Top 10 Most Violent Video Games

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41 Undertale

This game is for babies... no, no, FETUSES! Who put it on the list? No violence whatsoever, all of it is text. - Extractinator04


42 The Binding of Issac
43 Dora Saves the Mermaids

So violent when my sister plays it she screams (because it so scary she got big fat ugly face) with a monkey called boots who wouldn't scream!

The hell? Oh my god! Who put...who put...what? Who...oh my god! Dora the explorer? This...this can't be right! I'm gone! I'm done with this!

What idiot put this on here? - Extractinator04

Easily the most violent game ever.

44 Yandere Simulator V 1 Comment
45 True Crime: New York City V 5 Comments
46 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
47 Grand Theft Auto
48 Dead Rising 2
49 Soldier of Fortune
50 Splatterhouse

Was awarded "Bloodiest Game of E3", and has some brutal kills.

2010 is Very Violent. You can even rip apart their lungs

51 Prototype
52 Quake
53 The Darkness
54 Assassin's Creed

Very violent lost of killing.

55 Thrill Kill

Nothing to say, deserves being in this list as well

56 Tomb Raider (2013)
57 BioShock: Infinite
58 Phantasmagoria
59 Falling Fred
60 Harvester
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