Top Ten Motivational Books of All Time


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1 The Bible

Really bible study is necessary for every human being. Everybody must read, and whenever I read bible I feel happy. Thank you God

Everything you need to know. You're set up for life if you have a bible. - ethanmeinster

Sure... bible is one of the most motivating and inspiring books of all time
The quotes given in the bible will melt the heart of everyone and will bring about a change in them...

Thanks so much for your lovely words, Mr. Anonymus! God bless... - HezarioSeth

2 The Power of Positive Thinking
3 The Purpose Driven Life
4 The Greatest Salesman in the World
5 As a Man Thinketh
6 Drive
7 Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
8 Awaken the Giant Within
9 Bhagavad Gita

It Works in all aspects of life. Valuable discourse between curious Arjuna and Omniscient almighty Lord Krishna. Must read for everyone for best lessons of life and how to make it worth living.

10 Qur'an

Best book ever is the talk of god - belarbi

This book is perfect you can't compare him with human books

The Contenders

11 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
12 The Secret
13 Think and Grow Rich
14 The White Tiger

For sure this book must stand in the first place...

Very much motivating and inspiring

15 My Struggle

A great personal account from a Austrian artist whose name escapes me. It puts forward not only a guide to being a healthy individual and a healthy society.

16 This is Not Your Story - Savi Sharma

This is a great motivational novel by a new writer Savi Sharma. This novel inspires a person in depression. Shaurya is one of the characters in this novel who chases his dream of becoming a filmmaker. After all I would just like to say that this novel is greatly inspirable.

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1. The Bible
2. The Power of Positive Thinking
3. The Purpose Driven Life


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