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21 Healing Ability

If I had this ability I will no longer have to worry about facing anyone in to a fight.

So if my Bro beats me up (again) then healing powers is the best

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22 Weather Manipulation

It would be awesome to be able to control the weather you could do what ever you wanted

23 Shrinking Ability

It's always been my dream... It would be awesome to see the world from a small small point of view... Imagine the possibilities, you could sneak into places like a concert, or become an awesome spy that no one will see coming because your so small... And it's better than invisibility because you can do more than just hide but also change your size!

A smaller you means a bigger world that's ripe for exploration.

Id rather have a growing ability than a shrinking ability.

24 X-ray Vision

This would be good if you could choose to off/on it, unless you wouldn't mind looking at somebody you wouldn't want to see without their clothes - zKyuda

I have wanted x-ray vision all my life. Just think about all the things that you could do. It would be awesome. Just think. And I don't mean just looking at people's bones. I mean metal, walls, clothes, everything!

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25 Invincibility

You'll be like black widow. Awesome

You'll be unstoppable with this.

26 Excellent Night Vision
27 Omnilingualism

The ability to speak any language known to the world would be extremely useful.

28 Omnipotence

I think people just don't look at the lower half of the list because if they did and saw this, then they would look it up and read what it meant. It means, by definition, "the quality of having unlimited or very great power." So basically, you'd have every single power on this list and more. You can do ANYTHING! Fly, turn your sister into a hampster, become 700 feet tall, restore the earth's fossil fuels, make a mansion appear with 5,000 rooms for you to live in, make people love you, and so, so much more! This is by far the best superpower.

How is this power not at number one? If a omnipotent being came up to me and asked if I wanted to have omnipotence ( whenever it was omnipotence that was weaker than the one that gave it to me or the same level or (most likely not gonna happen ) stonger than there's ( I know its called above all but its omnipotence it can do anything and you are using logic and sence which omnipotence is above and like I said earlier it is most or beyond unlikely that it will give me omnipotence stonger than its own and might never give me super powers or omnipotence at all but who knows) but anyway if it did offer omnipotence I would say yes.

This should be number 1 I mean you can do whatever you want wether it defies logic or not so basically God

Of course this is the best option if I had this power I would make a more intelligent race to help us humans along

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29 Cryokinesis
30 Power Over the Elements

All the power over earth, sky, water, and fire. So wind, tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, and lightning for sky, mountains, earthquakes, boulders, rocks, asteroids, meteors, comets, and planets for earth, oceans, waves, tsunamis, floods, and river for water, and fire and lava for fire. #OP - AbduZine

31 Control Time

Step one, I'll never be late and spend more time on fun stuff. Step two, go back and start over so that you can do the correct way including asking a girl on a date. Step three, make time go fast so that you're ready to watch your favorite T.V. show. I would use this superpower to make my life perfect.

Umm yeh, you could go anywhere and do anything, you could see the future past and present it would be a better version of doctor who

CONTROL TIME... I thing that's enough said.

32 Mind Reading

Come on, don't you wonder what they truly think about you?

Your thinking the same thing that I'm thinking. This power needs to be 1st.

What if she likes you and your to shy to ask her out

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33 Make Anyone Love You

Are you a bit messed in the brain you could do that and much more with that useful none sad loner style power

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34 Danger Intuition
35 Magic
36 Electrokinesis

I think this is an AMAZING superpower! Just think about how strong lightning is. Also, Couldn't you turn into a lightning bolt to fly? And to be fast? (Isn't that why there's the saying "as fast as lightning") And this power obviously has many MANY more awesome ways to use it!

37 Talk to Animals
38 Materialization V 1 Comment
39 Freeze Ray

Just Like Gru From despicable me

40 Cellular Regeneration

You wouldn't really feel bad because basically a new person is living on. Also, how did you find cellular regeneration? I learned it from so your a superhero "doctor who special"!

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