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41 Sri Lankan Special Task Force

Thought they lack the technology that most others have, these men have the heart, desire and the discipline to overcome any situation with the minimum of available resources that they are offered. So imagine if they can do so much with so little what would happen if they were to be equipped with more technologically advanced weapon systems, they would do things that others can only imagine. This is why the Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) is one of the best in the world.

Sri lankan version of the SWAT that destroyed one of the largest terrorist organizations on earth

They have only very little technical advancements compared to any other special force in the world. And if they had the required funds to afford for technological aspects, they will be the best among the best.

They are incredibly skilled but don't have the technology
And they got rid of the dreaded LTTE

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42 Danish Huntsmen Corps

The danish huntsmen corps has several times been the best special unit on NATO drills..

Highest ranked in Nato competitions

One of the best forces in the world. Highest ranked competitions. Beaten the record for the US Rangers by 2 danish Huntsmen. Huntsman no. 1 and the inventer of the corps, helped adjusting the SAS training courses.

They always crush times on drills, be it in nato or when visiting other special forces training camps. If anything they are likely the most fit of all the special forces.

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43 Canadian Special Force

Come on now where do you get this bull statistic the Canadians are the top 10 best that's for sure there special forces are second to none the best special forces in the world there is a reason they are secretive that's why no one know how to rank them

Canada shows so much potential and they trained huge amount of spies for the British and the Americans. They prove them selves over and over again. But of course barely any of what they do get told to the outside world. During world war one they proved them selves and won huge battles and the spies Canada trained helped them so much in the second world war.

What! This should be in the top ten. Canada has one of the best special forces group in the world. They trained Britain and American spies in World War Two! Just let me know when this list is legit!

I am Canadian

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44 Brazilian Comandos FE

They are the best in South America.

Any other military force in the jungle will cry like spoiled girls while the Brazilian EF kick their asses in the dark.
That's why Brazil never been invaded.

In the jungle they rocks...


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45 People's Liberation Army Special Operations Forces

9 military regions in China, each has its own special operation unit. Each unit has resource equal to a middle country. Huge human resource allow the units choose best of best even the criteria is extremely strict. Units in xinjiang and xinan regions have extensive practical combat experience. Had actual combat with usa seals in Burrma... Has the invincible close combat skills. Hi-tech equipment behind seals. Absolute devotion. Well trained kill machine. Nightmare of enemy. Personal opinion, ranked after spetnaz (inhuman training) and Israel special force (fight for survival). US force is too much rely on the technique and Hollywood propaganda.

Perfect individual skills, no fear to death.
The equipment is updating very fast. Supported by the great improvement in hi-tech weapons, they have step into the first class as well as seal, spetnaz. I just very surprised that Indian force is listed here... Do vegetarians have combat effectiveness? Unbelieveble.

Indian forces are know amateur. I can't believe it is here.
Chinese PLA Special Force once ranked number 1 at Venezuela's "Hunter School".

46 Nepalese Armed Forces

Some of the best, Even the British were impressed

Nepalese ranger force is similar to US ranger. US ranger comes to exchange their training and experience with brave and excellent Nepali ranger force.

One of the best special force in the world.. The country where gorkhali are...


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47 French Foreign Legion

Very consistent operators with an impeccable record to date and multi capability factor with unparalleled flexibility and fast response in all theatres make this a definite force to be reckoned with. The REP is definitely the best and is on record as being such in the present world. Their use previously during the Suez crisis prevented a British mess up to put it lightly.

The best of the best taking out those Taliban like it's done

They are the best of the best. I heard that in their training most of the carporal are messed up in cocaine beating up the recruiters.

Its amazing what they can do.

The legion are fearless when it comes to the fight there motto should be ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, ANYWHERE. at least these guys d,don't runaway from a fight. NE PAS SUBIR.

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48 Vietnam Đặc Công

Hard Training event used only simple weapon..

Silent but deadly, simple but efficent.

VC beat America

They sunk many American aircraft and battleship in Viet Nam war, they're the main force cause the massive sabotages at hundred places in 1968 tet offensive. That also mean very many place was success. Better than Korean and American Special force in battle, force them gone mad and revenge on civiliant while they can't catch any Viet Cong Đặc C�'ng. They're the reason cause "Viet Nam war" syndrome in and after the war. Many soldiers used to fight in Viet Nam was gone mad and can't get a good sleep because the fear of Viet Cong. And Vietnam Đặc C�'ng are the first peoples made America and the world put "Comando" or "Special force" in to the Dictonary.

