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141 Unit 777

They have the hardest training plans in the world and they are the most well trained units in the world

Egypt First all the time

Egyptian soldiers are peaceful and do not attack anyone, yet, they train everyday of their lives. Hearts of steel and true men! People can vote for all they want but the most commercialised military unit will be voted the best because of its popularity.. However, when it comes to single manpower, CQC, CQB, self defense, fitness, marksmanship, land, air and sea trained.. Also, survival experts of the dessert... Do your research because there is a more superior force in the Egyptian military which rank higher than unit 777 but I shall not reveal the identity. On Wikipedia, there is 3 lines written about the unit and that's all they got so I shall respect the classification and let you guys enjoy unit 777 as they are superior enough to be recognised as one of the elite!

The Unit of power

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142 Serbian Cobras

Took on the British sas, the us marines and French foreign legion... Only lost one member

Serbia... A tiny country, yet possessing one of the most decorated military histories in the world. I would not underestimate any branch of the Serbian special forces, with close ties to the Russian culture, they are like a specialized Spetsnaz.

Their training is combined from the west/east methods.. Notably Americans, Russians, Jews! They would be put out into the wilderness for a week.. Living off the land, only a canteen, clothes on there backs and condoms and a food ration... After completion they are given psychological tests and blood tests regarding sugar levels, iron etc.. If the food ration is eaten you automatically fail! If your psych, blood health levels are not to standard, you fail! Regardless how physically tough you might be.. Then for those that passed, actual training begins your still not in it! This is just the parachute battalion I know was doing 1998 just before the kosovo war, imagine what the others do like SAJ, PTJ do!

Best in world

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143 Dutch Korps Commandotroepen

They are certainly not underequiped they have the same weapons as seal team six, and have one of the most modern equipment in the world. they also have a training of 16 months and a lot of combat experience

One of the best trained SF soldiers in the world. But they are sadly quite under equipped.

Poor equipped if you compared them with the D-boys, butt certainly not far 'under' equipped than the SAS or athor Europian SF.

I also think that the Dutch SF are higher on the list. There is not much difference than de SAS. Especially if you look at the combat experience in Afghanistan.

PS: English is my 4 language, so just ignore my grammar faults

They're just some of the best.

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144 Maroon Berets

4 times repeatedly winner world special forces championship. Maroon Berets best of special forces on a world.

"Death is honorable. Fear and failure are not."
The unit was created to counter any interior or foreign attacks on the Turkish Republic. MB officers receive extensive training and are expected to survive in all environmental conditions.

UNDOUBTEDLY, Turkish special forces is the best soldiers in the world. Turks know very well this job and they do. I thinks this capability, fight, is a gift from GOD to Turks. a gift given congenitally.

Maroon Berets is the number one

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145 Iraqi Special Operation Force (ISOF)

The most powerful US skilled counter terror forces and highly efficient troops for guerrilla wars

"The way they surgically take down these targets, the way they treat everyone with respect and dignity, they are phenomenal and I would put them up against anybody," says a Green Beret commander.

Strength-trained and well-proven in the battles against terrorism and are good at tasks

Best of the best

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146 South African Special Forces

Super well trained soldiers on land, sea and airborne they are exceptionally the best when executing their tactics.

Daily missions that other special forces might get a couple times a year.

Check out how normal soldier out perform navy seal in obstackle course at Luatla

They are the best in land, sea & air, they take everything serious wether small or big, very few people make it in their training

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147 Italian COMSUBIN

They are the masters of amphibious special ops - hey trained SBS, SEALS and all the others - they invented the trade craft and trained all other allied spec for in amphibious spec operations - they belong in the top 10 - flawless record - never failed in a mission

The Navy Seals were based on the Italian COMSUBIN

They trained the british sas that were created after them. Now you know.

Peter darman (sas operator) say "comsubin have the best training in the world and have one of the best sf"

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148 KOPASKA (Komando Pasukan Katak)

Equivalent to US' Navy SEALs, it is the only Special Unit that exist in South East Asia.

Did you know that US' Navy SEALs learn from Kopaska?


149 Malaysian VAT 69

VAT 69 had rescue US army! When no one from UN willing to go for rescue mission!

Yes I'm from vat 69.. Thanks for this information... For you knowledge we are top 10 in the world

What? Malaysian PASKAL is better than vet 69? You got to be kidding me man...

I think the ggk are rescue the american not vat 69 or utk.. I'm malaysian people

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150 Turkish Special Forces Command

Most winner of the special forces competition

Turkish Special Forces 2006 Won the Special Forces competition became 1st.

Operation in Iraq Turkish Special Forces (Maroon berets) Entered Iraq first with 24 men and killed 400-500 PKK

They are the number one in the world

Best in the world. No doubt. They train lots of special army, including delta force of US.

