Australian SAS


The Australian SAS are trained to an exceptionally high level both physically and mentally. They are the most head strong team in the world and the percentage of gaining access into the regiment is under 8%. They are just as good if not better than the british SAS and in my opinion better than the Navy Seals. They are trained to be both experts in water and air services and not just specialise in one certain aspect but to be just as good as a specifically trained team in the water and the air.

The SASR is one of the finest Tier One special operations units in the world. It should be ranked one below, if not right alongside the British SAS. They have intense training, don't let anyone but the best in, and they have some of the most advanced military equipment in the world. Their tenacity is also an important factor.

The training for the Sas is crazy hard here in Australia. In harsh conditions and training with heavy loads in groups, it really tests the mental and physical strength. Although even after doing the selection course, there is still 70% chance you will get kicked out of the sas even after the selection course, their is still many more challenges and tasks to do after the selection course. It is crazy tough and that has really paid off. The completions in the last 30 years speak for themselves. Vietnam, Somalia, East Timor, Afghanistan, Iraq and now in Syria/ Iraq.

Being ranked as no. 21 is a load of bull. Just because the SASR is only a small force does not make them less effective. They go into place the top 1-10 couldn't get into. So, who ever decided on the ranking knows nothing of what the SASR does and should do the research not just on opinions.

Australian SAS should be rank 2, The British an Aussies basically are the same SAS...

Due to the popularized Hollywood nature of higher "ranked" special forces, the Australian SAS is ranked lower than most other special forces which is bewildering as many missions Aus SAS has participated in the SEALs and British SAS has refused to take part in due to their highly dangerous nature. If this list was based on merit the Aussie SAS would be in at least the top 5

Should be equal number one they saved the navy seals in Afghanistan after they got shot down and got such a good rep in Vietnam that they were called the phantoms of the forest

I know a guy who served in the Australian Army. He was a freak of nature. He was a physical and mental specimen of grand proportions. He wasn't good enough to get in the Australian SAS. enough said.

More deaths in training then in combat

I would put the Australian SAS in the top 5. They are know for thinking outside the square. Not to detract from their war fighting ability, as diplomats in the field there are none better. The Australian SAS seem to have a knack of getting on with the local populations. Better to make friends than enemies.

Not sure how Aus SAS is 12th after it is considered by most countries around the world to be the best 2nd only to the British SAS not to mention the test course is the hardest physical and mental military course in the entire world and has a fail rate over 94%

The Aussie SAS are very trained soldiers and even better then the British SAS. It is because they don't waist too many bullets shooting enemies and are better trained in bush survival. This means that the Aussie SAS should go on the number 1 on the list, in my opinion.

Seeing how first of this special force unit isn't that well know and has reach this high spot should show how could they are as well as the country population. 2nd the Australian SAS which is actually called the SASR Special Air Service Regiment is based off of the SAS which is regarded as the best special force unit in the world this should reflect how good they. 3rd these soldiers have a lot of experience they fought in manipulable war including the war in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan along side the Americans in these war and more then proved themselves to be one of the best.

Aussies are the greatest, plain and simple.

The training program came from the British SAS which is voted number one, we may be a smaller version of the British SAS, but the Australian SAS is just as trained and dangerous

If our Police force (see SERT A.K.A Queensland SWAT) can have the same training as a Navy SEAL, what does that make our special forces?
The biggest difference between the SAS in Australia and the SEALs is the funding. They have better funding, so they can afford better equipment - the main reason being that Australia doesn't blow about a trillion a year on an overlarge military. Our SAS is modelled off of the British one, and trains in tougher conditions than most other special forces in the world.
We get the job DONE. Britain has skill, and tradition behind it; their SAS deserves top spot. America, for all their prowess, has a big population, budget and a movie industry promoting their "skill" and "power" - not to mention their nuclear dick-waving. And we (Aussies) sure as hell don't piss on dead terrorists.

The most underrated in this group, should be win the top three. Can infiltrate areas which British and US special forces could not.

Same level as the british SAS better that the navy seals...

You want bad ass try these guys. During East Timor they sent only 50 of them as well as NZL SAS and they killed up to 200 Indonesian soldiers in one night. Trained using British SAS methods and also train a lot with seals. But I'm might be biased.

Highest kill rate of all special forces in the Vietnam war

More Australian SAS have died in training than in combat... There training most be pretty brutal right?

Most dedicated and gutsy special force on this planet - I just can't believe the ranking!

Australian SAS is the best and I'm not saying that solely because I'm Australian myself even though I kind of am.

The most underrated SF unit in the world, however I think the SASR prefer it that way. TOP 3 without a doubt. Those Aussie's are amazing and that's coming from an retired US Marine who was lucky enough to serve along side them. God Bless.

Whoever did this list doesn't know much about the subject. The Aussie SAS are by far the best of the best.