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21 Silverstream

People complain about Fire x Spotted being bad, they need to look back at Silverstream. I recently reread the original series and I couldn't stand Silverstream!
I know this is an unpopular opinion.
Any lines coming from here were usually either "My father's leader of Riverclan! " or "I love Graystripe! "
She sounds like such a spoiled brat, I can't believe I loved her character when I was younger. She is only memerable for her death.

22 Wagontiger

I don't even think this is a warrior cat..

...What? - Nikka

23 Clovertail
24 Mapleshade Mapleshade

Oh put my bibs on the list? GRRR

25 Hillkit

Never heard of this kit - Nikka

26 Stargleam
27 Starstarstar

What the heck - ThePjCat

28 Amberfall
29 Mistfrost
30 Mosskit Mosskit
31 Mosskit Mosskit
32 Rainflower
33 Dawnwhisker
34 Ashleaf
35 Mothwing
36 Eaglefur
37 Tawnypelt
38 Gray Wing

Hey, whoever posted this probably didn't read Dawn of the Clans because Gray Wing founded the Clans! - ThePjCat

I think you meant Clear Sky, not Graywing because I'm pretty sure that Graywing saved lives, established the clans, and helped everyone. - Nikka

39 Deerstar
40 Yakfur

Pretty sure this is a made up warrior cat. - Nikka

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