Top 10 Most Well Trained Special Forces On Earth

The world's heros who are ready to do the hardest missions.

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81 Sri Lankan Black Ops (LRRP - Mahasohon Brigade)

This is a hell of a touch selection

They have proved what they can do..

Nothing likes anything

This group led a terrorist organization deadlier than Al-Quaeda to talk about peace, how? because they scared the crap out of the most brutal terrorist organization.

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82 707th Special Mission Battalion

They are one of the best special forces in the world and they are from the Republic of Korea. They train with Delta Force and Green Berrets of the USA. 707th Special Mission Battalion isn't popular like others but they are better than some special forces that people voted to be included in the top ten. This special force from South Korea should be in the top 10.

Best counter terrorist force

Make Impossible Possible

Should be better known!

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83 Colombian AFEAU

Best and most well trained

The best of the best of Colombian special forces from all military branches (Army, Navy and Police) get selected and retrained to make one of the most effective counter-terrorist/guerrilla forces in the world, 8 out of 12 times champions of the "fuerzas comando" tournament held by the USA SOCSOUTH where Colombians have beaten Guatemalan Kaibiles in their own home, a tournament that American Green Berrets, Navy seals and Delta Forces have never won being their best just come 2nd behind the Colombians. the outstanding performance of this Colombian Special Forces have won the trust and admiration of the American Goverment giving them the task to train other armies world wide due to their effectiveness

AFEUR/AFEAU special forces abilities have been constantly tested in real battlegrounds in their home country and foreign countries 24/7 365 with outstanding results the Colombian Commandos are one of the most combat active special forces in the world with a incredible rate of enemy ...more

84 Indian Special Frontier Force

The most secretive special force in the world.

Indian do anything for mother country

They basically the research & analysis wing's agent.
Formed with tibetan refugees' at present there strength is around 10000.

It's better to die like a heros"

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85 Afghan Special Forces

They are the best force in the world but only need training and equipment, I think afghan nation is the bravest nation in the world without fear of death

They are the best in the world proud of them

One of the best special forces in Asia.

They are one of the most fearless Special forces that fight the top terreriots groups in the world and clear some of the most complicated rescue missions and oeprations in heavely civilian area with no civilian casualities.

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86 United States Delta Force

Should be a lot higher

What the!? This is probably the 2nd best here!

Why is there 2 Delta Force in this list?

What the hell!

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87 Indian Garud Commando Force

This group is best commando unit of air force

This is the best group in whole world

No words to say they r the best

They r best forces

88 Czech URNA

They have the best sniper in the world. That is proved.

They sould be in top 3


89 O.Y.K (Hellas)

The selection and training course lasts roughly seven months and is divided into three phases similar to that of the US Navy SEALs BUD/S course. The course has an extremely high failure rate similar to that of its US counterparts. The candidates will go on to airborne school and then continue to learn advanced naval special warfare techniques.

Strong men that are not afraid of death

Respect to the best

The best men Greece has to offer.Respect

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90 Sayeret Matkal (Israel)

Unit has a long history of operations going back into 1960.

They are more Similar to the Delat Force than to the SEALs. Well trained, the best people. Has a long history of successful operations, and in Israel they are considered as the best special forces, even better than the Shayetet 13.

They train hard, doing their operations, ineeded fans.

91 Peshmerga

The best in the world

Just name is enough...!

They are good

They are terrorist

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92 Kenyan D Company

Trains with the best like British SAS. one of the best special operations units in Africa.

Best of the best

It's now called 30 SF Regiment. Highly trained by UK SAS

What of the Kenyan RECCE squad.The name of the country here ranks..but these countries kenya,egypt are having complete soldiers in combact and on the ground they can survive more than they are rated

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93 Indian Commandos 101

Indian commandos is highly trained and this is the best commandos around the world

When commandos r here then there is no fear

94 FOS Romania

Manny foreign forces are training with them in Romania...

Why is this no 142 when someone said that the somalian forces are bad and they still are at number 61 or smth what


The Canadian Secret Intelligence Service is so covert that it is nearly impossible to find pictures of members, unless, of course, that member is a higher up, like the director. They currently have agents posted all over the world. Not much is known about CSIS but some things have been leaked by the press and the "hacktivist" group Anonymous. - hockey787

96 German Kampfschwimmer

Our german Kampfschwimmer are a real Elite Force, they should be under the top ten
I mean they're second home is the water, they are professionals in the water like no other one

97 Polish JWK

The same level like GROM. Special forces component in Polish Army is absolutely World top class no matter which unit we're talking about.

One of the best in the world. Same as Grom the are well trained and equipped. They do a lot of better job than US in Afghanistan

At this time JWK is equal with grom, they are working together but they are trained to quite different things, and we also have more special forces: AGAT, FORMOZA

98 Philippine NAVSOG

Jungle tracking & warfare is their speciality ; They see an enemy they kill it with precision!

One of the best elite in the Philippines

Great force when it comes to Jungles!

These guys do more with less now there doing more with more!

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99 United States Air Force Tactical Air Control Party

High speed airborne

Some bad mofos


Marines claim they r first ones in a hot spot but someones gotta be on the ground to tell them wats going on. That's a TACP. The discussion is best trained so there is no question its an US Air. Force unit. Extremely high technical skills highest edcuted. TACPs are dropped and live amoung inhabbitants to direct air strikes and Air borne drops.

100 Lithuanian ARAS

They are good, but Aitvaras better than ARAS

Best anti-terroristic force in Europe

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