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151 Zimbabwe Commando

Just check how they were airdropped on the Kinshasa airport in DRC when the city was to fall and cleared the whole city. The biggest contributor to the victory was the boat squadron which has only 40 guys

Yah I had theese guys got their troops trained by Russia,China, Pakistan. I agree they are been under rated...

Tough hard but poorly equipped of late if well equipped their the most intelligent in the world selection is tough. Read about selous scout&Rhodesian S.A. S training add Guerilla training from Chinese and Russia equals to tough soldiers

Zimbabwe has fought and won all the wars it got into. Mozambique Angola, DRC. Zimbabwe special forces were key in these wars. After all Africas greatest war is the DRC war. Talk of the rescue Mission to Ikela where Rwandan Forces surrounding a Zimbabwean battalion were decimated.

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152 Indian Gurkhas

How are they not on this list? They are one of the most feared special forces, they are the only ones that are issued the Kukri.

They are ferocious fighters! But no sure I would clasify them as spec for - they are more mountain light inf, comparable t Italian Alpini or French chasseurs... But they are a formidable fighting force!

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153 Sri Lanka Special Forces

Why is this 119, these guys are really amazing they are way better than the Sri Lankan STF, STF is police but still amazing but not good as special forces. It is told the commandos and special forces personnel can sense where the enemy is, for example when the airport got attacked the air force couldn't find the LTTE rebels because they were hiding in the ceilings, but when the commandos came somehow they knew that they were hiding in the ceiling and it only took 1 hour 1 HOUR to clear the whole air port. These guys were trained by Israeli and Russian special forces on hijacking and sabotaging etc, but not to have a fire fight or how to find the enemy, these were all trained by Sri Lanka. Never underestimate these guys, They come together to form the LRRP which ASSASSINATES ENEMY LEADERS. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are no match for these guys, think about it Indian army came to Sri Lanka during the war thinking that they can end the war but what happened they got kicked out ...more

These guys are highly trained in special forces tactics were no army has ever thought of. Capability of operating deep behind enemy lines are remarkable. The attacking capacity deep rear of enemy is commendable. With limited resources has done wonders.

They have the toughest military selection in the world that no other country can match Commando:- Nothing is Impossible and Special Forces Regiment:- Determined, Dared and Done.

They are good than SAS or seals. they are masters of warfare.elite terrorists refused to fight sl sf in the last stage of war

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154 Norwegian Special Forces (FSK)

Since the startup in the 1980s, this special force has grown to become one of the most modern and best trained in the world. Working closely together with the 22. SAS, they have gained skills far above many other forces. Their skills in articwarfare are also considered the best in the world.

Considered one of the best Special forces in the world.
They wield the best and most modern equipment in the world.

Very clandestine, operates in much of the same mode as the SAS and trains with them and the American Seal team (six) on a regular basis. Specializes in arctic and arctic naval conditions, but can operate anywhere, as well as specialists in counter-terrorism and intelligence.

Awarded the US Navy Presidential Unit Citation, where they were a part of K-Bar in Afghanistan.

One of the two first units in Pristina in Kosovo (SAS being the other),highly regarded and very often requested by the US/NATO-led operations in various parts of the world.

Too little is known about them, and that is also the plan it seems.


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155 Swedish Special Operations Group (SOG)

An elite group of trained soldiers who manages to keep their operations secret unlike the American forces. An SOG would beat a navy seal to his ass any day and then make sure no one even gets to know about it.

The Swedish military organization SOG is known as one of the most secret Special Forces group in the world.

The SOG have been requested even by the Americans for aid.

They have even been requested by American SOF for aid. At least top 15

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156 United Arab Emirates Union Defence Force

One of the most technological advanced army in the region, we'll trained martial arts the first arab country to creat it's own weapons that it's suitable for all weather elements, ((no human rights during the training)) people die from just the training toughest people only survive in the hot desert element. Rarely to see cover up in the media or in the news

157 Cuban Special Forces

One of the more hard training and strong people (master of the camo)

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158 11th Air Mobile Brigade (Air Assault) V 1 Comment
159 Italian GIS

They are the best in anti terrorism combat

The best in the world.. No doubt about it

Among the strongest in the world, very underestimated

General Dozier was rescued by NOCS (Italian Police Special Force).
GIS is the elite of the elite in the Italian Army. Coming from the Carabinieri, Tuscania regiment (Special forces paratroopers) and so Gruppo Intervento Speciale. Don't mess with them. They just work anonymously.

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160 Philippine Marine Corps

They should on top 10 or 20 the best assault team of the Philippines..

They always fight they should be in the top ten compare to other countries sf that didn't have any conflict...

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