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SAS are the most highly trained unit in the world, there is no doubt about this. They were created by Colonel David Sterling during world war 2 for 1 purpose to destroy the Nazi war machine. All special forces base their training off the SAS training. I'm not putting down any of the other special forces because they are all great units (and yes the SEALS did kill the most wanted) but during the war in 15 months the SAS destroyed over 250 aircraft, dozens of supply dumps, wrecked railways and telecommunications and put hundreds of Nazi vehicles out of action and also killed a massive number of enemy soldiers. And lets not the Iranian Embassey siege in 1980 when the SAS proved to the world how good they were, there was a massive demand from foreign governments for the expertise of the SAS that they wanted for their special forces. There is plenty of evidence to support that the SAS are the best. I served in the British Army and I can honestly say that a number of soldiers from the ...more

A CIA operative captured by Taliban in Afghanistan hours from his death rescued by SAS as preferred by US defense Department and not by the Delta Force or the much highly-touted Navy SEALS Team from their own Special Forces group is an evidence that SAS are more capable and more skilled than their US counterpart

I'm American and have good working knowledge of most special forces in the world. I'm not sure how the seals got to no2. I would say 4th at best, maybe simply that there are more of us have access to vote.
The SAS are in my professional opinion the most respected and most diverse and well trained fighting force in the world. Physical training in top four is very similar, but the SAS go much further than physical endurance. Nobody has the experience or all round expertise.
Others are very very good and some more specialised, but my vote goes with the British, sorry guys, I'm a patriot but be I have to be honest.

The fact you are left out in the wilderness to eat worm omelettes and find dead sheep poisoning your water source for five days with 100 commandos with German shepherds that have your scent following you. Oh and you can't be spotted by the locals they have been told to report you if they spot you. After 5 grueling days you are captured by the Commandos for 36 hours without sleep or food and water. Oh wait the way to get water is for a face cloth to be put over your head while being restrained and having your lungs filled up with water. You'll be beat up, have your finger nails pulled off your fingers and if you have a fear of spiders or snakes they use that as well. After 36 hours that is only the end of selection. So the sorry Americans saying the SEALs are still better take time to consider this.

Even in their infancy, the sas were used in small groups. Highly trained and well equipped they are the go to guys for activities that normal units would not attempt. The rescue of westerners by the sas from the westside boys is a good example. 60 plus enemy dead or captured and hostages free with one injury to a trooper. Then they allowed the paras to take the credit! Truly special. That said, aren't all special forces elite by definition?

Many countries have caught up by a large degree although if you're going to rank these forces then 22 SAS have to be ranked as number 1 based on their sheer experience. This can be said of the British Army in general. During the entire 20th century the only year a British soldier wasn't killed was in 1962 (this is how battle hardened they are) and all SAS soldiers are drawn from HM forces rather than from the street so 22 SAS soldiers will have on average 7/8 years experience within a combat Regiment before they even apply for 22 SAS selection. Tradition is a very powerful variable and the more you do something... The better you get at it.

Not even close. Normal people abnormal skill set and constant training. Like the aviation industry after a crash they debrief, learn, adapt and implement new skills. Every field of expertise but sometimes let down with support and equipment yet they can improvise and nearly always get the job done to spec. Just wish they had the US budget. No hiding place there unlike most other SF who have some right oddballs who wouldn't be let anywhere ear the SAS. Best by far except the physically imposing SBS who generally come from the best force in the world the Royal Marines. What maybe let's them down in some covert operations is they're all six foot three very handsome and stick out as military through and through. The SAS are all shapes sizes and looks. Well done boys and any SBS please don't come and knock on my door!

SAS are the benchmark for elite forces around the world. They train and train and evolve and train some more. Their tactics are forever improving and unique leaving the enemy guessing. The mental and physical resilience of these guys are what stands out. They aren't bothered about glory or making a name. They just want to get the job done with the least issues as possible. What sets them apart is they are ordinary guys who you wouldn't stand out in a crowd. Often referred as "grey men" they fit anywhere and everywhere and yet are extremely focused, very highly trained and fearless in their approach without being stupid.

Do not know all that much about them, apart from what THEY want you to know. I am British, male, and so know the T.V. , paper, book, propaganda, however from what I have read, seen on documentaries, papers, mags, Internet, films etc if half of it was true they bloody rock! They have have been doing there stuff for decades, and train other 'special forces' around the world. I have met ex members of the SAS and one SBS, and oddly they all seemed quite normal, and yet as we know ultimate elite trained killers, everyone of them.
The SBS former soldier was however a different breed. If the SAS were dogs this guy was a wolf. He made my blood run cold.
Whenever I here the name SAS I think of four things which always spring to mind

1) I once saw an advert for a T.V. program about these guys and it had a glass with an eyeball in it. The caption read" to you this is a Sheep eye in a glass, to an SAS soldier, it is a glass or water"
2) a mate of mine lent me a book ...more

This is coming from a patriotic american but the SBS is truly the worlds supreme fighting force. With intense training not different than that of a SEALs these guys take the cake. Of course, no soldier is as well trained at hand to hand combat as the american MILITARY POLICE. I do still love the SAS and SBS

These should be number one. There training is so intense it's unreal, they have great military knowledge plus they're fast thinking and could complete any possible mission. They're highly trained to fight, they have survival skills, common sense and they will never leave a man behind.. Dead or alive.

