populous state in the New England part of the northeastern region of the United States.

Massachusetts is by far the best state!

The whole liberal intellectual atmosphere is great, but the landscape is so boring. It's just so flat and developed. There are a few hills in the west, but overall it's boring.

Massachusetts is disgustingly liberal, to the point where it is plain annoying and hard to put up with. My family lives north of Boston, and it's just terrible. It is an all secular, atheistic state, and we are moving down to Tennessee to be around people who are the same.

Those mass-holes deserve to be in the top 10 of this list - GriffinDoge

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48 Colorado Colorado Colorado is a state in the United States encompassing most of the Southern Rocky Mountains as well as the northeastern portion of the Colorado Plateau and the western edge of the Great Plains.

I'm from New Jersey and have been living in colorado for over a year now. People here are so stuck up and in their own world. The drivers are rude and drive like crap. No one holds the door for you and have no common courtesy.
And by the way, nj isn't all north jersey. Go to belmar, manasquan, ocean grove, Asbury, point pleasant, etc. People are down to earth and are always nice to visitors. The beaches are not full of needles and the boardwalks are full of rides, games, bars, pizza places and so much more. The taxes are high but you pay what you get for, convenience, beautiful scenery, beaches and some of the best education in the nation. It's crowed in the summer because everyone wants to vacation there for a reason. Plus the south is just full of open land and farms. They have the pine lands and lots of beautiful sites.
Maybe people from nj are quick to jump down your throat because everyone is constantly bashing them. People here have a love and passion from where their ...more

Greatest state in America. Winters are nicer than peaple think, I've seen it 80 degrees on Christmas in Boulder, can get deep snow in spring and fall but melts quick. Rent is way to high in Boulder, my favorite town in America also born there, but you pay for scenery and awesome liberal lifestyle. Not friendly to tobacco smokers ( I smoke ) but can buy the best marijuana in the world over the counter, legally. Exept for high cost of living the greatest state in america

Colorado is ahead of Maryland!

Go back to Cali (and take a Texan with you)!
We are full.

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49 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania, officially the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is a state located in the northern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.

Born and live in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia area is nice, and I've heard Pittsburgh isn't bad, although I can't say that myself because I've never been there. Some places in the Poconoes are kinda fun. But outside of all that? Boring as hell. It's all farmland or deserted towns. And my mom lives in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia (Bala Cynwyd, like anyone would know where that is). It's hard to be middle class right in that area, because pretty much everyone is rich. I only know two other kids and myself who don't have a lot of money and go to school there, and we're outcasts, because if you don't have lots of money, then you're just not cool. And my dad has a bad road rage temper, and gets into road rage fights with other people all. The. Time. I feel like a lot of people here can't drive very well. Being only eleven, I can't wait to get out of here! I'm going somewhere in NYC, probably Manhattan or Brooklyn. Do yourself a favor and avoid this state.

I currently live in Pennsylvania. But I live about 4 minutes outside of Philadelphia, so I see the bright, lively side of PA. However, outside of the Philly area and Pittsburgh area, the place is a dump.

PA sucks Jersey and New York are a load better I was born in Jersey my parents are from Brooklyn. I moved to PA when I was young. It sucks very boring. I would go back to Jersey in a heart beat and move to brooklyn even faster.

I’ve heard Pittsburgh is nice and Philadelphia is a great place but if you live anywhere else it’s like living in a racist cesspool of chewing tobacco and rednecks. I can’t begin to explain how happy I will be when I graduate high school and get out of this hellhole.

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50 Georgia Georgia Georgia is a state located in the southeastern United States. It was established in 1732, the last of the original Thirteen Colonies.

Honestly, Georgia has malls and stuff but I swear to God there is nothing to do here. If you share interests that don't include shopping, watching movies, and eating then this place is not for you. Stereotypical people everywhere and if you have one opinion you might as well be lonely or judged. Too many white Christian people saying stupid stuff to sound cool. KILL ME.

You know those movies where there's a chain gang and a sliding guitar as the soundtrack? The ones where most of the chain gang is black and the guards/police wear mirrored sunglasses whilst whooping everyone? You know that state? Welcome to Georgia. Georgia: not good enough to be Florida or South Carolina. Georgia: because they couldn't build a bridge for I-95 between South Carolina and Florida.

Yes I moved from Wisconsin. To atlanta that was the worst. Idea of my life rude. Arrogant. People and clubs what else at least Wisconsin. Had more than that. Don't. Believe. The hype

Should be number 50, if not 48 or 49

The only thing good about georgia is it is a neighbour of Florida

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