Top 10 Most Violent Video Games

Video games have had a reputation to be more of the violent genre of sub-culture, but usually within a limit. but some games seem to go all out in being violent.

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21 Resident Evil 5
22 Scarface The World Is Yours

Even though the movie was violent, it seems droul in comparison to this game

23 Mortal Kombat

Mortal kombat is much more violent than any other game on this list!

This game is so violent that I almost throw up blood SO BLOODY!

NUMBER 19?! SERIOUSLY?! WHY ISN'T THIS NUMBER 1? Not being biased but that's how I feel.

Kids play this somehow! Today's parents are IDIOTS!

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24 Manhunt 2

The only AO Rated game that got that rating strictly for violence that actually was released. The other was Thrill Kill, but was never officially released.

25 Doom

This game sparked a lot of controversy back in '93 because it looked ultra violent, even if it does not look that bad today, it was whole different story back then, when most games were surrounded by kid-friendlier themes rather than violent bloodbaths. If this list was made 20 years ago this game would have been very high on the list. If this list were FIXED, DOOM (2016) would have been high on this list as well.

Doom is a most violent video game

26 Grand Theft Auto III
27 Dead Space 2

Dead space is not bloody and violent the only time it gets REALLY BLOODY AND VIOLENT is that when you die trust me you will throw up when you die in this game

28 Dora Saves the Mermaids

So violent when my sister plays it she screams (because it so scary she got big fat ugly face) with a monkey called boots who wouldn't scream!

The hell? Oh my god! Who put...who put...what? Who...oh my god! Dora the explorer? This...this can't be right! I'm gone! I'm done with this!

Violent? A show for toddlers. This was put on here for a joke. Is the Teletubbies PlayStation game on here too?

What idiot put this on here? - Extractinator04

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29 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Even though there is not much blood, violence is prevelent in this game, up close and at range, it could demorilize anyone who is not used to it

30 Dead Island

This has a lot of gore indeed

31 Resident Evil 4

In my opinion one of the best games ever! But it gets gory when you blow up the enemies' heads.

32 The Walking Dead
33 Hatred

Would be top if it wasn't released so recently. - Extractinator04

I couldn't even watch the trailer for 15 seconds for this one... It's only on PC and It's rated AO... Hell the main objective of the game is killing people just for the sake of killing people

34 Brutal Doom
35 Counter Strike


36 Sniper Elite V2

Special 'x-ray shots' show the bullet travelling through the victim's body, tearing through organs and splintering bones.

37 Hello Kitty Cruisers

Dora The Explorer and Hello Kitty on list for violent games? Don't feed the trolls.

What moron put this on here? - Extractinator04

Horrifyingly violent

38 Gears of War
39 Ninja Gaiden II
40 Condemned 2: Bloodshot
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