Anonymous normal no oddballs. Constantly adapting and learning much like aviation disasters. Flexible, extremely well trained in all theatres and despite not having US budgets nearly always get the job done to spec. Ably supported by SIS and GCHQ these guys are not ever found bragging or they'd be on the train platform at Hereford on the way back to their former unit. Leadership through experience and skill not by former rank even officers. By far the best no question. Don't forget the SBS either, probably more physically imposing coming mostly from the Royal Marines but far too tall good looking and military body language to do the quiet infiltration work in city's like the SAS. However both the best special forces in the world. Just need the US budgets even though they still get the job done. Well done guys for your work out of the spotlight - LEDIoTexpert

Special Air Service is the worlds best all round special forces each soldier is trained in counter terrisom, close protection, long range recce mission they are the best shooters in the world the have one of the hardest selection courses and that's not even training ex-members have said you can be in there and not learn all of the skills the regiment so the are number one followed by SBS and Seal team six.

American SF? Although highly competent and respected they are still a very poor second place to th most highly trained elite unit in the world! God bless the British special units.

Although every special forces unit are highly trained and highly skilled at battle, SAS are an elite fighting force with the most physically and mentally demanding training in the world. In conclusion it is quite clear that the worlds most professional special forces unit belongs to Britain. Who dares wins.

The pilgrim fathers of the Special Forces scene, the oldest, most experienced, respected unit of which many other countries have modelled their elite soldiers on or have even been trained by (Delta Force, Sayeret Matkal, etc) No 2 who are you kidding laugh out loud

As mentioned before, the SAS are the grandfather of all Special Forces, the first unit to have full-scale military command and control in any environment on a level beyond just infiltration. It goes so much further that other units I.E. counter-terrorism, espionage, civilian infiltration. Think Northern Ireland to Oman, Malaya to Falklands... And many many places in-between.

There is another aspect that sets this breed apart, and that is subtlety. You would never know you had even met as SAS officer, serving or not serving, there is no bravado, just the best trained special unit soldiers in the world. Also, by far the most active,... Used operationally in every single year since formation during the early years of WW2... No argument. And I'm not even a Brit

Without a doubt the most elite force in the world. No one knew they existed until they had no choice. Whilst a lot of military forces around the world go on exercise together, the SAS invariably train them and or got them off the ground. As strong as ox's, as fit as Olympians and crazy smart when it comes to determination and adaptability, no one compares. They are a big part of the reason no one would screw with the UK, bar the nuclear power they possess.

The only special forces to successfully carry out a mission live, on T.V. ! They are the model for special forces today, stressing a broad and varied education and personal initiative. The depth of even an SAS private's understanding of counterterrorism and counter-insurgency is far beyond other special forces.

All the special forces in this list are fit, hard and dedicated. The SAS are fit, hard, dedicated and smart.

Not much between the worlds top special forces nowadays, as many interact with each other and share ideas and training. However, going by the sheer experience and number of operations they have been involved in, the SAS must be considered the top dog of special forces.

They are the elite! "Who dares wins" they don't like all the photos and publicity they just get on with the job. They have the best training in the world every sf look up to the sas as the best that's a fact!

The British sas and the sbs are by far without doubt the superior in this matter. They don't need specialised kits to get the job done. Sas. Are counter intelligence. They don't accidentally kill there allies in shoot outs. They work in teams of 4 and there training is by far the hardest. Many people who have tried doing the test have died. They are to the best terrorised to breaking point. Made to feel like they are going to die are combatant in articles warfare seaman ship. Desert warfare.

Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt the best special forces in the world along with the SBS. Lengthy, tough training is by far further in depth than any other special forces and will probably stay that way. These guys, hands down, are the best in the world.

The British SBS ( Special Boat Service ) Part of the SAS is actually far more skilled and trained that the SAS... Little is known about the SBS due to its Low profile and high training standards and techniques.

Hands down the most elite in the world. They have to endure such tests that would easily kill any other human including a 36 hour interrogation to break the persons will. Only the strongest make it past this stage. The mixed with mi5 training they become the worlds most elite far superior to any other special forces. Although the navy seals aren't exactly shabby too say the least. One thing I have to say is that SAS soilders are like navy seals + James bond. We can all agree on this being at the top now.