49 Forsvarets Spesialkommando

Regarded as one of the top special forces in the world by William H. McRaven, United States naval admiral. He previous served as commander of Joint Special Operations Command. This unit has one of hardest military education in Norway, physically and mentally. Even to to be regarded as a candidate you must be in a very good shape. And after a minimum of two years training and service in the harsh condition of Norwegian nature well,well...

Definitely the most well-rounded special forces in the world in terms of battleconditions. Arctic, jungle, desert and forest in all four seasons.

Definitely one of the most skilled special forces in the world.

The British SAS regarded FSK training as suicidal, as you would have to para drop onto an oil rig in the northern sea during a storm.

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50 Austrian EKO Cobra

Best one!

51 Somalia Special Forces Unit Alpha Group

They are honestly horrible it makes no sense how they have any votes. A JROTC student could beat them in a firefight

52 Lithuanian Special Operation Forces - Aitvaras

One of the most elite Special Forces in 2013.

U. S soldiers say that they are one of the best

Elite Special forces. They should be on the top 15.

Recognised by NATO as the best of the best.

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53 Chinese Special Forces

They win all competition no problem. Strong and fierce never estimate them.

Best in the world

hey boy

Rice n Noodles lmao

54 Belgian Special Forces Group

Must be on top 15

Clearly they didn't make some research about the Belgian Special Forces Group...


They beat navy seals and got 3 in a head to head "fight" with other special forces

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55 Danish Frogman Corps

The Danish Frogman Corps requires a 9 month hard training. That's 3 months longer than the US Navy Seals. Also, many other countries, like British train their soldiers with the Frogman Corps. Like SAS.

Amazing I love them

Lol How are they not in top 3


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56 New Zealand Special Air Service

Just ask the Brits...

Again just ask the Brits

Honestly deserve to be ranking close if not on par with the British. The NZSAS are breed from the toughest throughout the country, and New Zealand offers such diverse terrain in which the SAS take advantage of in their extensive training. About 4 make in through the training in each intake of hundreds. Kiwi's are tough bastards. Who Dares Wins.

Should be I top 10

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57 South African Recce

Internationally recognised as among the best in the world, second only the British SAS in Bush Warfare, and being the unit that has faced the broadest range of enemies in the entire world. From Spetsnaz to North Korean special forces, Insurgents from all around the world to Cuban forces. You name the Currently or Formally Communist country, and the Recces have fought them, and won.

The Recces have the longest training program in the world for any special forces, nearly a year and a half, and have among the lowest graduation rates in the entire world - just 8%. They have an exemplary record - maybe not one of the longest in the world, but one of the most successfull - dating back to the early 60s.

Ask the professionals, if you want to go up against the best, look no further than the Recces! Tough, resilient and never quit!

Best ever! Always outnumbered but they get it done

Recce a world force.. The best of the best.

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58 Quds Force, IRGC Iran

Ranked in the top ten in the world, this list seems biased since India is #2 and Pakistan is #5, both countries have good special forces the US green berets are better than those two.

Laugh out loud, this list is just laugh out loud-ish!

Iranian Quds force is among the most feared special forces in world. their trainers were among the best trainers of the world from SAS and US special command. now in this list they rank behind Lithuanian air port security :D just laugh out loud. they're among top ten forces in world.

Wikipedia: The force is described as "active in dozens of countries".

Well. they are fighting isis and have defeated them badly. I guess sth is wrong with this list. These guys have catched like 200 isis terrorists in iran last year. While iran is located right near isis you expect it to be under terrorist attacks all the time but only 12 people have been killed in terrorist attacks up to now. But in france for instance a couple of hundred people have died in isis terrorist attacks which means quds army is doing a lot better.

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59 Malaysian GGK (Grup Gerak Khas)

Real commando and don't fear anything.

Damn.. Ggk Commando helped us Army.. The black hawk down.

GGK Commando is the best, as they are trained in a very hard situation. that's why it's the Most Respected Special Forces. watch the video on YouTube and you will get what I'm trying to say. toughest course for the best position in the army. I would say GGK is the same as the Navy SEALs

Watch the documentary and you'll know why

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60 National Security Guard (NSG)

Special force who work on ground not only paper

Good commands

We are Indian

I like NSG India...jai Hindu

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