A MARCO was sent to the US to train with the SEAL team as an exchange programme. The MARCO (not named here) topped the course. However, if given a chance, he chooses to repeat the training imparted by the US Navy SEALs as it was much easier when compared to the brutal hard training done by the Indian MARine COmmandoS.


I think indian commando are the best in the world because the condition in which they trained is like hell.

A priced possession of the Indian armed forces, they're the one of the best badasses in this field. Have access to best equipment available from Russia to USA (thanks to Indian diplomatic relations. ) Dare not under estimate this lethal weapon as it is considered to be unwise by all who have faced it (ask pak military, kashmiri rebels and Taliban) Close ally of SEALs, spetsnaz and SAS. Many joint operations and war games conducted with those elite units last decade. So clandestine that most of there ops are classified. Possess underwater assault gear. Capable of being deployed from subs, warships, amphibious vehicles, choppers, airplanes. So you might estimate their elite status.

They are primarily trained along the pattern of the US Navy SEALs along with further training with the British SAS and compulsary training at CIJW (Guerrilla warfare) in Vairangte. The marsh landscape there and the difficulties in survival alone set them apart as a special group. This school has been used by US soldiers (with permission of course) in the past for additional training as they saw it fit to give them a demonstration of what true jungle warfare with means or no means is like.

Next comes training in High Altitude Warfare, Desert Warfare, training with counterparts (Para School, Indian SF and Parvat Ghatak Schools). A MARCO must also be a highly skilled combat diver as well as Naval Anti-Piracy specialist (he's a navy personnel after all). Training for anti-hijacking operations is also scheduled for the ones passing out (just in case).

Next comes operations from submarines and submersible craft training.

Intelligence training is a vital part of a marine ...more

Often tagged as The "Dadhiwalee fauj" (bearded Army) by the most dreaded terrorist on the planet. MARCOS are the only Special Force along With Us Navy SEALS which Can fight in water bodies with full fledged weapon. The men are not only recruited by there Physical Toughness but also by the Iron man test which includes Mental Assertive tests.. A total of 28 Marcos Defeated 1600+ Pakistani rangers near the Pok. There are lot of tough Special forces like GSG9, Spetsnaz, SAS and Navy Seals... It would be hell of a competition but then The diversified Training of marcos come into Being.. They are truly One Of the Best Forces in the World

The are physically more trained than sas and navy seals. Though the budget may be low but they make it up by better tactics and spirit.

Indian commandos the MARCOS are the best in the world. the paki SSG are nothing in comparison to our brave MARCOS. Highly trained to undertake any missions under any geographical, topographical conditions and of course globally. This elite group has undertaken missions to defend our country and has also rendered service to friendly nations with honour & dignity. On behalf of our NATION I SALUTE of brave warriors of MARCOS. Proud to be Indian because of this elite unit. JAY HIND. We are the projected superpower post 2020.

Indian Navy MARCOS is believed to be one of the most secretly operating special forces of India.. It is believed to have involved itself with the assassinations of many Pakistani Generals and Think Tanks during the Kargil War whom Pakistan reported to have gone missing under mysterious circumstances. Although India does not make any official claims regarding this operation to be conducted by MARCOS.. Intelligence from different intelligence agencies like ISI, MOSSAD, GRU and CIA claim MARCOS to be behind these disappearances which left the Pakistan Army with a shortage of Policy and Strategy Makers ultimately leading to the amazing victory of the Indian Army over Pakistan's 10th Mountain Regiment along with Pak army supported Mujahiddin Terrorists!

I am pretty sure they deserve one of the top three spots. they are highly trained Indian Army officials who now have the weapons as lethal as possible. only 2 out of 100 who apply are selected and 50% out of whom are selected are removed within the first few weeks. they train for all kinds of assaults and are ready to go through any kind of tortures. the Indian Army keeps their total strength classified, but they are supposed to be just 2000 in numbers.

Your view is very tempting. Of course MARCOS are good. But not beast at all. Obviously they are not beast physically and mentally trained. But they are undoubtedly beast at the front of emotional training.

They may not be as old as seals, but make no mistake, they are well experienced. In fact the wikipedia article reads that in the MARCO-SEAL exchange program, the MARCO wasn't facing to much difficulties to pass the SEAL tests. Plus the hard mental training gives the edge over seals. The comparison between seals and marcos is useless, as both differs in goal and structure.

They should have been on top. It doesn't make sense that British forces top the list just because they started it first. When it comes to warfare, MARCOS is the best. Their success rate is 100% compared with the success rate of NAVY SEAL's 70%. In fact they easily outrank any of the world's special forces in all military exercises conducted anywhere at any given point of time. They are unbeaten by any special forces in the world as they proved it by topping the joint exercises seven out of eight times.

Yes these MARCOS are more powerful than all those forces in planet. The only thing you people don't know more about this force because most of the missions done by these people are kept confidential.

I do not agree what so ever with this statement. The SEALs train for years plus and do the toughest missions out there. They have to pass the strongest military training in the world and also have done the toughest missions. The SEALs are an extremely versatile fighting force

Indian MARCOS is one of the best force in world. If Indian government give the full power to this force then this force could be become first. But India is peace loving country. So this force use for Defense rather attacking purpose.
God bless India

Definitely one of, if not THE best special forces in the world. If they're trained in espionage or counter-espionage, and equipped with better technology, they're unbeatable.

The marcos are the elite force based on US navy seals and can attack from land, sea and air. Carry very sophisticated weapons and are capable of carrying out covert missions. Tough guys!

They undergo for 3 year course of training and few of them die during the training.

In an Exchange program a marcos was exchanged with navy seals...not only did he topped the program he even said he'd go through US program again if he has to as it's a breeze walk... Compared to the training and competition at Indian camps...

And on the other side of the world navy seal commander did complete the course but was way behind compared to marcos counterparts

Soon it will come at first position

I guess, they have advantage over other forces in terms of experience. On the training front all forces are equally good, but kind of terrain India has and with many internal and external conflicts India has been involved in, they have some experience.

Professionals. Indian Army Para Commandos are equally good. They are effective and perhaps more battle hardened.

The one who has written must know in Myanmar para commandos operated not MARCOS and officially no. Of MARCOS is classified and according to Wikipedia these are almost equal to navy seal's so automatically they are superior to ssg of Pakistan and Pakistan still don't have enough budget to put on there real warfare training to world class standards.

Ultimate among the best of commandos in the world. reason being constant exposed to all types of terrorism, terrain and history of regiments which are many centuries old and is a constant motivating factor for individuals some of are many generations into it.