Top 10 Most Useless Things In Video Games

"Dude. That's most useless thing ever" Wanna be sure?

The Top Ten

1 Magikarp Magikarp

From Pokémon Series. Only move that he can move is "splash". Then: "Critical hit! " Just kidding. "Nothing happens". Pretty most useless thing.

Acutlly you can teach it bounce and tackle and splash but... It doesn't make it any better.

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2 Dr. Mario Dr. Mario

From Super Smash Bros. Melee. I ALREADY HAVE MARIO! WHY ARE YOU HERE?!

He's also in smash 4. Clone character as usual.

3 Toad that you must rescue

From New Super Mario Bros. Wii. What do you really there for? Giving me 3-up? Die you annoying guy!

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4 Mann co. Supply Crates

I don't think it is humanly possible to agree more (but the audition reels and others that wont contain weapons are slightly better)

From Team Fortress 2. "I'll waste money for a weapon that I already have" Next!

It's gambling. Spend like $3 for a key and get something awesome or

5 Villagers

From Minecraft. They are villagers wich is really stupid. "I'll give you a slimeball for 64 emeralds. " OH SHUT UP!

6 Slimeball

From Minecraft. They are just used to make sticky pistons. Other ways, It's just trash...

7 Negative Guy

From Earthbound/Mother series. He is badassest boss ever! Just kidding. "No way that I can win"

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8 Coins

From most platformer games. They are just decoration for me. (unless I collect 100 of them. It gives me 1-up. _. )

9 Marigold

From plants vs zombies. Dude. I REALLY don't care about money. GIVE ME SOMETHING USEFULL OR DIE!

10 Easter Eggs

From most games. If you disargee, IT'S NOT SUCKIEST THINGS! IT'S USELESS THINGS! Other ways, sure they are fun some times.

The Contenders

11 Lives

Whats the point these games are so easy the biggest example is Mario these games are so easy that you don't need those lives except for the Bowser part.

12 Map

From legend of Zelda. Doesn't do squat! Most pointless thing to get in a chest

This is one of the most ultimately useless things I can think of.

13 Rupoor

They are not olny useless, they are worst, they steel you 10 rupees. - lalosalamu00e1n

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14 Feebas
15 Metapod Metapod V 1 Comment
16 Fetch Quests
17 Jet - Fallout Series
18 Mr. Saturn - Super Smash Bros Brawl
19 Glass Joe Glass Joe
20 Traffic Lights in Gta
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